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  1. I see Klei took a note from Bethesda in their development approach.
  2. I would question why that change was necessary in first place. Surely it wouldn't increase performance and I didn't see anyone complain that their plants or pufts are 'unstable'. Surely there are other, more pressing issues you guys could be working on. Surely.
  3. I'm getting blocked status on all potted decor plants as well. This prevents the plants from providing a room bonus. 4.sav
  4. I'll echo couple of points: The new resource list is a major downgrade for me. I'm playing on 2560x1600 and could see WAY more than I can now. As much as I like extra graphical indication of automation signals, it's too "glow'y" for my taste. The frequency at which these QoL updates come out (very slow), the bugs they introduce and lack of performance upgrades is VERY concerning. It seems that the brief period that devs communicated with us is over and we're back to page upon page of "pending" bug reports. If they're being read then I can't see how pushing a button to change status (to "known" or just "seen") is THAT much effort. Right now it looks like devs don't even bother reading them.
  5. How much better? In your late base could you spawn in 5, 10, 20 more dupes and tell us how many frames you've lost?
  6. Conveyors are still waiting to be moved to new algorithm.
  7. One of the geysers have generated at the edge of the map, is encased in neutronium and therefore it is not accessible. Arboria seed no.: 711041358 Spacestation.sav
  8. That's what I'm referring to. 2000kcal or 2kg of a plant doesn't tell me much when it comes to Dreckos. Most plants weigh 1kg (Properties tab), so that's some abstract content like you said.
  9. The amount of misinformation about ranching going around these forums lately is staggering. If you're ranching them it's 2 dreckos per wheeze and even then it's just a byproduct to all the Fibre (Plastic), Shells and Meat you get. It's all on @Klei though for not bothering with tooltips until literally days before release. I shouldn't need external website to know how much Drecko eats and excretes.