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  1. Does this mean no more perpetual motion liquid? SAD. I never knew thee.
  2. Reminds me of the time that my dupes all turned into the blond female dupe after reloading a game a long time ago.
  3. In my experience, the more flashing status icons for problems/jobs/sweeping the slower my game is, 100%. Have been playing the beta, haven't started a new game to tinker with this on the final update. Will see how it goes, thanks.
  4. I agree, I can't think of many ways to make space for a 3rd tile birth between fire poles and ladders, I know in reality, the game is 2D block meme. However, let's get real here, it's more than reasonable to think there are more dimensions to a hole in the ground or a cave, it's not just flat, they don't just slide around on a 2d surface. Okay, so they sort of do that, but my points remain, it's not outside the realm of possibility, considering background buildings now exist, even though those are meant to be perceived as flat??
  5. One step closer to water slides and more importantly aqueducts! I tell you hwat, floating water gardens. Aqueduct waterfalls. Splish splash water park. On the real though, I'd love to have me some aqueducts, I heard mention of something transporting water with no electricity, oh by the way, can you imagine using that process to generate electricity? Dupe dam with managed fish habitat, zero carbon output, low heat. I'm lookin' ta get WILD! future.wav (sound byte) "You're talking about something that WAS the future, yesterday. Okay, really. WELCOME to the future, YOU made it, you get to do stuff people only dreamed about just a few years ago."
  6. Hi there, When opening the debug menu, it temporarily lifts the fog of war, however, it appears to trigger all areas of the map to activate and remain so. I could be wrong, but I'm basing this on the fact of having never actually discovered any ruins down by the oil/lava bio dome and getting messages about buildings being damaged by heat or being broken, despite fog of war being re-enabled by closing the debug menu. Those messages do not occur throughout my game if I never open the debug menu once nor discover said ruins, I had my suspicions based on geyster liquid content being different from when I opened the menu since the last time. I was under the impression that none of these things should be active under FOW or be rendered etc. All it takes is to open the debug menu once and check back to see the result. Is that wrong? I think this has performance implications for people who use the debug menu to goof a bit, of course, it isn't an outward facing feature... anyway, thanks for your time. Expected behavior: After the debug menu is closed, as the fog of war is re-enabled, all cells / geysers etc should go back to an inactive state instead of remaining in an active state.
  7. Can this be made into an option? I really miss it.
  8. You might try this guide: on Reddit. The folder will be located elsewhere if I recall, that version shouldn't get any updates after you download it if I recall, it probably will run fine through steam if you launch it via the executable in the folder.