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  1. It would be nice to have a new port of the game. Maybe in 2020 for the game's five year release anniversary? We can always hope... As for now it sadly looks like Klei has pretty much stopped supporting Invisible Inc altogether.
  2. Someone else did that.
  3. A little colour doodle: vampire taking a bath. ^^
  4. I think I know the one, @DragonMage156 Now I'm imagining the cyborg and the former singer/actress competing for who can sing the highest pitch... XD
  5. @Sander Bouwhuis I don't think it's been fixed. I'm too lazy to check the manifest ID, but Klei usually announce their updates in forum threads, and I haven't seen anything. (Also bump. >.> )
  6. Follow-up! Someone on Tumblr suggested Prism helped him do the eye-shadow so of course I had to draw something like that
  7. With Sharp, ALL time is self-fulfilling ego time.
  8. Kyle's Concepts & Artworks

    Oh gosh that's some delicious-looking food reskins
  9. Art and posters

    Something has gone wrong here D: I can't see any of the images
  10. Thanks! And yeah it seems to be mainly due to differing ways some of the people on the art team depict her. Another one, because I can't seem to stop making these. I'm having so much fun with the cartoony style? I've never really done anything like this before. Sharp aka WX78's cyberpunk cousin, taking a selfie for his instagram: (Speaking of Instagram, you can find mine over here)
  11. Own Fanart Thread

    Very nice. I look forward to seeing more!
  12. Thanks. ^^ I don't have a lot of time for elaborate stuff like that lately so it was nice to finish something for a change. And yep, she's from the Contingency Plan DLC. Another one! Of Nika this time. I find it really hard to get her right for some reason. It doesn't help that her various appearances in the game look so different..
  13. Some more stuff. A pretty elaborate painting of Prism (from Invisible Inc) I finished after months of messing around with it: Next up is a slightly more cartoony (honestly I was kind of going for a mix between DS style and II style?) Dr. Xu with the skin I played him with in a recent server. I was lamenting that the fabulousness of the outfit is wasted in a game where the custom skins are barely even visible... And last, Dr. Xu and Rush in the same style. Rush has a speed bonus in the game (which gives her an extra Action Point), while Dr. Xu has a -1 Action Point penalty, so this is how I imagine them when they're on a mission together ^^
  14. Nope, don't think I have.
  15. Mods for Endless?

    You could try playing Endless without enabling the midway DLC mission. Legend has it that as of a certain alarm level on non-DLC endless, you start getting the Countermeasures daemon in every mission. A couple of more suggestions in addition to what CB2000 said: - Absolutely get New Items and Augments, and not just for the new items. That mod has the option to enable utterly punishing cleanup costs. It's a good way to prevent yourself from swimming in credits after day 10 or so. Also, NIAA rebalances Central's augment, among other things. - I recommend tinkering with the normal game settings. Decreasing the credit multiplier and/or setting safes to "less" will both slow down your teambuilding. Also, there is an option to both change default room size and room size progression. The latter option (sorry I dont' recall what it's called in the options precisely right now) would be particularly appealing for Endless, I think. It would basically make maps gradually get bigger as the campaign goes on. It would need some experimenting, but it would at least help offset the fact that by day 16 you've definitely maxed out speed on everyone.