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  1. When you start a new game, the tiles that you start with beneath the printing pod are 'overlaid' with natural tiles. You can't dig them, they are in fact built tiles. If you deconstruct one, it dispels the 'natural' overlay in adjacent tiles I think up to 2 away. I did first load an OI save when I first installed the AT update, but even upon restarting the game, it still did the same thing.
  2. To add to this, if you load an old OI save, every building and job on the map is set to 5 priority. At least that's what happened to me.
  3. So I don't know when exactly these things happened, but I wanted to verify a few stealth updates that I've noticed lately - thin layers of fresh water on top of polluted now turn to polluted at some point, so no more using fresh water to prevent offgassing? - thin layers of water (such as the kinds that used to be able to be used for a 'wet foot' water lock) now disappear after awhile. Either from dupes travelling through them, or heat, or something? - Pufts no longer consume PO2 when trapped in a pneumatic door. They just sit there and do nothing. I don't know when these things were changed but it has to be OI or later, as I had all these going in the save from immediately before OI. I've had very little time for the game recently so it's taken me this long to get back up to 'parity' with the previous world. I'm curious how exactly the first two work, if anyone knows. Or, if I'm just flat mistaken?
  4. The main danger of slimelung is in the presence of PO2, where it multiplies. If he's free-roaming, you'll want to spread deodorizers around the area. But as far as I can tell, as long as you keep the oxygen purified, the slimelung he gives off won't be enough to cause any harm.
  5. @kryst415987 Or just don't use germy fresh water for making food or washing hands. Then you don't need to sterilize it at all, since the only way to catch food poisoning is by eating contaminated food.
  6. Very nice! With all these checkpoint improvements, really hoping we'll get something similar for the warm and cool clothing at some point soon.
  7. Omg, that's probably my favorite minor addition since mirrorable transformers! Now if only we could get a filtered sweep!
  8. Diver's Lungs and Deep Diver's Lungs tooltips state that they reduce oxygen consumption by 25g/s and 50g/s respectively. However it appears that their actual functionality in the context of the new 200g/s oxygen consumption standard are as percentages, not absolutes. My dupes with DL appear to consume 50g/s less (25%) and DDL dupes 100g/s less (50%). Assuming that the new 200g/s is intended and to be the standard, either the tooltips need to change, or the effects need to be brought in line with the tooltips.
  9. So I found that if you build your planter boxes first, and then replace whatever was below them with a farm tile, you can plant and grow mealwoods in the both of them, effectively getting twice the yield from one 'spot'. This seems like it probably is not intentional. I did not try it with any other plants.
  10. The luxury fan, which takes 5 down, and can be used for cooling down (mainly useful for fighting firefly and not having to worry as much about overheating) Weather Pain, which is a weapon and takes 10 down. It's worth mentioning that the Moslings also drop down. If you let the M'Moose hatch the moslings, you'll get TONS more down that you will from one M'Moose. I find the best (or at least most satisfying) way to deal with the Moslings to be the Old Bell. The Moslings follow the M'Moose, and the M'Moose is pretty slow, so if you have it's attention, and then ring the bell, by the time the foot arrives, it's not too hard to have the Moslings right there, where they will be insta-squashed. But REMEMBER that Bigfoot takes a couple stomps before and after the spot you target. So don't try that too close to your base!
  11. When last I fought the firefly in vicinity of a flinger (quite awhile back) the flinger was not flammable (no flammable components = non-flammable structure), and since the DF only ignites buildings and does not wallop them, it was safe. Again though, this was many weeks back. Can't guarantee they didn't sneak in a change to the DF attack.
  12. I'm guessing that's what most people want, mainly. I'm sure Klei will set both groups up well.
  13. Why does it only have to be that way? Just give the host the option to allow new joins, or not allow them. It's so simple, just give the option!
  14. This sounds good to me. But I'm guessing in mp people don't want to have to do a ton of work - it's more about fun with friends after all. How about just bury the skull in an open grave, and bam, they're back? You're limited by the number of graves in the world. Which is like, what, 20-30 on average?
  15. I'm looking forward to a larger fanbase, meaning it makes more sense for Klei to make additional DLC after they plow through this multiplayer revamp. A knock-on effect; the problems of adding additional DLC that were speculated at in a couple of the RoG threads - due to the way the base game and RoG were built, will probably be fixed, since they're pretty much rewriting most of the code anyway I imagine. So (hopefully) simpler DLC integration = good.
