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  1. This is not about they would use anything from this, but about how they treat own community and what feeling community will have after. I think it is important to have communication, even if they would say something which would took like 5 min of any of their team (i am sure they have people responsible for communication) would make a big difference in good sense - and this exactly what people were waiting for, just give us few words.
  2. True, but Despite this, there is not a single response from the developers in recent days, so the conclusions suggest themselves
  3. I have bad feeling they just busy with something more important and haven't read anything from this thread, as they do not as care about it anymore. Counting the fact how low communication from devs become last months, as how active they were at start.
  4. I am here from public alpha start, when i made localization for the game, supporting it still <3. It is so sad, there is no preview branch for release of the game, i feel abandoned
  5. lamp showed under wire plate, when i should be above
  6. Those two checked by default (checked after built) and there is not ability to uncheck them. And still it cant be used for drecko as feeder notification says there is item specified for storage. attached save file as well, in case it is needed. save.zip
  7. After new priorities system added, interface is changed. And now words not readable, due to the length of words on some languages (for example Russian) There is too small place, words cant fit. Please make this screen flexible size by width - so all words can fit normally. Some words in Russian for example and terms have not as small word length as english and cant be replaced with any more smaller without loosing meaning of operation. and all languages can benefit from it. Thank you!
  8. Algae terrariums do not want to grab water from near same tile. Do not matter if it drops from above or exist on same floor tile terrarium standing on, it do not recognize and do not consume it. Прекрасная Нейронная Сеть.sav
  9. Apparently issue still exist in 241659, i was away from base in like 1.5 screen for long time, and my most of dupes dies ~same place from suffocating while they had oxygen nearby. 3 survived only because i moved to that place and they moved. Also i noticed Pufts often disappear, when they offscreen. Also, once i had invisible puft (not fully disappeared :D) - it was not visible, but it was dropping slime from time to time. Tho 2 of 4 disappeared forever. Comparing to before dupes started to suffocate much more often and quicker when moving for short enough distances (i assume this can also be part of offscreen problem). And same with "doing mess" they like to not try to search for bathroom when offscreen
  10. All which do recognize - been build before water came, 2 which have issue with they think there is no water - were build after water already exist at this area.
  11. it do display on top of generators and Heavi-Watt wires and on bottom comparing to Mesh and Airflow Tiles.
  12. Is this supposed to be like this ? It's very inconvenient, maybe let it shows on background or even only in temperature overlay?
  13. I am aware of this, however this is pretty important and current upgrade is automation one, because of this i put it here.
  14. Z-index of liquid graphic is above join plate graphic
  15. As we can rotate Transformers input/output of it become even more confusing, especially for new players - as both have white color. Please make input (connection to power source) green instead of white, so it would be obviously which one is input.