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  1. Using hats and armour replaces the animation symbol so it's the same process. It should say replace symbol in armour code of summit.
  2. Make them become your pets or have an extra components to save them but pets is easier but they will despawn with you. so if you join a friends lobby and you hop of they dissipear off your friends world and rejoin with you --adding the components to the character inst:AddComponent("petleash") inst.components.petleash:SetMaxPets(Total_Max_Pets) --spawning in the pet through component --Spawning from character inst.components.petleash:SpawnPetAt(x,y,z,prefab_name)
  3. yeah but wouldn't that upgrade all the merms?
  4. I'll give a brief explanation what i know: P.S i use to use other people's code it doesn't work that well You're trying to make a new meter so you'll need to know how the widgets and net-vars work: All of the meters are compiled inside of scripts\widgets\statusdisplay so to access and import you should use: (statusdisplays is where all the icons/huds reside) AddClassPostConstruct("widgets/statusdisplays", function (self) --code end) The cool people at klei have decided to make another widget called badge to simplify the process for creating the widget to importing some data, you can use my assets as a template for your icons This is somethings just to make the code more manageable throughout coding it first: and below is the code used to create the badge\meter. local require = GLOBAL.require local Badge = require "widgets/badge" local UIAnim = require "widgets/uianim" local Text = require "widgets/text" --this is so that the code uses the in items in widgets for us to use AddClassPostConstruct("widgets/statusdisplays", function (self) --local Badge = Class(Widget, function(self, anim, owner, tint, iconbuild, circular_meter, use_clear_bg) self.custom_meter = self:AddChild(Badge(nil, self.owner, { 1, 1, 1, 1 }, "iconbuild")) self.custom_meter:SetClickable(true) self.custom_meter:SetPosition(x, y, z) --position could be anything but i use x, y, z = 0, -85, 0 end) to import data is to use netvars personally i use something more simpler but that's for you to figure out. some of the code from my tutorial can be used for reference in regard to some of the things here, sorry but anything more is gonna drain me good luck on your code.
  5. Looked through the code it might have to manually be done as the event may only be called in regarded to the worlds events which means that all merms would have to have the upgrade if you don't mind, but anyone feel free to correct me if i'm wrong. inst:ListenForEvent("onmermkingdestroyed", function() inst:DoTaskInTime(math.random()*SLIGHTDELAY,function() RoyalGuardDowngrade(inst) inst:PushEvent("onmermkingdestroyed") end) end, TheWorld) --< inst:DoTaskInTime(0,function() if not (TheWorld.components.mermkingmanager and TheWorld.components.mermkingmanager:HasKing()) then --< RoyalGuardDowngrade(inst) end end) If you wanna just sweep it under the rug you could like inst:ListenForEvent("onmermkingdestroyed", function() inst:DoTaskInTime(math.random()*2,function() --RoyalGuardDowngrade(inst) --inst:PushEvent("onmermkingdestroyed") --upgrade code end) end, TheWorld) inst:DoTaskInTime(01,function() --upgrade code end) not too sure but good luck on ya
  6. if GLOBAL.TheNet and GLOBAL.TheNet:GetIsServer() then AddPrefabPostInit("mermguard", function(inst) inst:DoTaskInTime(math.random(), function(inst) --< a inst:PushEvent("onmermking_created") end) end) end You might need to add that, personally idk just happens some times
  7. can you send me the code or the file? Off the top of my head i can say that it could be: > Spriter build name wasn't changed > class.heart.circleframe:GetAnimState():OverrideSymbol("icon", "anim_build", "icon"): The anim_build wasn't changed > my code sucks
  8. This phase ... Can we like delete this all.
  9. When using skin names sometimes there's a "p" at the end or a "d" what's the deal with that? inst.components.skinner.skin_name
  10. inst.tunneling = nil Local function Start_dig (inst) inst.tunneling = inst:DoPeriodicTask(2,function(inst) code end) end Local function End_dig(inst) inst.tunneling = nil end Sorry this looks shod my phone is garbage rn
  11. local assets= { Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), Asset("ANIM", "anim/") --< forgot to add a "," Asset("ATLAS", "images/inventoryimages/hadtie.xml"), Asset("IMAGE", "images/inventoryimages/hadtie.tex"), }
  12. I don't think the jump animation is playing because you're switching to another when moving, besides that do you have any other mods installed or something because everything is working normally? Bt dubs you may want to save the peridic function as a variable so it doesn't duplicate itself everytime to tunnel
  13. Have you tried this on a cave or non -cave world ? I think the buffered or SendRPCToServer may only work on non-cave. AddModRPCHandler("mod_nane", "action_name", function(inst) --code --inst = person, maybe idk maybe maybe end) SendModRPCToServer(MOD_RPC["mod_nane"]["action_name"]) I think this may work better