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  1. There should be enough slime, phosphorite etc on the map to feed your dupes until you literally can't play the map anymore due to lag/fps problems. This sounds a bit meta, but the game itself is not sustainable.
  2. I've said it before, I'll say it again: You have all the tools to make a room like that. 4x4 size, 2 doors, one gas pump, insulated floor and ceiling. That's perfect air lock and heat lock. You can build a tunnel with doors on a timer filled with chlorine that'd disinfect dupes. Tools are there (but I guess 4 airlocks in that weird horizontal/vertical pattern is in thing now...).
  3. Short: yes Long: how would you imagine adding biomes in existing save?
  4. [Game Update] - 235374

    Loving the new intro art!
  5. With deodorizes and farm room taller then 2 tiles.
  6. Just would like to point out that they're 4 tiles wide.
  7. Where is Manual airlock?

    Scroll down in first menu.
  8. [Game Update] - 234293

    There's a mod for that. I know, it should be a feature, but it let's devs focus on other new features meanwhile.
  9. That still leaks heat. Two doors and a pump doesn't. Why are people obsessed with building huge power systems and then not use that power? The pump in that arrangement runs for fraction of cycle...
  10. The microbe musher is powered, requires a dupe to operate and all the dupe does is lean.
  11. It's by no means 'required'.
  12. Door>Air pump>Door. Oh, look! An actual airlock is already in game.
  13. Just click on a dupe, it literally tells you how much they inhale/exhale.