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  1. The greedy SOB inside me wants Panzer Claws. Maybe I'll wait until you host another one Soap.
  2. We must not forget a long forgotten brother of ours. His name may have been lost to time but we shall remember his mission to find and drink the mythical bacon milkshake.
  3. The church will never be the same without the Toaster, I haven't seen him on in ages.
  4. Are you stealing animals from Petco again?
  5. Took me ages but I finally did it.
  6. Well, there's Terraria 2. But there will still be updates for Terraria.
  7. Being some sort of admin on a server is pretty fun. Getting rid of griefs isn't as boring as I thought it would be. Oh, and does anyone else have this problem?
  8. I've got about 6. I'm giving them away.
  9. Well then, I play on this server. IP: The port is 7777.