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  1. I attempted to put a pressure plate under my Rock Granulator so I could disconnect it from the power grid and run it off a battery, but only while a duplicant was standing on it. However, despite the animation showing the Duplicant moving to the right side of the machine, the pressure plate in the "center" is being activated instead. Simple Diagram: [1][2][3][4]. This represents the floor under the Rock Granulator. Expected Behavior: Duplicant is shown to stand on tile [4], so a pressure plate under there should trigger while they are working. Actual Behavior: Tile [2] is triggered during work. In a closed work room with a door on the left, tiles 3 and 4 never trigger unless a duplicant is ordered to stand there. I suspect this is a holdover from the pre-release, where Duplicants would stand on tile [2] in front of the Granulator and bash it until it worked.
  2. Screenshot provided below. Note the storage compactor's contents vs. the available metals in the tab. I found myself with 0 Refined Metal and was perplexed until I checked my Smelter - my Iron was in a neat stack by the Smelter, and lo and behold a Hatch came and took a bite of it. I tried to make more Iron, but it apparently got dropped and added to the "glitched" stack. Killing the Hatch and subsequently producing more metals from the Smelter fixed it, but now I have 300 Iron in a storage compactor that's unusable.
  3. Anyone got any details about ice sculptures? Haven't seen anything about them yet.
  4. Do tubes melt down under extreme temperature? If so, I can see exosuits and fire poles remaining relevant for a while yet... Also is there no pumped air requirement? Do tubes convey gasses, or are they assumed to be 100% oxygenated?
  5. [Game Update] - 234935

    Those suit stations are looking pretty slick! Still waiting for a bugfix on lavatories not outputting Pwater, but other than that I'm glad to see the bugfixes continuing!
  6. [Game Update] - 221697

    Does "from the world" mean puddles on the ground? If so, hello drip-feed systems!!