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  1. You also never know, maybe they will add sink building in future, so you can put it in your kitchen and connect via pipes, so your dupes can use it for cooking purpose
  2. Sure, you can watch all passed streams here: https://www.twitch.tv/kleientertainment/videos/all
  3. I found this one much easy to use for time convert: http://timebie.com/tz/timezonesearch.php Choose at left side UTC (top from list) time and at right side - your zone time For example for Russia, Moscow translation will be at 2:30 AM, June 30
  4. Thank you! Waiting for amazing stuff, as always! p.s. can't wait
  5. As those already partly in game code, yup those are most likely. From this list i am waiting for fishes, as i want to see it in game since i saw it in launch screen, haha Tho, i myself dreaming about conveyor belts for better delivery system and automation *___* Of course, it's unlikely, but we still can dream, don't we?
  6. I reported this to closed tracker, thank you for your post! Hope they will bring text in game on next builds
  7. New build just got live in public branch, so you can test out fixes
  8. I am in love with how "starting" biome for crew which needs to be rescued looks! Please give us more stories and thank you so much!
  9. Awesome ideas, thank you! Going to try out
  10. Smallest algae start i ever got . Attaching save file, in case someone want to try it out. p.s. This is Russian save file, so Dupes name are on Russian, but you can rename than to not be annoyed by Russian symbols UPD: Some cycles after for me spawned many hatches: Orbit.zip Orbit_hatches_spawned.sav
  11. On yesterday stream they said there is nothing new to show (regarding content) they busy with preparing for Steam early access. An i was hoping so much for new content ... sad days