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  1. Useful Automation Gadgets

    I've been having trouble building 2 different systems. My first system should be simple: I would ike to make it so that my algae machine that I put in the bedrooms automatically shuts down when a certain pressure is reached inside of the bedroom so that I save electricity. The second system I would like to build is so that if the oxygen level on the outside of the bedrooms reaches too low, the bedroom door locks itself to make sure the oxygen machine inside the bedroom doesn't waste energy trying to backfill the outside (an issue I am constantly having to manually deal with due to poor base designs . Thanks!
  2. so your now able to break through the indestructible barrier around the map? interesting... SCIENCE TIME!
  3. Help getting started please

    Update: The longest I've now lived is to day 12 and then died from a hound attack that forced me to stay out at night .
  4. [Game Update] - 236679

    I dunno XD. I just saw em and thought it was a cool feature (shortly after I noticed them I died of starvation so I never really paid them any attention lol.
  5. Hi guys! I am a new player to DS IOS, and I am having difficulty not dying in the first 10 days (longest I've lasted in 9 so far). Can someone help me? after at least 6 worlds I finally managed to find a map with a good amount of rocks, bunnies and beefalos all close by. My current base just consists of a simple fire pit. What should be my next step? normally I go for a science machine but I tend to die shortly after building it.
  6. [Game Update] - 236679

    I had it too but I liked the feature so I didn't know it was a bug !
  7. If I leave the preview branch (with the exception of my saved game which I plan on nuking anyway since I seem to have run into an issue with slime lung) will there be any update difference between the preview and main? And if not can I just stay in the preview branch indefinitely?
  8. [Game Update] - 235374

    That was a depressing issue XD.
  9. I make my base like this: Central printing room Dining room and Beds Above Toilets on the bottom to collect the carbon dioxide Right side has a farm, storage and the exit into the slime biome (seems like its always to the right) Left side is entrance to that chlorine biome and my water deposit.
  10. [Oil Preview Update] - 234005

    Will I need to reset my world for this bugfix to take effect? I just started a new world on the beta branch.