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  1. Electorlyser Setup

    @Kasuha 's example is also self powering. Even with the oxygen pumps. The filtering comes from the one tile gap design between the top pump and the electrolyzer. Once you run that top area clean of nothing by hydrogen, you're good to go. The biggest risk with the design is if you're pumping the hydrogen into smart battery linked hydrogen generator, it can stall out because you're not consuming enough hydrogen to keep it from eventually overpressuring. So you want to make sure you're burning the hydrogen your not planning to store for other purposes. Building them in pairs lets you fill your oxygen pipe with 1kg oxygen / sec for maximum flow.
  2. Hatch Diet

    Well, it isn't if your goal is to produce coal. If one's goal is to sustain a large population to produce eggs. Feeding inferior food stuffs can be quite effective for that task. You need 5.1+ egg producers per dupe, I think. It is a way to turn mushrooms and meallice into quality +2 food.
  3. Optimized farm room.

    I don't see a way to get to the top row in the given picture. You could add ladders to the side but they would need to sit above the potential wheezeworts. That places it 2 up from the ground and 1 up from the floor of the door or adjacent tile. I haven't checked, but I'm not sure dupes are make that movement pattern. Assuming they can make that jump, the room could be configured with at least 3 additional farm tiles if one abandons the symmetry. The top row wouldn't need 2 ways to get up, so you could potentially just go all the way to the end on one side and remove the tile above it (since you occupied a new tile with the farm tile).You can also lower the bottom two tiles in the middle to be flush and fill in the middle row across, since dupes can get down to the bottom row on the side by the wheezeworts. Edit: I suppose that doesn't leave a 2 space gap for the middle row plants. I was originally thinking you could move the grow station down in the first place. So I guess it is just one additional tile. If you don't need lamps to grow things. I personally prefer dupe time efficiency over space efficiency most of the time.
  4. Only way I can think of to move superhot objects safely is gravity. I don't know if sweeper arms heat up based on direct contact from, but it might be possible to use them in a vacuum to move the super hot material if they transfer heat through atmosphere. Then once the objects are out of the area flood in gas to cool down the sweep arms from the heat they generate their own. I don't think that's particularly practical though given how conveyors work all together, though.
  5. I cant play this game anymore...

    You asked for a specific thing, and now you move the goalposts. If you have a specific suggestion to make, then you can make it. But the issue here is that it does exactly as you requested in your previous post. You want to do it a different way, then rearrange the priorities. If you want a 'priority override' option, I won't argue with that. But it isn't like you can't do these things. From a micromanagement point of view, I think it is just simpler to let your sweepers sweep, your diggers dig, your builders build and a handful of generalists that can throw extra effort behind whatever job has sub-priority. I took a break after the oil update and have only just started a colony once the ranching update released. So I had to fumble around a bit to get a feel for the priority system as it is now. And frankly, it has a lot of flexibility and cuts down on the number of access control restrictions I had to employ. It seems perfectly adequate. Again, if you have occasional high priority dig jobs you want everyone working, nothing stops you from temporarily bumping up everyone's personal priority until that 'occasional high priority' task is complete. I think this was one of the first suggestions you received. There are solutions you can employ if you care to do so.
  6. I cant play this game anymore...

    Give everyone the same priority for sweeping as their other top jobs. Disable all jobs but sweeping on gofers except jobs specific to them you and can give lowest priorities on. Give sub-priority higher on job everyone needs to do. Give sweep job of 4 or lower on job you only want gofers to do. There, everyone sweeps high priority job, people with dig/build priorities of 5< will ignore gofer sweep jobs of 4 or lower.
  7. I cant play this game anymore...

