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  1. I'm sure glad that we had to wait three months for Outbreak update. At least we got regular 6 week updates out of that fiasco.
  2. Seeing as you're mentioning practical applications, how would you set it up in non-debug mode?
  3. [Game Update] - 260388

    So what exactly are ?
  4. You can delete a lot of heat once you realize the difference in specific heat of pH2O and H2O.
  5. New Priority system is a mess

    Going by last weeks Klei stream, even devs can't (briefly) explain priority system. That, in my eyes, is a sign of bad design. It works, but good luck trying to explain it to a beginner...
  6. Just because of weekend. Well if they push it today that's 5 days. That's a third of preview time where testing the ranching feature is nigh impossible due to constant crashes.
  7. So what makes it new (as per tittle)?
  8. 4 are visible, rest you need to dig for.
  9. I had one map out of 15 I checked spawn with just one cool steam, so something in the code changed since last update.
  10. dormant fumaroles

    They keep re-rolling for me on 'save as' save. Could it be that they are spawned on removal of fog?
  11. dormant fumaroles

    That won't work, they seem to change on save reload.
  12. 10-12 from my sample of 15 worlds.
  13. i knew it!!!

    'Silly' genders? In 2018?
  14. Right now the volcanoes randomize whenever you reload save, so it's kinda moot to discuss that.