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Kyle's Concepts & Artworks

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On 1/26/2019 at 7:57 PM, minespatch said:

This piece really needs the Spongebob tiniest violin. :wilson_ecstatic:

Why does he look so sad here?

Sorry for the late response! Haven't been here for a while.

In that little piece I drew Wortox as if he were just plonked into the constant, and he's looking around and realizing his situation.

Then he goes all puppy dog sad face. :D

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I'm really curious now which one is Wagstaff and which one is the adventurer. The curly hair kind of threw a wrench in the works but we'll eventually see.

Nice work on these doodles. Here's hoping the official art motions toward your drawings.

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Sorry I've been absent for a bit, had to deal with the whole graduating thing. It's still surreal to me that I'm free. I'm FREEEE!!!~

Anywho, with huge thanks to Forum User @Hornete for coding help, I have started cookin' my first ever client side mod. This mod aims to reskin all the base game foods when cooked in Warly's Portable Crockpot. 

"Why is it just Warly?"

I figured since Warly not only starts with a portable crockpot, but also boasts the need to diversify his meals, he may be forced to cook up some normally unused/underrated foods, like Ratatouille!


Portable Crockpot food skins! (A mod currently under construction!)

Reskins Meatballs



Reskins Ratatouille


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Honey Nuggets reskin! They are a little different, taking a more meatball-esque shape. At least the presentation is decent? 



Stuffed Eggplant reskin! It's just now that I realize that some of these are looking a bit too spherical. :wilson_laugh:


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Meaty Stew reskin! It may be messy, but it sure doesn't damper the flavor! 



Here's a fun little evolution process!





The change might be a little tough to spot here, but the stew part was re-angled









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