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  1. I like the downsides. It makes it interesting. Counter acting them makes him very dynamic. Preparing meat stew for transformations, and coasting your hunger down to low numbers for more value, Feals rewarding. Remember that there is no sanity on the lunar biome so woodie will constantly be able to transform, at the cost HP. HP that can be easily recovered because he as no diet restrictions. That said.. LET WERE FORMS SWIM!!!
  2. Can someone confirm if woodie beard is still insulation and his passive for longer followers, is still a thing?
  3. Make celestial portal, change character to Wormwood. -This post was brought to you by plantgang #plantgang
  4. I'm not saying your boy wilson can use character exclusive powers, but if it can be crafted I think he should be the own to learn how.
  5. I had an idea. Let wilson learn unique crafts from other survivors. So if a wigfrid jumps into his world he could deconstruct her helmet and spear to learn how to make them. For balance reasons increase his cost to craft and maybe even tact on sanity cost. However the gentleman scientist could eventually learn every craftable item in the game through "reverse Engineering" and I think that's pretty cool.
  6. Well I'm just saying in a public lobby were I'm willing to help out anyone. Wes is like a bottomless pit to feed.. like I'm busting my meatballs here bud!
  7. Team value. So like crafting balloons to slow teamates hunger and boost their dmg. While not affecting his own gameplay. Stays challenging for him, yet not a detriment to others.
  8. Wendy for NEEDS for more depth Wes for WANTS for more team value
  9. Been loving Willow. No bernie really lowers her value. Werebeaver is very good however. Who Is the best for enlightenment?
  10. Killing nightmares gives you a sanity boost and nightmare fuel. Fuel for magic. Magic items generally effect your sanity aswell.
  11. Wormwood has no downside #plant gang
  12. Hey I dont think it works on mobile.
  13. I love playing wormwood. Giving the woodie 2 living logs feels great because I'm able to help him control his power. Hopefully his power becomes a high risk high reward tool, and his base form is a real man of the wilds perks. Currently it feels high risk/ meh reward, and lightly seasoned base form.