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  1. I'm so mad that my profile pic is still bugged :/

    1. TeoSS69


      Try reuplaoding it?

    2. Mad Potatoes

      Mad Potatoes

      im gonna try to make another :p

    3. TeoSS69


      Remember to put bacon in it.


    1. TeoSS69


      Needs more screaming.

  3. Hey, look, a Mad Potato who draws!

    Yeah. (vielen dank, vinny) ha ha ha... you're sooo funny.
  4. Hey, look, a Mad Potato who draws!

    Ahem. TOOOOOBYYY!!!!! You don't know who are you dealing with. You made the German angry. Now suffer the consequences.
  5. Hey, look, a Mad Potato who draws!

    Oh, c'mon... if i made it smaller, it would be just a piece of crap! OH OH OH OH OH! NO CRAPPY ART HERE *sweeps both of them with a broom* @Mack18853 i already made your avatar and i agree with all the guys who say you should resize it yourself, but i see you're too lazy to do it so i resized it for you. BE HAPPY WITH IT D:<
  6. Hey, look, a Mad Potato who draws!

    Ah, now i understood everything! Kein Problem, Vincent. Now i understood everything. Thanks :3 AAAAAAANYWAY... ...The party... well... the first part is gonna be ready soon, I PROMISE IT WILL BE READY TODAY!!!!111!! And you'll have a little (big) suprise here :3
  7. Hey, look, a Mad Potato who draws!

    REQ LIST! tis music is AWESOME!!! Your request should be done soon bacause it's grate. You're gonna have a little surprise in this drawing ;D Oh, the boogie song... Gives the perfect feel to the situation!
  8. Hey, look, a Mad Potato who draws!

    in German it makes sense! btw, i'm only a shemale btw² i thought i already uploaded your request XD Sorry for the inconvenience! Here it goes!!!
  9. Sooper-dooper-doppler doodle dumping on dA! Go there :D

  10. Hey, look, a Mad Potato who draws!

    Halloween.. Hmm... Depths?.... Hmmmmmmmm... Worm? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Well, I think I can do this with almost no problem... tomorrow(today?). Btw, i thought of new way to make art and stuff. Its simple: You give me a theme, a music (please good music) and pray for Urungubapu, doing the Urungu sacred chicken dance and i do something like the thing you asked me (just a sketch, if it's not as good as you expected, just tell me). If the sketch is good, it has a chance of becoming a coloured and effected and super awesome genius drawing (aka i will draw it if i'm not too lazy to draw it) So yeah, tell me what you think about it, muchachos y muchachas ;D. MadEDITS: I'm gonna do art with my musical doodle!
  11. Damn, i couldn't access the forums the whole week because i had some tests :/ At least my last tests are on Friday, so i'll have time to draw more things (btw, that party thing... i'll hurry to get the characters done in time[translation: i'll try to overcome my laziness to make you happy :D] )

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    2. TeoSS69


      Good luck on your tests!

    3. Mad Potatoes

      Mad Potatoes

      Thanks, folks xD

      As always, i've done quite well on almost all of them (btw i hate geometry)

    4. TeoSS69


      But geometry loves you D:

  12. Hey, look, a Mad Potato who draws!

    Hey, @TeoSS69 's request is rready! Take a look at it :3
  13. Hey, look, a Mad Potato who draws!

    Okay, Sir! Yay, a bunny! Yes!! (btw, i think i remember you...) The more people, the better! Well, i think i might not be able to draw you all during the week, so i'll extend the subscriptions time to October 2nd. If you still haven't submited your char, hurry!