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  1. We already have one and he is glorious DST version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?l=french&id=1572306775
  2. Whataboutism and pointing out hypocrisy are two sides of the same coin. The former is intended as the latter. Whether it's a red herring or not is a matter of debate. The US military, possibly the greatest single force of imperialism, destruction and terrorism on the planet, is directly involved in the production of many blockbuster Western movies, including Marvel stuff (e.g. the Iron Man trilogy) - the funding reality is that depictions of the US military in US movies are most affordable if approved by the US military. The US military has a strong presence in videogames, as well, including using them for propaganda and recruitment. The difference is that the crimes of the US government are, through massive culture and entertainment industries that function as globe-wide PR campaigns, kept away from the public consciousness of the average American (or non-American while we're at it), while the crimes of foreign governments are placed under a magnifying lens and make headlines. To say nothing of the spyware and data collection that we all know is done extensively by corporations such as Google, Facebook,etc. I very rarely, if ever, hear gamers talk about these issues with the heat they reserve for scary foreign companies (for reasons that are pretty clear; xenophobia is encouraged while actual knowledge of domestic issues is suppressed). As such, it's extremely hard to read passionate complaints about Klei selling out to Tencent and not wonder what the big deal is. I mean, it's... not great? But would it be that much better if they'd sold out to an American company? I'm not whataboutist. I'm just bitter and cynical, bordering on apathetic. It's not great, I know. Anyway. Unionise your workplace, vote for candidates that will reduce voter suppression and re-democratise your local politics. That's the best you, personally, can do. Review-bombing a Steam game won't do jack all.
  3. I was choosing not to form an opinion on Tencent for this reason. It is very difficult to judge what's real and what's hypocritical Western propaganda. I have a hard time seeing what's so special about Tencent aside from the fact that they're a really big company that is not based in the US. Do you want to say more of your personal opinion of Tencent, as someone who (I assume) lives in China? I am interested in hearing it. My worries about Tencent are mainly about how it's a very big company buying out a small one, and how that historically leads to a loss of independence for the small company.
  4. This is the best reply in the thread, I think. I'm not particularly old but old enough that I've seen a number of beloved small IPs and developers from the 90's and early 2000's go this route. I'm afraid it very much looks like Klei is in over their heads here.
  5. I see it as the same kind of mentality as the one where a movie release that makes a modest profit compared to the money that was put into it is considered a "box office flop". Where anything short of multiplying profit is considered a failure. Always gotta keep growin'.
  6. "Household name" among people who game, maybe. I'm a big fan of Klei's much more obscure games, specifically Invisible Inc. When trying to convert more people for the cult, I often start with "You know the studio that made Don't Starve?" I have almost never had a person not know of DST at least by reputation.
  7. I don't understand why this is necessary and I have very low faith in a buyout of a small indie studio ending anything but badly. You don't actually need to grow. I promise you, nobody will fault you for staying at the exact same size you are now and continuing to produce new content at the same rate as now. Don't Starve is a household name level successful franchise that should be enough of a cashcow to keep itself funded as well as fund new games you make. Not to get all political, but you don't have to keep getting bigger and bigger. Perpetual growth is unsustainable capitalist nonsense. Maybe you should replay one of your own games? The one about megacorporations wielding absolute power. (The only people associated with the company I could think of who could REQUIRE growth, for the sake of increasing profits and creating returns on investments, are investors/shareholders... which is, well, uh, probably not a good reason to become even MORE beholden to investors/shareholders. Once you lock yourself into the vicious cycle of having to grow in and increase profit, how are you going to be able to retain independence?)
  8. To celebrate Klei Halloween 2020 I cosplayed Internationale from Invisible Inc. and streamed a modded version of the game where agents could permanently die and everyone's vision was reduced to 3 tiles - SUPER spooky! And then I got Internationale shot. Oops.
  9. Sweet, can't wait to try this out, thank you! Question, is there any ETA on tools to import custom graphics into the game (icons, anims, anim reskins)? Would go a long way towards making interesting new cards and NPCs and the like.
  10. *crying softly* https://discordapp.com/invite/aQrXEse << our unofficial Discord if you ever want poke around and see what the community is up to (memes). No pressure though. Also, Shopcat has infiltrated this DST meme thread like it's malware... highly appropriate In an effort to keep this ontopic this counts as a meme, right? All I have are InvInc crossovers sorry
  11. There's a topic? :'''D I couldn't tell, I saw people doubting the glory of Shoppecatte/The One Feline Most Mercantile and couldn't let that stand... (But yeah, crawling back to my hole now. I hope this answers any and all questions about how to use the Shopcat image, the original question.)
  12. The point isn't "oh she doesn't get what the other guy wants from her so she's other stupid or acting stupid to mess with him". She might be a literal cat with augmented intelligence (who is apparently an excellent hacker and black market software dealer, but who struggles to understand her human customers sometimes). She might be an AI that has embraced its cat identity and is trying to guess what Monst3r wants from her the same way your search engine tries to autocomplete your queries. She might be a normal human who is deliberately pretending to be a cat and is REALLY committed to the act. It feels very reductive, and missing the point of the humour and mystery of this character's design to boil it down to "idiot or troll". It makes sense in a cyberpunk setting like InvInc and is one of the funnier bits of worldbuilding in a game that, in many ways, is pretty dark. Also, the additional line from her about a mouse, said AFTER Monst3r disconnects and she has no reason to keep up the act, does imply to me that it's not just an act. That seems like the point of that particular bit of lore. Like, Monst3r (this middle-aged human man who's her market competitor) is SO exasperated at what he ASSUMES is really dedicated RPing, but the RPing doesn't stop when he's not around. Just my two cents though. I do wish more people would play the game.
  13. Also, here's a pretty good summary of Shopcat's personality for those who are curious. (can also be read here if you have trouble reading it in the image or need a transcript: https://iiwiki.werp.site/lore:datalogs#monst3r ) More Shopcat goodness: SHOPCAT: You're calling from INSIDE the K&O firewall? Not cool, man! I don't need that kind of heat!! (Seriously, who do I gotta bribe to get a Shopcat T-shirt at the Klei merch store? Shopcat on a black background, it'd look amazing. Throw in another one with Incognita while we're at it... ) Anyway. Who is Shopcat? How to use the Shopcat reaction? Shopcat is an enigma. A mystery. Simultaneously a cat and not a cat until actually observed to be one. Presumably alive. And happy to sell you the softest of warez. Such is Shopcat.