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  1. I'd wager that this: applies to wires as well.
  2. What's the athletics break point for it to happen?
  3. Sure is. Wouldn't know, it's the first time I have them in a power room.
  4. It's in the same spot on all maps - it's part of the Printing Pod POI.
  5. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realise you changed the thread to detecting whether the rocket is fuelled. My original reply: was to OP not your derailment.
  6. Longer Cycle Time

    And splitting all systems into these two categories is ?
  7. So you just fuel your rockets and never fly them? If you make a fuel loop back into your storage and get fuel detector at the end you'll know when to cut fuel.
  8. Why don't you use 'rocket ready' signal as input?
  9. Getting Thermium?

    Nope just Glimmering, sorry bud. Playing on planets other than default should be challenging and different imo.
  10. To be fair you don't even need to cool it, just insulate it and it will last for very many cycles.
  11. I use mine similarly - tepid pH2O into refinery, loop it until it can't be heated anymore, send it to sieve, send hot water to electrolyzer.
  12. Why do you think hatches are "harsh metelwise"? Isn't Oceania packed with Sedimentary rock? And why would you be throwing NG away? You're ranching them for meat not coal, don't feel forced to use that coal.