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  1. That would sure be cool. I'm interested to see their unique spin on it - although they probably wouldn't make it part of the Shank IP but come up with something new. I'm pretty sure the only Metroidvania I've ever played was Limbo (if that qualifies).
  2. Hoo boy, I've been way too busy to post in this thread, surprised it hasn't been archived yet How has everyone been?
  3. One thing you could try, which I did, is allocate more virtual memory to act effectively as backup RAM (uses hard drive space). I've had slightly better performance since then (no bluescreens involving graphical memory errors, at least), but still a bit janky. My laptop is nearly 8 years old so I'm not expecting miracles, so I mainly brought it up because there are very obvious (to my unpractised eye) optimisation options available that aren't being taken advantage of.
  4. I first played ONI exactly two years ago, had no issues. Playing it again now on the same PC and I'm having severe graphical performance issues, especially around cycle transitions. I don't see any optimization options in the settings aside from 'low resolution textures' (which I've enabled). Could more optimization options be added? I'd gladly sacrifice some of the visual polish and shine if my little old laptop can keep running the game (let's face it, the core gameplay could have been made with 1990s graphics and would still be compelling). Ideas for optimization: - Liquids (those swirly visual effects, but also the "semirealistic" fluid behaviour - keep the behaviour, just cut down on the rendering for it) - Particle and glow effects (e.g. Shine Bug, especially Tame Shine Bug glitter FX, Sparkle Streaking dupes, etc.) - The swirly and glittery animations for various gases
  5. I'm surprised there weren't more submissions featuring other Klei games. Still waiting on acceptance, but I cosplayed Internationale from Invisible Inc.! And then I cosplay-streamed a modded version of Invisible Inc. where everyone could only see for a few tiles and had to grope around blindly in the dark, and then I got Internationale killed... oops.
  6. To celebrate Klei Halloween 2020 I cosplayed Internationale from Invisible Inc. and streamed a modded version of the game where agents could permanently die and everyone's vision was reduced to 3 tiles - SUPER spooky! And then I got Internationale shot. Oops.
  7. Sweet, can't wait to try this out, thank you! Question, is there any ETA on tools to import custom graphics into the game (icons, anims, anim reskins)? Would go a long way towards making interesting new cards and NPCs and the like.
  8. *crying softly* https://discordapp.com/invite/aQrXEse << our unofficial Discord if you ever want poke around and see what the community is up to (memes). No pressure though. Also, Shopcat has infiltrated this DST meme thread like it's malware... highly appropriate In an effort to keep this ontopic this counts as a meme, right? All I have are InvInc crossovers sorry
  9. There's a topic? :'''D I couldn't tell, I saw people doubting the glory of Shoppecatte/The One Feline Most Mercantile and couldn't let that stand... (But yeah, crawling back to my hole now. I hope this answers any and all questions about how to use the Shopcat image, the original question.)
  10. The point isn't "oh she doesn't get what the other guy wants from her so she's other stupid or acting stupid to mess with him". She might be a literal cat with augmented intelligence (who is apparently an excellent hacker and black market software dealer, but who struggles to understand her human customers sometimes). She might be an AI that has embraced its cat identity and is trying to guess what Monst3r wants from her the same way your search engine tries to autocomplete your queries. She might be a normal human who is deliberately pretending to be a cat and is REALLY committed to the act. It feels very reductive, and missing the point of the humour and mystery of this character's design to boil it down to "idiot or troll". It makes sense in a cyberpunk setting like InvInc and is one of the funnier bits of worldbuilding in a game that, in many ways, is pretty dark. Also, the additional line from her about a mouse, said AFTER Monst3r disconnects and she has no reason to keep up the act, does imply to me that it's not just an act. That seems like the point of that particular bit of lore. Like, Monst3r (this middle-aged human man who's her market competitor) is SO exasperated at what he ASSUMES is really dedicated RPing, but the RPing doesn't stop when he's not around. Just my two cents though. I do wish more people would play the game.
  11. Also, here's a pretty good summary of Shopcat's personality for those who are curious. (can also be read here if you have trouble reading it in the image or need a transcript: https://iiwiki.werp.site/lore:datalogs#monst3r ) More Shopcat goodness: SHOPCAT: You're calling from INSIDE the K&O firewall? Not cool, man! I don't need that kind of heat!! (Seriously, who do I gotta bribe to get a Shopcat T-shirt at the Klei merch store? Shopcat on a black background, it'd look amazing. Throw in another one with Incognita while we're at it... ) Anyway. Who is Shopcat? How to use the Shopcat reaction? Shopcat is an enigma. A mystery. Simultaneously a cat and not a cat until actually observed to be one. Presumably alive. And happy to sell you the softest of warez. Such is Shopcat.
  12. Here's an idea. People who don't know how to use the Shopcat reaction image should go and actually play the game, or leave it alone (as anything else they don't have context for). I for one am thrilled Klei finally remembered Invisible Inc. exists again. :P (Seconded, go play the game.) We've had a Shopcat emoji on the unofficial InvInc Discord for a while now, and I'm pretty sure we use it differently... but I cannot for the life of me articulate HOW we actually use it, so. XD