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  1. To the best of anyone's knowledge, Klei isn't planning to continue this game series. If you're a fan of the game you should join us on the II Discord, though: https://discordapp.com/invite/aQrXEse
  2. I poked around and found this: https://discord.com/invite/upVSGA8 (from https://www.reddit.com/r/griftlands/comments/g961xa/discord_channel/ ) Also I did some Griftlands x Invisible Inc crossover art! More may be to come. I've been itching to draw Internationale as a member of the Rise since a random Rise Kra'deshi in Sal's campaign addressed me as "comrade".
  3. Too late, already working on my 50k word crossover fanfic :P
  4. I love Smith, can't wait to play him. Also someone on the II Discord pointed out that the term "Kra'deshi" sounds familiar... @Kevin you sneaky sneak.
  5. Appropriate (Tinker): Steal item card. Card randomly gains or loses a use when returned to your hand after the Negotiation is over, unless you destroy this argument first. "Can I borrow that? I promise to reassemble it afterwards." Griftlands is peppered with Invisible Inc. references and homages and I am SO HERE for it. As a friend of mine put it, "Thank you for the food, Kevin" I had no choice but to draw Tony. (Would he still be called Tony in Griftlands? Ux? Inot? Smith's name being a thing broke my mind with regards to naming conventions.) The backstory of an unruly Spark Barton prone to getting in trouble with his superiors fits him almost too well. Unsurprisingly, cyberpunk to snailpunk translates very well indeed. I adore the weird little rat-like lizard things. Do they have a name? Hope you enjoy!
  6. The "Vagrants" were apparently a spacefaring civilisation. Do we actually know what happened with them? Did they leave, or, y'know... (imagine a gif of a Griftlands character doing the throat slashing motion with their hand)
  7. I finally checked out Griftlands when it came out on Steam and I love it. I've already seen some mods in the forum, but I gotta, ask, is official mod support planned for this game? I would LOVE for this to be implemented. Some things it would be great to have mod support and/or mod API for: - Custom NPCs and enemies - Custom cards - Custom quests - Perhaps even custom main characters with custom arcs? (It would be a lot of work for a mod, but hey, if someone wanted to hypothetically create a story-rich Invisible Inc x Griftlands crossover, they COULD.... hypothetically...) - Should go without saying, but a way of making new graphic assets (even if it's just by reskinning vanilla ones) is a must. I notice the game seems to use the same atlas tex and build system as Don't Starve, has anyone already tried using e.g. Matt's Tex Tools with them? I suppose I'll give it a try and report back. EDIT: Literally just found this thread like five seconds after posting this.
  8. Every game design choice is about balancing challenge and frustration. Different people have different frustration thresholds which affects what games they play and how they play them. Some people have extremely high frustration thresholds, I'm talking about people who do "no death" runs in platformers and the like, something that takes dozens or even hundreds of hours of practice and attempts to achieve. Some games are designed with that kind of people as a target audience. Now, Griftlands is nowhere that extreme (it's about middlish on the permadeath front, a lot more forgiving than Don't Starve, for instance), but you get the idea. Maybe it's just not your kind of game. That said, if you die a LOT you're probably making poor deck choices and need to revisit your strategy. I kept dying to boss fights with Rook until I noticed I had completely misunderstood his charge mechanic - namely, the fact that empty charges give him free Defense at end of turn. World of difference after that.
  9. @JoeW Apparently the Switch version of the game has some content that's not available in the other releases, such as the programs Siren and Ritual. Are there any plans to make those available in the PC (etc.) version of the game?
  10. Same, it would be fantastic. II setting lends itself so well to shorts centered on wacky mission moments or agent shenanigans outside of missions.
  11. I don't even know what a "Switch" is but it's nice to see the game getting some attention again, considering it turned 5 years old a couple of weeks back! Can we have some merch, too? Posters and T shirts maybe. Still hoping for a sequel or a new DLC someday.
  12. Finished a more ambitious digital piece based on invisible Inc again - first time working with perspective grids! Not without flaws but it was fun. ^^
  13. Not sure if it's a bug or just a really poorly thought-through feature but it's making it even more annoying to raise smallbirds. When smallbirds hatch, the nearest player is set as leader and they follow that player. When that player despawns (such as disconnecting from the server, even briefly), it looks like they begin following whoever else is closest (often whoever's hosting the server since they're the first to spawn during a session) and this does not reset. Obviously this takes 100% of the fun out of it. When I spend three days hatching smallbird eggs, I sign up for the ensuing 20ish days of keeping them safe. Other people on the server with me did not sign up for that. Proposed fix: Have the birds either despawn with their owner (as Critters do) or revert to following the player they followed first if that player is nearby.