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  1. Hai Because this live version minor Bug need to fix Hydrogen Generator Manual Generator
  2. Congratulations !!! So with this Klei official make termal update into alpha not preview branch any more ? We waiting new innovation for the next update
  3. Well ihope they update with flow control of valve if 1 pipe liquid/gass meat branch its will make delay if normal we can make 3 hydrogen power supply
  4. How single wheezee can cooldown all gass room in that room ?
  5. Liquid Pumps should properly pump liquid when only partially covered by liquid. Previously if the bottom left cell was gas, the pump would run but fail to pull liquid into the pipe. Whats is this mean ?
  6. I cant watch the video use phone can you upload to youtube ? Ghost mean fungus effect ?
  7. Help dev with Screenshot and save game files . Thanks
  8. But some time reload do us benefit its killing some memory leaking right hahahha
  9. I think this not bug ! Because there is starving 8 dupe . Once the dupe found food they will eat first . I say you food storage only 2kkal averages dupe have seting eat until full ( 1600kal ) if you press RA they will drop it not eating and delivered to cooker because RA will ignore eating
  10. Look closely presure 700 its normal , and around it self 30*C its should surrounding first heating then TR , and dev itself asking making this post ^^
  11. Thanks for hardworks hatch eat seed , Since when ? Pumping an incorrect element into a building will now either dump that element on the floor or pump it through instead of destroying the mass yesss !! No more broken Buildings should now heat up the world more than they heat themselves up, making them less likely to overheat welcome to darkage ! When you use supercomputer with damage more !!
  12. What hepend if we reject ? Because i want all dupe have strength 8
  13. can you upload the save data? Befor you deconstruction ( we have autosave every cycle) because dev online right now .
  14. Sorry i cant im not in boarding house atm mybe some one read this have same problem can sahre they save files send by phone
  15. Its should be . We should can changes the request flow even its unconect . But from when i play fresh valve have setting 10kg liquid right ? Ut in your pic you set to 0
  16. @Cheerio its heppend every time , destruction by dupe not debugmode .
  17. Sorry what is duct and what mean by reset ? ssttt dont tell them this exploit heheh
  18. @Cheerio im agree with this . You dont need the save data because when game restart all work fine try build pump >valve >output then deconstruction some pipe and replace it and you will see it
  19. Cool how you did that ? They helping other ? For me they just leave it untul die
  20. Because mcg ? Its not gram thay why they heating so fast but when contact other gas / same gas they will easy cooling down