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  1. Because critters themselves count eggs as critters.
  2. I get the 8 Pacu welfare package way too often.
  3. Not really. Don't listen to loud haters
  4. BBQ also has a Soul Food effect.
  5. New Planets

    The way my ranch is set up the Puft prince doesn't need to eat and Squeeky/Dense Pufts guarantee both their and Prince's eggs. I wholly disagree with that. If you've failed ranching them, how about you ask how it can be done successfully?
  6. Tungsten

    That's the point of different asteroids. Variety. It's your choice to not have certain resources.
  7. Conveyors are still waiting to be moved to new algorithm.
  8. Germ free clean water matters in very few cases.
  9. That's not how this works. Before you suggest changing a mechanic I'd suggest you learn how it works in first place. Of course it'd be nice to have this sort of info in game.
  10. Afaik traits are tied to seed and you can use the seed for any type of planet. (small hint: use the seed in customize menu to skip the letter dash gibberish) They made re-rolling of starting dupes less painful and at the same time gave us this abomination.
  11. You're definitely not alone, it just the hyperbole crew being on a rampage.
  12. Which geysers stop or cause you 'unavoidable heat death'?