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[Game Update] - 235374

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  • Developer
  • Improved room detection performance
  • Flatulence is no longer reported as polluted oxygen
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a Dupe died while they needed to go to the bathroom
  • Duplicants should no longer have a little red dot on their chin when eating/sleeping
  • Storage Compactors should no longer be missing their meters
  • Loading a game while in a custom game should no longer cause a crash


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37 minutes ago, Whispershade said:

Going back over my screenshots, they've (mess tables) linked up that way before. Since at least Outbreak.

I know that much, but this looks like wood. Maybe I never got a good look at them. edit : in fact I didn't pay enough attention to them to begin with. There was just a bunch of junk on the mess hall floor.

Edited by The Plum Gate
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2 hours ago, Michi01 said:

I wonder what the trailer will be like (assuming that there will be one). Also I believe the comfy beds are now the only thing left with temp art.

Hi Babe, I got you some nice hot oil for our date.


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