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  1. Posted on mobile, no idea how that happened. Yeah, it's quote from Saturnus. Just wanted to be sure seeing as some people take his and Risu's word as gospel around here.
  2. Are you sure? Are you saying that gases mix vertically now? Are we understanding gas lock differently? I can't say I can reproduce that. Do you have any pic/vid/save/code to show that's the case?
  3. Answering myself I guess, build bridge over complete pipe.
  4. Now that we figured out how to connect the tubes, does anyone made tube bridge work?
  5. Yeah the dupes aren't using the access point.
  6. Exactly what I meant. This doesn't happen with horizontal doors.
  7. @Lifegrow OK, first off you didn't inspire me. Neither did Brothgar (here's his video from week ago). I haven't seen your morning stream, YT vid on forums here doesn't have a description, and I'm not sure why you replied with your video, as you're trying to do something entirely different (something which can be done with 2 doors and a gas pump - exactly what my old build was). The "idea I adopted" was from reddit thread from 14 days ago, but thanks for mansplaining. All I wanted to do is improve on my old way of connecting my base to rest of meteor. It was OK enough but slow and/or leaking gases. I don't want my dupes getting wet, going through vertical columns of liquid, I don't want to delete gases or liquid. I've done all that and wanted to share. If you have any ideas how to improve it I'm all ears. TLDR don't hijack threads to boast about your YT/stream.
  8. That happens because of door orientation. You're trying to move 2 tiles worth of substance through 1 tile.
  9. @Lifegrow When you pause the game in the vid at 1:29 the hydro sensor is active while the chamber is being flooded leaving the checkpoints open. Automation 'neatified' before I head to bed. @LifegrowAs I was brushing my teeth I just realized that your 'waterlock' can be simplified to this. Sorry!
  10. Oh, missed it. Did you try breaking it by sending many dupes through it at the same time (from both directions)?
  11. Before automation I was using Gas Pump between Mechanized Airlocks as a way to separate two areas with gases I didn't want to mix. I revised it in Automation Upgrade. (In case you watched Brothgar vid, this is what he tried to create). Small description: I wanted to create vacuum between doors as quickly as possible, so I'm using water to push them upwards, where my Gas Pump sends them away to filter. The whole process is initiated by floor switch being triggered by dupe(s) (multiple presses are fool-proofed by 'hold' state of the SR AND-OR latch) and lasts 12s on slow speed. All buffers are set to 1s and filters to 2s except the ones circled in red (filter 5s, buffer 2s). Save file if you'd want to tinker waterlock.sav
  12. CO2 for Slicksters

    Personally I don't use massive fertilizer maker 'farm' due to lack of pH2O. That of course could be balanced with Carbon Skimmer, but as per thread title, I'd rather feed my slicksters. I really don't see balance issue here with 20g/s of Nat gas from Fert Synthetizer. I just really, REALLY wish the fertilizer had some more use. P.S.Are we going to be upset about 8.33g/s of steam from polymer press next?
  13. CO2 for Slicksters

    Is that a problem in your game? There's neat solution: don't use them. It's not a problem in game I'm playing, but I have no idea why my game bothers you so much seeing as you can't partake in it.
  14. Or flood it with Chlorine!