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  1. Well, there's a version of tic-tac-toe I haven't seen yet. I'm not sure what you're asking. The room is completely symmetrical, as are the risks behind the doors (all unknown). Every move you make is utterly equivalent since there's no spot that would keep you covered without also being exposed to potentially other doors. Especially when you consider that one guard who spots you will alert other guards, so they will path to try and get you in their sights. Practical solution i.e. what I would actually do in that situation, most likely: that room is a terrible place to hide. No good cover and too many unknowns. You have enough AP to leave the room. Leave it. Pick a door at random (costs you 4 AP to get there, 1 to peek), that leaves you 3 AP to get to some cover item near the door.
  2. Aww @addams013 . I know what you mean, I can't be on Discord much during the day either (except from phone, but I hate typing from phone). Still, if you want to bring in a point to a thing that was discussed 12 hours ago and write a wall of text about it, just tag the person you're responding in and do it. : D I know I for one love discussing things to bit, even if the subject has "moved past them". Especially when it comes to lore/characters/the game.
  3. Yeah, there's so much potential just in the II backstory, isn't there? I really wish Contingency Plan had added a fully-fledged prequel campaign (cough Istanbul Run cough) and not just a gameplay expanding pack. (That said, it added data logs, so I can never be angry at it.) The history of the PEIA and the Resource Wars, what one can piece together from scraps of lore, is a fascinating one, and the theme of corporate takeover changing the way the world works threatens to be fascinatingly relevant today. I think Klei was just aiming to make a fun cyberpunk story, but they accidentally made something much deeper. It would be wonderful to see more of it. Sadly, Klei doesn't seem to have any specific plans for continuing the franchise right now. P.S. If it's your favourite game, you should come hang out with us on the Discord server (link: https://discord.gg/aQrXEse ) because uhhh this place is pretty much dead. Especially if you like the PEIA. There are people here who will begin to foam at the mouth if you so much as mention them... (Ok, not to oversell the size of the tiny community, but STILL. Isn't that right @neurvelist...)