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Kyle's Concepts & Artworks

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Kebabs redo! I tried to take notes from Klei's shading style, and I think it turned out alright.


Pumpkin Cookies sneak peek!


Pumpkin Cookies redo! It's possible a teeny dose of nightmare fuel found their way into the cookies.


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Ice Cream reskin!


On 8/21/2019 at 8:57 AM, thomas4845 said:

you art perfectly captures the wacky don't starve art style i salute you

20 hours ago, Canis said:

I refuse to believe that @Axelocke isn't secretly an artist working for Klei. If you showed me these food drawings and said that these are klei official, I would believe you.

On 8/21/2019 at 11:13 AM, Hekateras said:

Oh gosh that's some delicious-looking food reskins

This means alot! Reading all your comments makes me believe I'm a little closer to achieving my dream. My appreciations! :wilson_love:

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Just now, minespatch said:

Wakely's your character?

I was originally going to do a generic silhouette with a question mark, but I simply couldn't stop myself from drawing a made up character! :wilson_ecstatic:

But, yeah! I hit up the old search engine and browsed through quite a few "W" names until I came across Wakely, then I started thinking of characteristics and design ideas that sorta just meshed together.

As for backstory(I guess?), she's a herbalist with an unfortunate family background of vision problems, she herself was born with a blind left eye, and nobody in the family knows whether it is a curse or simply unlucky inherited genes. Time after time loved ones soon lost their vision entirely and those afflicted seemed to wander from home, never to return. Were they lost? Compelled? The only certainty was that the once large family was slowly diminished to a fraction. She lost three of four siblings, her cousins, her father, and had never met her grandparents.


Wakely, after many sad, quiet dinners and nights spent researching in fear, set off with a purpose, if her eyesight were to decay completely, she would lose it in attempts to create the remedy to her family's woes, or at the very least find those she lost.

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Just now, minespatch said:

Wakely fits the Lovecraft theme, I feel like there's a character in the Lovecraft universe named like that.

The things you specify in your art reminds me of Creeps in the Deeps mod.

1. I had no idea it was from Lovecraft! I love the grim vibes I get from H.P Lovecraft's work. :emmersed:

2. I believe I saw something regarding a "Wakely family" from 1930? Not sure if that's related, just something my eye caught.

3. I totally remember Creeps in the Deeps. I remember being blown away that modders were able to basically make their own DLC. Same goes for "Up and Away" (if that was the name). Something *did* feel familiar when I was working on the poster!

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