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  1. Priority -> Toggle . It's a new one, set it higher for some.
  2. I Learning: +- X% Research speed +- X% Skill leveling There is no mention of job leveling so why would anyone expect it?
  3. Because skill leveling and job mastering are two different things. Learning has no impact on job mastering which is (for now) the intended behaviour, however the OP might feel. It helps with learning skill points by doing things.
  4. Wrong description and known issue. As previous comment said, requirements are showing what you really need.
  5. When my power suddenly stopped working I was able to track the issue to this plate. For some reason a connection that worked for a hundred of cycles suddenly stopped existing. When I built a new plate so it did not crossed other plates, the connection worked. Can't be sure if something was broken or fixed, but if fixed, the the plates should not be able to be built this way if they don't connect the power. Not sure if related, but the circuit split sometime after building following at the and of the line: Dystopia.sav
  6. Reloading fixes the loop, I reported the same yesterday.
  7. Previously suited duplicant is at suit checkpoint and stuck in a dressing up loop. Reload fixes the issue. Dystopia.sav
  8. Update: The behavior happened again after a while and again reload fixed it.
  9. During construction of ice blocks, dupes repeatedly picked up only grams of ice. Reload seems to have resolved it. Dystopia.sav
  10. There is no need to move anything other then sweep it
  11. You have to build them upside down for PP, it is a hanging plant. I scrapped the BB farm for now to post a screen, but they worked perfectly well there either.
  12. Sure it works as a floor. No idea why they don't build it based on provided info.
  13. No, that is intended to be stored there, because grain can rot. The problem here is, that it does not get it's category, because when it discovered, it put the category only to storage compactor and not the fridge too.
  14. Yes it was removed. Nothing changed mechanically, they need 1000 kcal per cycle, just as before.