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  1. I'm running this: Each room produces roughly 250kg of O2/c depending on pressure outside.
  2. I had them at the bottom of the base and lowered vases acted as a CO2 trap in case dupe decided to breath the freshest air in the base. If I close off the wheezeworts with gas permeable tiles I might have to try it myself, thanks!
  3. I hear dupes do it quite efficiently. Your reply yesterday softened my heart a little, but come on! His threads don't bring anything new or useful to community, all he gets is people riled up feeding his ego. This is clear trolling.
  4. You probably want to lower the left most wheezewort by 1 square, that way it'll pull directly from the bottom one instead through it's pot
  5. ITT an obvious troll getting fed.
  6. Yeah wheezeworts pull 1kg of gas from bottom part up while cooling it by 5K
  7. So I tried to combine efficiency with throughput (plus a bit of cooling) and came up with this: Just 10 cycles of testing, but seems to be working. With pump being raised like this there's no problems with oxygen being stuck in there.
  8. Power - I JUST DON'T GET IT

    Check your science on how Hydrogen and Oxygen compare per gram.
  9. Easiest solution would be randomizing direction of movement. Even if it's just binary.
  10. With today's (30-05) update I'm getting double points for fertilization and irrigation.