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  1. Yea that’s a real waste of time, sometimes the same item gets dropped twice even...
  2. Have the devs acknowledged this problem ? It's not game breaking but its continuous and disturbing
  3. I have a weird texture appearance bug of pretty much the whole world, it won't display properly (low quality?) and occasionally flashes on/off, especially visible on raw metal like Gold Amalgam. Tech specs :
  4. I have the same issue and I don't see why we should run individual pipes into each hydroponic tile... The bug is random, some water gets through certain tiles. Even more bizarre is when I branched just before the hydroponic farm the water stopped going there...
  5. I thought you had read my post about Electrolyzers, they do not work as intended its undeniable I'm sure you looked at them for a minute.
  6. There were other bonuses that were doubled, was that fixed too ? Nice keep it up !
  7. I'm guessing there can be differences between a specific layout in debug mode, which I assume they use, as opposed to normal (time consuming) play which has more variables.
  8. so blowing extra air on them helps ? Ok I'll keep that in mind thanks.
  9. Oh boy that day has come... Time to figure out other cooling systems but the Wheezeworts dont seem to be as efficient anymore. Good update, lots of bugs covered, thanks.
  10. yea its been over a week with no update o.o they must be preparing something big !
  11. I play on a Mac and the only time I have freezes is the moment I resume from a long pause while a map overlay was activated. Did you submit your problem with your specs ?
  12. Could we have progress bar for loading and saving and maybe a prompt saying "save successful" or something, thanks.
  13. Thermal Regulator overheats within a cycle when built with Gold Amalgam. Temp - new cooling Cycle 192.sav
  14. Ok I think I found the culprit. I noticed I had another T.R. prior to latest patch and it wasnt over heating. I checked its made out of Copper Ore. Where as the ones overheating are made of Gold Amalgam. To verify that I rebuilt two, 1 with Copper the other with Iron and they both heat up slower. You can actually see the older one in my screenshot at the bottom (it does have a Hydro Fan next to it and more air around so it runs around 30C where as the other 2 are reaching 60C after a few cycles)
  15. So after some testing, all buildings heat up much less, temperature seems to spread out more consistently throughout the base (which is ruining my plants but working on it), Carrots do a better job, the Fans are not as powerful ok BUT the Thermo Regulators overheat within a cycle... Hot fix that machine plix plox ! That regulator was built during cycle 192, also tried another one before that same problem. Should I post this in the bugs ?
  16. Just when I thought Hydro Fans could help with heat issues
  17. An update every other day this week, sweet ! Keep them coming
  18. I used to have the 2 showers + 2 lavatories hooked up directly to the Fertilizer Maker but since they nerfed it to practically useless I disabled it. Now with the latest patch I might try that again. My point is why have to drain water in a tank and not send it directly to consuming devices ? I wish the piping would be more flexible...
  19. Purifiers overheat and break. Temp - Water purifiers.sav
  20. Dunno if I should carry on here but to answer your question at this point the Water Purifier broke, it wasn't taking any more water in I had to deconstruct it and pipes as well. I had another issue with the Fertilizer Maker that would block the polluted water coming out from the Air Scrubber going to the Purifier. I had to disconnect the F.M. (can be seen at the bottom of my screenshot) These are just 2 of the issues I ran into in the last hour.
  21. It's nice to see frequent updates but I was hoping for more than fixing stuff made wrong the previous patch and/or rare bugs. Piping doesnt work well, only when having a single pipe from point A to B... Material highlights and Compactor not fixed ?
  22. It will produce Fertilizer (Dupes come and pick it up) but will not consume Polluted water (pipes clogged). I tried switching off and on again also rebuilding but it doesn't fix it. Note that it used to work before patch 210794, this world was created with the first Thermal Upgrade release.