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  1. Issue: Egg Cracker will seem to stop producing errands to crack eggs. Problem seems to manifest most reliably when using a single egg cracker with multiple forever recipes active. Particularly recipes in which some portion of eggs will be unreachable. Problem less pronounces when prolific quantities of unreachable egg recipe type is moved to an egg cracker with a single active recipe. In the picture shown, two sets of stable facilities will output excess egg production to the output chute over the egg crackers. The stable facilities will create unreachable stone hatch and puft/puft prince eggs depending on the number of active critters in the stables. Excess eggs will be delivered for disposal/consumption. If using a single egg cracker for all egg recipes, eventually the egg cracker will not generate new errands for any available eggs for storage for dupes or automation arm until either game reload or player manually toggles continuous for an egg recipe or increments quantity for egg recipe. Hypothesis: Egg cracker has logic fault when multiple egg recipes are active on a single cracker that prohibits egg cracker from clearing errand for an unreachable/no longer reachable egg and preventing it from generating further errands for reachable eggs. Also noticed problem might be aggravated by running at speed faster than computer can reliably handle, might be race condition symptom. Problem first noticed in Q1 update. Problem remains as of latest build. Noticed other egg cracker bugs, but description seemed limited didn't notice save provided. Providing save that should generator the problem if left to run on its own for some time. Egg Cracker Demo.sav
  2. I seem to get thrown into the wiring overlay when I cross 400 refined metal for when I only have 1 refined metal type and all research unlocked. It happened to me a bunch of times in succession as I was building out some conductive wiring using the rock crusher to produce refined iron. But couldn't pin what it was. But it happened again when I was waiting for enough refined metal to build a exoforge. Didn't see another bug on the matter. TUF 005.sav
  3. I regularly experience the problem of the output gas of a thermo regulator not getting cooled properly in my game. I have to reload or deconstruct and rebuild the regulator to address the issue. In the following save, I have approximately 11 thermo regulator cooled hydrogen radiators. The 9 dedicated to cooling natural gas and petroleum generators. If the save runs long enough at least 1 or 2 of the regulators will start experience problems, often within the first 20 minutes of loading. They can be picked up visually by checking the gas in the radiator pipes above the generators. If it is between -7c or higher then it is a problem regulator. (If the pipe contains ~70c hydrogen then that's just my delivery circuit and is not a radiator.) AG 068.sav
  4. [Game Update] - 236679

    Almost certainly, probably within the next week or two.
  5. Despite the tooltip for plastic ladders claiming antiseptic properties, there appears no difference in germ die-off in germ tooltip of ladder. Just standard "Solid" kill off rate.
  6. [Game Update] - 236679

    I think all ailments can have germs. Fun fact: Hypothermia germs probably saved us all from deodorizers being slimelung factories.
  7. Probably posted before, but I didn't see it. When a dupe wearing an exosuit operates a refinery, and perhaps other machines, their helmet kind of rotates around like they're taking it off briefly.
  8. Steam in pipes cause Freezing Dmg

    It is probably indicated as 'freezing' because it is transitioning from gas to liquid in a gas pipe.
  9. Not a terribly practical experiment by I made a storage room with liquid chlorine to decontaminate slime. The slime seems to treats it as any other liquid rather than a soup of microbial murder. The slime is slow to take up the temperature of the chlorine, I imagine if I 0c polluted water, it would be a more effective means of killing slimelung. liquid chlorine.sav
  10. [Game Update] - 235374

    Going back over my screenshots, they've (mess tables) linked up that way before. Since at least Outbreak.
  11. [Game Update] - 234935

    I noticed about a week ago and they fixed a visual bug in a patch earlier this week regarding them.
  12. [Game Update] - 234607

    Yeah, I found the thread this was discussed and I think I mixed up the jump from 1.66 natgas gens to 2.66 with the natgas values of 100g/s to 160g/s. I apologize for adding confusion.
  13. [Game Update] - 234607

    That was true in Ag update, yes.
  14. [Game Update] - 234607

    @Risu can chime in, but apparently the number has been closer to 250g/s since Outbreak.