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  1. Long time no see =)

    1. BarovSoap


      I may not have Internet for a while once we leave port, but when I do I'll try to make an appearance when I can 


    Keep up the great science work!
  3. Ban asparagus for thinking 827 is a thing. (It is) (Just kidding, I lied to you about 827 being a thing) (But no, really, it for real is 100% a thing now)
  4. Ban kidneybeanboy for being post 827
  5. Ban mister l for being grumpy about grumpy grumps grumping
  6. Introduction - Hello Thread

  7. Ban Pyro again because this video
  8. Ban Pyro because Henry
  9. Introduction - Hello Thread

  10. BACON CHURCH 2.0

    Great! Tell him recordings will take place at 7Eleven, in the frozen foods section, at approximately 3:27am EST on a Tuesday.
  11. BACON CHURCH 2.0

    The bible should be narrated by Stephen Hawking, Morgan Freeman, and for the really intense parts, Samuel L. Jackson.
  12. BACON CHURCH 2.0

  13. BACON CHURCH 2.0

    You name has been on the page since the reincarnation.