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  1. I'm so mad that my profile pic is still bugged :/

    1. TeoSS69


      Try reuplaoding it?

    2. Mad Potatoes

      Mad Potatoes

      im gonna try to make another :p

    3. TeoSS69


      Remember to put bacon in it.


    1. TeoSS69


      Needs more screaming.

  3. Ahem. TOOOOOBYYY!!!!! You don't know who are you dealing with. You made the German angry. Now suffer the consequences.
  4. Oh, c'mon... if i made it smaller, it would be just a piece of crap! OH OH OH OH OH! NO CRAPPY ART HERE *sweeps both of them with a broom* @Mack18853 i already made your avatar and i agree with all the guys who say you should resize it yourself, but i see you're too lazy to do it so i resized it for you. BE HAPPY WITH IT D:<
  5. Ah, now i understood everything! Kein Problem, Vincent. Now i understood everything. Thanks :3 AAAAAAANYWAY... ...The party... well... the first part is gonna be ready soon, I PROMISE IT WILL BE READY TODAY!!!!111!! And you'll have a little (big) suprise here :3
  6. REQ LIST! tis music is AWESOME!!! Your request should be done soon bacause it's grate. You're gonna have a little surprise in this drawing ;D Oh, the boogie song... Gives the perfect feel to the situation!
  7. in German it makes sense! btw, i'm only a shemale btw┬▓ i thought i already uploaded your request XD Sorry for the inconvenience! Here it goes!!!
  8. Sooper-dooper-doppler doodle dumping on dA! Go there :D

  9. Halloween.. Hmm... Depths?.... Hmmmmmmmm... Worm? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Well, I think I can do this with almost no problem... tomorrow(today?). Btw, i thought of new way to make art and stuff. Its simple: You give me a theme, a music (please good music) and pray for Urungubapu, doing the Urungu sacred chicken dance and i do something like the thing you asked me (just a sketch, if it's not as good as you expected, just tell me). If the sketch is good, it has a chance of becoming a coloured and effected and super awesome genius drawing (aka i will draw it if i'm not too lazy to draw it) So yeah, tell me what you think about it, muchachos y muchachas ;D. MadEDITS: I'm gonna do art with my musical doodle!
  10. Damn, i couldn't access the forums the whole week because i had some tests :/ At least my last tests are on Friday, so i'll have time to draw more things (btw, that party thing... i'll hurry to get the characters done in time[translation: i'll try to overcome my laziness to make you happy :D] )

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    2. TeoSS69


      Good luck on your tests!

    3. Mad Potatoes

      Mad Potatoes

      Thanks, folks xD

      As always, i've done quite well on almost all of them (btw i hate geometry)

    4. TeoSS69


      But geometry loves you D:

  11. Okay, Sir! Yay, a bunny! Yes!! (btw, i think i remember you...) The more people, the better! Well, i think i might not be able to draw you all during the week, so i'll extend the subscriptions time to October 2nd. If you still haven't submited your char, hurry!
  12. Yay! Vampire Wilson Luckily, this is not like that vampire from Twilight, because he's not shining in the sun xD But wait.. He's not burning too...OMG RUN FOR THE HILLS! AN IMMORTAL VAMPIRE!
  13. Enough derailment for today, guys. Or do you want to send this thread to the dark and obscure ruins of the Off-Topic abyss?
  14. Thanks, Mr Debul. As i said before, i'll wait for even more submissions. How can a party have only 3 people? Soon.
  15. ... Well, the last time i helped him didn't end up very well... i cant make pixelated sprites... lol. Just lol. OXYGEN MAGNESIUM!!! I AM SPEECHLESS!!! :'DDDDDDD *cough* Now, pyromaniac ladies and gentleman scientists, let's go back to the point.
  16. It will be ready soon. Hello again, Mr. Spaz. Nice to see you're still alive. Well, i had the bionic parts in the early times in was stranded in the DS world. Due to the humidity of the islands' humidity, the parts became rusty and i had an urge to find a way to work around that problem. As i am naturally insane, i had lots of insanity monsters all around me. Then i had an idea: insanity monsters drop nightmare fuel, i could make a new arm out of that. Okay. i'll wait for more subscriptions, then i start to draw everyone in TEH PARTEEEEEH ;D
  17. Well, not really much. I only have a lot of time in the weekends, but i mostly spend them talking with my special one. I've got some free time during the week too, after he falls asleep. You know me (or not?), I can't take lots of requests at a time... And sometimes i start drawing and then forget to finish xD Hey, i had an idea! Let's throw a party! I think i have time to draw lots of people today and tomorrow, so I will do it. Well, here's something i should tell you before you submit your chars: Please tell me how exactly he/she/it looks like. Sometimes I can't base myself only on your profile picture. You can draw them, or just describe them in words. Let the subscriptions begin! ;D
  18. That's part of the new Mad's design. I improved her (me?) while i was away. Bigger eyelashes, new clothing, a special person by her side (some of you might know him), and some other modifications to make her even more dapper and insane. i lissed you a lot too ;u; *hugs* Thanks :3 BAAAAAAAAAAACOOOOOON WITH BACON FISH AND BACON EGGS AND MORE BACON AND BACON SALAD AND BACON STEAK AND ACON CHICKEN NUGGETS AND EVEN MORE BACON AND BACON APPLES AND BACON SCHNITZEL AND BACON JUICE AND BACON COKE AAAAAAAAAAAA BACONBABACBOBACNOBCNACBCACBCBAOOBCAOBCABOAOBCOCBANCACBACBBCACABCNCBAOOBCANCBCAOBNCBOACBOACNOACBCOANBACON!!!!11!!111ELEVEN111!!!!!11!
  19. Now you will remember me Thanks, Lord :3 (should i call you Lord Battal or batty xD or something else?)
  20. Hello, folks, i'm back in this wonderful community after months and months not being online. I suppose you missed me If you didn't, i dont care Anyways, let's go to the part where i kill you e) P.S.: Ignore the ladybug in the center, it's only a bug. Raven Crow is a trademark of @Raven Crow . All rights reserved. ;D