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  1. so your now able to break through the indestructible barrier around the map? interesting... SCIENCE TIME!
  2. Help getting started please

    Update: The longest I've now lived is to day 12 and then died from a hound attack that forced me to stay out at night .
  3. [Game Update] - 236679

    I dunno XD. I just saw em and thought it was a cool feature (shortly after I noticed them I died of starvation so I never really paid them any attention lol.
  4. Hi guys! I am a new player to DS IOS, and I am having difficulty not dying in the first 10 days (longest I've lasted in 9 so far). Can someone help me? after at least 6 worlds I finally managed to find a map with a good amount of rocks, bunnies and beefalos all close by. My current base just consists of a simple fire pit. What should be my next step? normally I go for a science machine but I tend to die shortly after building it.
  5. [Game Update] - 236679

    I had it too but I liked the feature so I didn't know it was a bug !
  6. If I leave the preview branch (with the exception of my saved game which I plan on nuking anyway since I seem to have run into an issue with slime lung) will there be any update difference between the preview and main? And if not can I just stay in the preview branch indefinitely?
  7. [Game Update] - 235374

    That was a depressing issue XD.
  8. I make my base like this: Central printing room Dining room and Beds Above Toilets on the bottom to collect the carbon dioxide Right side has a farm, storage and the exit into the slime biome (seems like its always to the right) Left side is entrance to that chlorine biome and my water deposit.
  9. [Oil Preview Update] - 234005

    Will I need to reset my world for this bugfix to take effect? I just started a new world on the beta branch.