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  1. You set it to priority 1 so that if they have nothing else to do they work off stress. You might have higher priority tables with higher thresholds for active workers, too.
  2. This is what I regularly do. If the electrolyzers are thermally sealed then the temp coming out of the 3x thermo regulators will peak at about 28-30c. Which I find to be sufficiently appropriate.
  3. This is true, you could drop the slime into a room with chlorine at over 5k pressure and prevent it from sublimating. Incidentally, exosuits prevent popped ears, sopping wet, and soggy feet debuffs.
  4. Another feature you might consider adding is an automated scheme to chill the slime to kill off slimelung before dupes touch it.
  5. I seem to get thrown into the wiring overlay when I cross 400 refined metal for when I only have 1 refined metal type and all research unlocked. It happened to me a bunch of times in succession as I was building out some conductive wiring using the rock crusher to produce refined iron. But couldn't pin what it was. But it happened again when I was waiting for enough refined metal to build a exoforge. Didn't see another bug on the matter. TUF 005.sav
  6. Do you just let it come out the broken pipe when it his hot enough?
  7. Thermo regulator temperature bug?

    Save and reload will often fix the specific generator for a time. As will deconstructing and reconstructing. But there is always the possibility it will return. It is indeed very frustrating. I had 11 hydrogen radiators in my last colony, and I would usually have 2 random ones go haywire per session or so.
  8. You don't need wheezeworts for cooling even prior to the new crystal cooler machine. It has been entirely possible to cool an abundance of thermo regulators with polluted water from generators/carbon skimmers. I haven't been using wheezeworts in my base to any large degree since the Outbreak update when a number of world generator builds didn't have wheezeworts in them at all. My last colony has 11 hydrogen radiators cooled by thermo regulators, not one was cooled by wheezeworts.
  9. I'm sorry, apparently when I first read your post I misunderstood what your issue was. The way the coal generator is supposed to work is the threshold slider on the coal generator is the battery threshold at which a job will be created for dupes to fill the coal generator if it is not running. If your batteries deplete to 50%, for example, and the generator is not running or is very load, a dupe should come by to fill it. If they're always waiting for the batteries to be 100% depleted before going to fill the generator that is set at 50% then there is something wrong. It might be a bug introduced in the new update. It may be some configuration issue. It may be that you need more generators and/or more batteries to handle the load between the period that your dupes can complete the task. It is hard to say without seeing a save. What I meant by the fact that they are deliberately wasteful is they are deliberately setup to burn all the coal in them before they stop. I misunderstood something you said as a way to prevent the coal generators from burning through their supply if the batteries had sufficient charge. If you want to post a save and under which update you're running it under, I or someone can look at it and see if there's some setup issue happening or if it might be a bug in how coal generators are now working.
  10. The coal generators are deliberately wasteful in the way that they are so I am not sure how much traction you'll have against their design intent.
  11. Have you given them increased priority? Like 7? They are both running because they dont get around to the job until the batteries have depleted. If you elevate the priority past your normal setting the dupes will jump on it as soon as the first threshole is crossed. Also someone worked out that one full delivery of coal get charge six batteries.
  12. Electrolyser fully autonomous

    I didnt actually watch it until just now, it wasnt what I was expecting and I am not a terribly big fan of hyperpressurization of gas using water schemes. But in regards to why the layout. One might theoretically be able to build it in mirror (I am not sure if hydrogen from an electrolyzer prefers the upper left tile) but lighter gasses have a very strong tendency to move up and to the left. It is the same reason CO2 tends to pool at the lower right of rooms. I was unable at the moment to hear Eadra's commentary regarding pushing the gas around with minute tiles of liquid in such a fashion.
  13. Glad to hear it worked for you.
  14. Thermo regulator temperature bug?

    You are not alone. It is a widespread problem since sometime in the oil update and there is at least one bug report on it. It is not cosmetic.
  15. Electrolyser fully autonomous

    Please do not feel discouraged. There are those who will find your post helpful. Some folks can just be grumpy sometimes.