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  1. [Game Update] - 260388

    To help avoid that I build a room with a ladder leading in and of it and the door is in the ceiling. Doesn't work for shine-bugs though.
  2. I most apologize, I just tried to run the save and it turns out my computer lags waaayyy too much . . Perhaps in the next colony I'll be able to figure out whats making it lag and have it fixed . It is now @ekkugamer360's turn
  3. I think your right, and that you hit copy/paste at an odd time. I think your right, and that you hit copy/paste at an odd time.
  4. There are more then 1 sustainability options. When you do find a geyser, pump 50% of its output to where you need it, then pump the other 50 to a storage room. By doing this, you can collect multiple kinds of energy sources, and use them 1 at a time. If you have a coal generator and water geyser, pump half the water to the oxygen machine thing, then pump the other half to storage. While it converts the water to oxygen and hydrogen, pump the hydrogen to a storage room and use the coal. Once you run out of coal/need other energy, start using the hydrogen. Once that's been used up, either go back to coal or use the extra 50% of water you've had in storage to create more oxygen and hydrogen, repeating the cycle. In the time frame between the 2 water dosages, you can use slime>algae and polluted water>oxygen and clean water>storage and use.
  5. I don't know its exact name (haven't lasted long enough to actually use it ). But on YouTube I've seen people use that machine that turns slime into algae to create it as well. It outputs algae and polluted water, which when ran through a sieve, becomes clean water, which can be used for any purpose you need, and the algae is used for either emergency or main air power.
  6. I will have my turn done by next Saturday .
  7. To help solve the storage issue of gasses, build a container out of tile, then use a pump to drain it of all gas. Once this is done, pump the gas from the geyser into the tank .
  8. I'm hoping for either: chemical reactions and explosives, more things effecting dupes, either through noise or more germs, More animals (my dupes want a sustainable source of BBQ!)
  9. That's fine with me :). You don't have to rush
  10. @GrindThisGame can take his full week if he wants, and I'll just go next weekend
  11. I should have it done on Saturday and have it posted by Sunday afternoon. If I cant I'll tell you and pass it on.
  12. you can take as long as you'd like :)(within the rules ofc). don't rush for me
  13. I"ll take my turn, but I cant do anything until this Saturday.
  14. if mod support is added but this isn't, this is going to be my first mod request