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  1. Haha, thanks. Draco's expressions are always weirdly fun to do. Something about the sunglasses and the beard just makes for really expressive lines very intuitively.
  2. I had a lot of fun doing this one! Another crossover of Draco from Invisible Inc. with DST. Draco would absolutely try to flirt with The Darkness.
  3. That looks adorable! I loved that game though I only played what was available in the trial version. I need to buy it and play it for real! The funny thing was that I played it immediately after beating Limbo and getting all the achievements in that game - a shadowy game where you control a kid in the afterlife (or more precisely, *limbo*), everything is trying to kill you and there's a myriad grisly ways to die. So then I start playing Unravel, and I'm like "Oh sweet! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, everything is light and fluffy and for once, nothing is trying to kill me." And then I slip on some apples and fall into the water, and Yarny drowns. Yep. XD Anyway, awesome art!
  4. The stylisation of that Valentine's is fantastic. And I'm very weak for your carrat and malbatross drawings... ;A;
  5. Another one! Vaarsuvius from Order of the Stick. Not sure how many people are familiar with this character, but it's a fantastic webcomic.
  6. Long time no post! But I'm back with some Valentine's Day themed stuff.
  7. In case you're still around: https://discordapp.com/invite/aQrXEse Invisible Inc. Discord is where the party's at.
  8. Damn it, Klei, you sure know how to lure me back into the game.
  9. Something a little different: a Carmen Sandiego crossover with Invisible Inc, somewhat inspired by a work-in-progress fanfic and the Carmen Sandiego character mod for II. As I had the privilege of writing the lore and fluff for that mod, in addition to making the art, I went with a little backstory to reconcile Carmen working for II, supposing that the Agency sprang in to save Carmen's friends from the corporations at a crucial moment and Carmen subsequently joined. Naturally, it didn't take long for it to spiral into wacky "the agents babysit the precocious baby hacker/gadgeteer" scenarios. It doesn't help that the show so far has been very vague on precise ages for anyone other than Carmen, in spite of the time jumps involved, and I still don't know if Player is supposed to be 15 currently and around 12 in the flashbacks, or younger or older or what \o/, all we know is that he's tiny and definitely hasn't had his growth spurt yet. I'm quite fond of the detailing here, it took a while. With this and the earlier comic art style drawings (usually on a teal blue background, before) I go for a solid base colouring that's very quick to do because I just fill in selected chunks between the lineart, then add at least two more layers for the shadows and highlights with specific filter settings. This, in addition to cleaning up the lineart, is probably the most time-consuming step. Next, something a bit more low-effort and quite a bit sillier. In the Invisible Inc. community, Draco and Dr. Xu both have attained meme status (largely on account of the fact that it's a small place and their respective Biggest Fans are consistently loud and obnoxious about it, and yes, before you ask I am one of those people), so sometimes it can be a little helpful to remember the gulf between what the characters actually are and what they're popularly perceived to be.
  10. That badger is so cute! My heart!
  11. Masyanyarus's Art

    Класс, а у вас сайт есть? Типа Инстаграма и тд. Awesome work. I really like the inking.
  12. Russian community fanart

    This is really awesome stuff, I love the coloured pictures especially. Thanks for sharing! It's poetry so translating it would be pretty tricky, I imagine.
  13. Something a little different today. There's a monthly sketch-a-thon that's been going on for years that I've occasionally taken part it, but it's been a long while since I keep missing it or not having the energy. Yesterday, though, I pushed myself and I feel great about it. You're only supposed to spend up to an hour on each sketch (though you can finish them later, if you like) so it's a great way to get creative with no pressure. The Grey Wolf: Unicorn and foal: Wild unicorn:
  14. Something a little different. I have a lot of pretty screenshots from Meadow (a multiplayer social exploration/collecting game) so I decided to redraw one of them. For reference, the screenshot: The game has a very stylised quilt-like low-poly look which I adore... I might do a few more of these, they're a good exercise.