    You are correct to a degree. If you had a priority sweep job you wanted everyone to participate in, then your only option would be to temporarily increase everyone's sweep personal sweep priorities. But it is accomplish-able, even if it is a little fiddly with micromanagement in raising then lowering personal priorities. I think general storing and sweeping are different tasks though. I haven't tested it, but tidy and supply include the sweep task, storage does not. So to do what you want, you could give a few gofers high storage/tidy priority, while giving everyone high supply priority. Then when you issue a sweep command, everyone will prioritize it. But in general, only those with storage priority will grab stuff to put into compactors. Edit:I suppose, you'd pick tidy. So people don't constantly try to supply buildings you don't care about instead of finishing projects. Almost all the actions tidy governs can be configured to be player command only.
  8. Some Borg Cube Alternatives

    You can definitely reduce temperature without the use of ATEN, Wheezeworts, or heat deleting bugs. Not all generators produce heat, Natural Gas and Petroleum Generators can be configured to produce cold, Which isn't precisely heat deletion. But a quirk of how output temperatures work on variable output temperature machines and the incredible heat capacity of polluted water. And it doesn't take advantage of any known bug. There does need to be a distinction between heat deletion as the result of a bug like the borg cube, and heat deletion as the result of deliberate design decisions by the developer. Electrolyzers, for example, can be configured to delete heat by pouring heat into the water being used to fuel them. Water cleaned by a water sieve comes out at 40c, you can use that to cool aquatuners or thermoregulars then pump the heated water into the electrolyzer. You could even use the thermoregulators cooled by the sieve water to then cool the oxygen down and end up with netcooling. None of this is particularly exploitative of bugs. There is frankly a lot of heat that comes from nowhere, it only makes sense that a lot of it goes to nowhere.
  9. Solves some problems I've been trying to address. Thanks.
  10. How to cool your base?

    I haven't played in quite a while. But no, at the time of this posting I ran effectively zero wheezeworts. I don't know if things are different at this time than how I ran my system then so what I am about to say may very well be out of date. What I did was use thermo regulators with hydrogen radiators to cool natural gas and petrol generators down to about -19.5c. And used the polluted water output, which was expelled at the operating temperature of the energy generator to cool the thermo regulators. With enough generators setup this way it produces net cooling to cool batteries, transformers, hydrogen generators and extra thermo regulators. The electrolyzers output gas at around 70c so when the rooms were thermally isolated they never would heat up beyond that temperature. The last that I played was the oil update, however.
  11. I seem to get thrown into the wiring overlay when I cross 400 refined metal for when I only have 1 refined metal type and all research unlocked. It happened to me a bunch of times in succession as I was building out some conductive wiring using the rock crusher to produce refined iron. But couldn't pin what it was. But it happened again when I was waiting for enough refined metal to build a exoforge. Didn't see another bug on the matter. TUF 005.sav
  12. I regularly experience the problem of the output gas of a thermo regulator not getting cooled properly in my game. I have to reload or deconstruct and rebuild the regulator to address the issue. In the following save, I have approximately 11 thermo regulator cooled hydrogen radiators. The 9 dedicated to cooling natural gas and petroleum generators. If the save runs long enough at least 1 or 2 of the regulators will start experience problems, often within the first 20 minutes of loading. They can be picked up visually by checking the gas in the radiator pipes above the generators. If it is between -7c or higher then it is a problem regulator. (If the pipe contains ~70c hydrogen then that's just my delivery circuit and is not a radiator.) AG 068.sav
  13. [Game Update] - 236679

    Almost certainly, probably within the next week or two.
  14. Yes. It detects that a battery has drained, but it can only do that if there is not something else feeding the system to keep the pump going. I do see what you are saying. I don't believe showers and lavs would work because I heard they're now variable to the building temp. But I know carbon skimmers and potentially refined petroleum could for your purposes as they're steady state outputs. Anyway, cool idea.
  15. Yeah. The pump is used as an inverter for the battery out signal to open the filter path to the generator. The batteries are set up with a transformer as a diode to partition the bank in the ratio of the whole bank's capacity. I hadnt seen anyone post it and a lot of people annoyed they cannot direct the flow to their generators when batteries low like coal.