  16. Anyone who wonders how this happened, this is why: Best form of advertising there is. Speaking of, can we also assume that Wyro is not 'just some guys side project that was abandoned'? This is pretty much collateral confirmation of Wyro, right? Here's an interesting thought - and maybe slightly heartening for those like me that wanted content EVERYONE could use, rather than just a portion of the community: With many players in the same world, and assuming that duplicate characters are not allowed, maybe now we will finally get individualized meat effigies for every character? So they know whose is whose? That would add a silver lining to this announcement for me at least...
  17. Welp, guess I'll stow my Mad Science hopes for another 6 months to a year. I just never seem to learn...*sigh*
  18. I think it's just generic shapes. I don't think they're supposed to be anyone specific. Why would they be? The players get to choose. But I guess given my record of guessing on this thread, maybe I should just shut up and watch...ugh. I hope SOME new content useful for everyone comes out of this at least. On the bright side, I guess if DS is doing well enough Klei is bringing on new people to implement MP, that might bode well for further expansion down the road?
  19. Could be a new character, yes. The thing is, they've never really used puzzle story to introduce new characters. So I kind of wonder why they'd start now. But i they can advance the story at the same time as introducing another different playstyle, great. I'm a little skeptical on the trap thing since Wilson himself made the portal. What's on the other side has a good chance of being unpleasant though, certainly.
  20. lol, wow, I totally misunderstood what you were suggesting. What I'm saying would make sense if it explains the entire reason that this weird world exists. They'd have to do a lot of exposition from the twins though, explaining what their motive is. Lengthy exposition really isn't DS's style. But it would be a MUCH more compelling addition to the story than 'oh and wendy or abigail or some other character we already know walks in'. Which wouldn't even make sense because everyone is alone. They'd basically have to have EVERYONE come through that portal, and then Maxwell steps in and splits them all up. Which would basically be ancient DS history, since these characters have been split up from the start. I want to see the story move forward, not give ho-hum backstory. To be clear 'everyone came through Wilson's portal' is ho-hum. If we get individualized backstories for everyone, that's different.
  21. This. I really don't get why nobody seems to consider that it's simply "them". Castor and Pollux, or some other group. The puzzle was far too riddled with greek constellation stuff for it to not play a role. Now, why they would stroll through the portal to meet Wilson, that has me puzzled. I'd say he's torn the veil into the afterlife and is summoning a dead loved one, but I'm having a hard time imagining how that would play out in a game context. Klei would not bring zombies into the game. Perhaps they step out and invite Wilson to enter the portal and face his final adventure mode, to get home, smirking all the while?
  22. If this were indeed a multiplayer update (it's not) that would mean that a large portion of Klei was not in fact working on Invisible Inc for the past 6 months as we've been led to believe, but were instead overhauling DS's code from top to bottom. WHILE also having the new code from RoG. Or they lied to us from the very start about their plans. Come on people. Speaking for myself, the reason I don't want it to be multiplayer is because that means they wasted a LOT of man-hours on BS I'm not interested in, when they could have been making baby voltgoats and scores of other new content that EVERYONE can use. That's why I don't want it to be multiplayer.
  23. Ya, but that's all he's got. He's just a vehicle for telling the story - specifically introducing us to this strange world. He has no actual personality, contrary to Maxwell and Charlie. So if the portal did take him home, at least for me, there'd be no satisfaction in that. It'd just be saying "and we (Klei) are done with this game". Lame. They don't need all this to tell us that and quite frankly it would be anticlimatic. I think everyone here would at least like to find out a bit more about 'them', and what happened to Charlie. Honestly from what I've seen I don't expect to EVER see a happy ending. It would fit with the character of the game. Moreover, it does not make good business sense to put a nail in a franchise this early. it makes more sense to leave a cliffhanger, hinting at things to come. They may or may not fulfill that. But it leaves them more options than just 'Wilson made portal home ok bye guys!'.
  24. I don't see why Klei would go for all this effort for a 'game over' for Wilson. Maxwell and Charlie were different - they were mysterious and integral to the world for EVERY character. Wilson is just one character of many. Why should he get a resolution but nobody else? I think this is an avenue to explore further the mysteries of the world. Specifically, I think Wilson is going to meet 'them' on the other side of the portal. Or at any rate, something to further the story/hint at next DLC. What I'm hoping for is, one or two new biomes (tesla at least) Mad Science, and new threats that escalate for late game. And to cap it all, a craftable portal that takes the player to meet 'them', possibly through a new adventure mode, though I'm not sure what they'd do to make it not be mostly a rehash of existing adventure mode. I think there's a good chance 'them' is just two entities - Castor and Pollux.