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  1. Oh, haha, sorry, didn't realise that was expected here. Your drawing reminds me of Five Nights at Freddy's somehow... :' D
  2. glitterdoodles

    I absolutely love your style. This is gorgeous.
  3. I realised I have yet to share any of my DS art here on the forum, so here goes! "Kleiground" is a fan name for crossover art that brings together things from different Klei games. No, I did not come up with the name. Thank @WilliamGreywind (You can find my art stuff under http://forestfantasms.tumblr.com/ or https://www.instagram.com/forestfantasms/ .) I started off by drawing a lot of Wendy for Inktober Wendy and Abi I may be obsessed with Tallbirds, smallbirds, and everything in-between Then I started drawing DS/Invisible Inc crossover art? Draco (from the Contingency Plan DLC) would be impressed by Wendy's edge, if they ever met. DS isn't the only Klei game with a superior-acting automaton/cyborg character (I would be remiss not to advertise a mod my friend made that brings Dr. Xu to DST!)
  4. Fan art

    Fantastic! Also fits pretty perfectly to the song you're referencing. Damn, and now I want a DS musical series...
  5. Hi Caleb! First off, this place is pretty much dead. I pretty much only come here to tell people that it's dead and tell them to join the Discord ( https://discordapp.com/invite/aQrXEse ). You'll get much faster response times that way, mod support (and modding support from the community) for the game is quite good. Most of the game's 'background' stuff during missions is handled in escape_mission.lua or mission_util.lua, both are in sim/missions. You could try searching for a function in mission_util that is triggered at start of turn and append your code to that. You could even just write a new escape_mission script from scratch and have it be triggered at start of turn, and add it via the add escape script API. However, the drawback of that is that the final mission uses ending_1 instead of escape_mission (all other missions use both escape_mission and a second, mission type-specific script file). So it would be an incomplete solution. A really easy way to do this would be through a custom ability (given to e.g. agents rather than items or augments), although you'd have to make sure it's only triggered once per turn, not once per turn per agent. So it is a bit overkill, but it would definitely work.
  6. Hi Crowfood. You're not the first to encounter this bug, unfortunately. Yes, starting with Monst3r and losing him later breaks the midway DLC mission for good and that's almost certainly what happened here. : I don't think there's a fix for it either. This does not happen randomly, but yeah, there a few vanilla bugs. Funnily enough, most of them Monst3r... (Hot tip: make sure his inventory isn't full when he finishes hacking the console in the final mission!) The game is mostly quite stable (the 'regenerate level' failsafe takes care of most errors, and even those happen rarely), I never even personally encountered any bugs in several hundred hours of vanilla gameplay. By the way: this forum is kind of dead. You should join the Discord instead. https://discordapp.com/invite/aQrXEse
  7. I have never used Mac, but have you tried simply... making the folder (inside Resources, I guess) and putting the mods there and seeing if it works?
  8. Weird, log file looks different to what it usually looks like, format-wise. I found this line: ARB_ES2_compatibility GL extension not found, graphics problem Seems the game freezes as soon as it tries to load the mission. No idea if this is what's causing it, but did you change anything in your graphic specs? Are you running the Steam version? Did you try re-downloading, verifying file integrity, etc.? Also, consider continuing this on the Discord, this place is kind of dead and replies will be slow. (https://discord.gg/aQrXEse )