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Game Update - Thermal Upgrade (LIVE)

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The depths of space are cold and lifeless, but at the center of this asteroid your Dupes are preparing to feel the heat with the Thermal Upgrade!

Key Features:
New Temperature Mechanics: Building meltdowns, burst pipes, spoiled food and temperature-based diseases all await to foil your plans for survival.
New Biome: Venture into the Ice Biome and obtain valuable resources like Ice, Snow and Wolframite, or take advantage of the chilly atmosphere to cool your colony off.
New Outfits: Build your own aquatic farm and grow the resources to weave protective and stylish outfits for your Dupes.
And more: New plants, buildings, resource bonuses, balances changes, bug fixes and more!

For a full list of changes, click below




  • New Ice Biome

  • New buildings including the Space Heater, Liquid Tepidizer, Textile Factory and Thermo Switch

  • New Duplicant outfits

  • New Plants

  • New Steam Geysers

  • Food can now be preserved in sterile and/or cold environments

  • Pipes can now burst, and will take damage if the wrong element is piped into them

  • Duplicants are temperature sensitive and will get stressed in hot and cold areas

  • Duplicants can overheat and develop temperature-based diseases

  • Circuits can overload

  • Buildings can overheat

  • Mechanized Airlocks can be assigned custom access permissions

  • Dupes will now auto-repair buildings


  • Research and cooking buildings no longer provide restful sleep

  • Dupes will always eat the least fresh item out of a food container

  • Better player feedback for rotting food

  • Ore properly melts

  • Creatures can no longer walk through “auto” or “closed” doors

  • The refill percent on the coal generator can now be set

  • Tiles display the correct temperature

  • Panning speed scales based on zoom level

  • Fixed invisible Muckroot plants

  • Added a jump between ladders that are one tile away to fix a case where building a ladder could prevent Dupes from going back the way they came

  • Fixed many mass conservation bugs in plumbing systems

  • Improved mass conservation on doors closing

  • Improved mass conservation on tile construction

  • Improved mass conservation of falling liquids

  • Shower liquid output temperature is same as input

  • Pumps consume liquid/gas from the four cells they cover instead of the bottom left cell only

  • Storage shows food freshness

  • Algae Terrariums no longer stop working if their inventory is full

  • Duplicant traits no longer prevent them from performing their profession task

  • Composting interval is much longer so it spits out larger chunks

  • Mealwood Plants now give negative decor

  • Tiles which have taken liquid pressure damage are now repairable

  • Dupes no longer get stuck when the ladder they were standing on gets deconstructed

  • Lights will no longer appear “on” if something else in the area is shining light on top of them

  • Fixed zombie Morbs

  • Memory optimization

  • Fmod upgrade (should resolve some audio crashes)

  • Misc crash/bug fixes





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8 minutes ago, Cheerio said:

Pipes can now burst, and will take damage if the wrong element is piped into them

Is this about pumping the wrong element into buildings or will certain elements damage pipes? (other than melting them because they're too hot like magma)

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  • Developer
43 minutes ago, Breizhbugs said:


What are the differences between this(211867) and 211704 ?

There were a couple of crash fixes. Objects like planter boxes should no longer take overheat damage and you can get the gas/liquid filter a little bit sooner in the tech tree. The load screen also has better information on how to deal with out of date save files.

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Are Steam Geysers the same as the over-burdened water ones? I never found one in the early release builds before thermal was released so I have no idea what either would be like :( I was hoping to experience at least 1 of the water geysers the caused the oceans of the land to flood through a tiny hole lol 

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8 hours ago, 141kelsey1 said:

I see the random screen freezes haven't been fixed....-sigh- Still unplayable.

I play on a Mac and the only time I have freezes is the moment I resume from a long pause while a map overlay was activated.

Did you submit your problem with your specs ?

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I hope for a lot of new content. Although finding new exploits is fun and all that, I really wish there'd be more content that aims at making it possible to play beyond 200-300 cycles without getting bored to death.

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On 4/6/2017 at 3:40 PM, PickPay said:

yea its been over a week with no update o.o

they must be preparing something big !

On yesterday stream they said there is nothing new to show (regarding content) :( they busy with preparing for Steam early access.

An i was hoping so much for new content ... sad days

Edited by O.n.y
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