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[Game Update] - 234935

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  • Developer
  • Dupes will no longer deliver multiple suits to a single Exosuit Dock
  • Gases should no longer render behind liquids
  • Dupes should no longer ignore Lavatories if they need to go to the bathroom at night
  • Re-enabling autorepair should no longer cause the Dupes to repair a building if it's already at full health
  • Animal Traps should no longer trap multiple creatures
  • Hatches should no longer disappear if they are released from a trap on top of a tile they cannot dig into
  • Morbs and Slicksters should now be movable to the Animal Relocator
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when inspecting the status of a trap
  • Door access controls no longer prevent Dupes from walking through them if the door is set to open
  • Dupes will no longer shower until they die if they are infected with Slime Lung
  • Deodorizer is no longer considered industrial machinery
  • Carbon Skimmer is now considered industrial machinery
  • Priority buttons should now appear immediately after clicking sweep on a piece of ore
  • Algae Terrariums should no longer overpressurize
  • Increased Polymer Press drop interval. Plastic is still made at the same rate but it drops larger pieces with longer intervals.
  • Increased Crude Oil and Petroluem flow. They should move a little more like water and less like magma.
  • Liquid Bridges should no longer draw in front of ladders


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16 minutes ago, Lifegrow said:

Faster travel through the airlocks. Only opening 3 instead of 4 as the horizontal doors open at the same time.


There's another difference. In some situations 4 doors in a straight row would allow gases to pass through if one door was about to be opened while the inner doors closed. Putting them sideways greatly reduces that risk.

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  • Developer
1 hour ago, Oozinator said:

Polymer press is producing bricks a 30kg now, but the plastic blocks vanish into nowhere.
I want my smaller 1 Kg packets back, because better then no plastic ^^
Edit: Or is it melting into Naptha?

If you haven't already, could you please post your save file in the bug tracker?

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7 hours ago, Cheerio said:

If you haven't already, could you please post your save file in the bug tracker?

I could, when you wish Sir, but it seems to be a false alarm. My well educated techdupes inspected the polymer press production process closely, everything seem to be ok. I was not aware about the melting/naptha process..
After cooling the PP with some water, no plastic is missed.
Sorry :)

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