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Spaz's Art Thingmayings

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This thread contains my art thingmayings. Mostly made with either a pencil or blue pen, some actually coloured in GIMP aswell (I'm not that good with colouring lol). Expect simple but hopefully awesome drawings :)


post-3309-13764590687709_thumb.jpgPS:Made a picture with my mobile,it shows the details way better than my scanner does :(

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i wonder that ball thingy in the long live the queen trailer was the eye bone.but it don't have that antler . i wonder what is the real deerclops really look like in game?

It could very well be an early concept art of the eyebone,even though it has horns instead of antlers in the actual game.Or like a logo of the deerclops.While this drawing is what I expect him to be like in great lines(excluding the Don't Starve style),the "it was here" audio file completely throws deerclops being a friendly creature away.I still like to believe deerclops is friendly at first,but something(be it you hitting him or perhaps the sight of your base or being insane while it is winter,though this is not a creature gotten solid like I expect sanity creatures to function) makes him become so aggrevated he will destroy you and your base should he get the chance.Ever seen a deer with it's mouth wide open? Now add in some large teeth and you got a nasty creature,which might seem friendly at first,but in the meantime...
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Why not both? ;)

Oh yeah,I actually meant to say I cannot decide which one to do first ._. But I did decide though,and "Aggrevated Deerclops" it is :)

DeerWell, Maxclops.

A deer in Maxwell's suit,and Maxwell with on eye.That si something for sanity part 2,when winter is around aswell ;)Anyhow...Since my guess is that Deerclops will be a passive creature,and will get aggrevated somehow by either the sight of you or you base,I decided what he would look like when in said aggrevated state.And this is the result(with added annoying lighting this time,well it is evening so no outside light to contrast the photo nicely),anyhow enjoy.post-3309-13764590791833_thumb.jpg Edited by Spazmatic
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Wow, look how happy he is! This is great!

Many thanks!I decided to make him more happy than usual :)

What's got him so happy I wonder? Looks adorable! :)

Krampus is surprisingly adorable! :D I guess he just has a good day,enjoying his recent buff,having a lack of Wilson,and actually being drawn,there aren't many Krampus drawings out here so it seems..He got drawn first because he still is my favourite monster.And Maxwell will be a pain to draw,probably.At least to add his charisma and such..
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A teaser for the upcoming sanity update,and what effects being insane will have on Wilson.post-3309-13764590864684_thumb.jpgPS:Maxwell took Wilson's decapitated head earlier after the Deerclops has payed Wilson a visit.Maxwell visited the site of the Deerclops encounter,and found a nice Wilson head,that he can display above the fireplace at home :)

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