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  1. just asking?

    In terms of quality the game is worth well more than double its price ! Now will you like it or not thats personal. It's a unique colony management style, has tremeduous depth with reasonable complexity. It's a challenging game where you learn from trial and error. Have fun
  2. Good points, so it's not an official feature I guess, just there for those that wanna mess around with it
  3. Thank you for your thorough investigation on something that felt off. I have no doubt players have found workarounds and efficient ways of making the best out of ethanol (or its byproducts which seems more important) but I find it comes with too many drawbacks if you dont pay attention on how to deal with them which is unneeded complexity for casual players and is misleading to new ones... I know this won't be popular here but I wish this would get some tweaking to be more straightforward.
  4. ...in other words the screenshot is tiny
  5. Id be curious to see screenshots of your most advanced base ! I never make it to end game, feels like things become too complicated, usually around mid game I run into serious issues (heat) and leave it there...
  6. Brilliant design. I tested the save and found out these issues : 1. Most importantly the hydrogen cooling the AT will heat (fast), be released from the loop and it won't (ever?) replenish fast enough therefore blocking the coolant (because the AT is disabled). 2. The mix of 3 gasses in the bridge blocks the pumps frequently, which over pressurizes the Electrolyzer often. 3. Not a big deal but the P.water isnt flowing constantly in the gas chamber thus not cooling the oxygen to a fixed temperature. I'm wondering if the newly produced hydrogen could be constantly introduced into the loop while letting out an equivalent amount of over heated hydrogen.
  7. This works smoothly for me
  8. I've been using this setup for 100s of cycles, works very well providing cool oxygen for 8 Dupes (and Atmo suits). There's only 1 filter so occasionally a hydrogen block will get in the base. I know there are tricks to split the hydrogen but this was very simple to setup and self-sustaining power wise (Coal Gen. is there for backup but haven't seen it turn on) I placed only 4 Diamond Tempshift Plates. Could more help ? I'm never sure how many I should build...
  9. Thank you all for your helpful (and detailed) contributions I have already made some changes based on your recommendations and will continue to come back for reference as I progress. Jobs done : - Ethanol Gen. with a water Sieve. - Replacement of farm tiles for Oxyfern by hydroponic ones. Next up : - Lavatories - Test Meal lice (instead of Lice loaf to save water) I haven’t got access to mushrooms yet so maybe I should stop lettuce then. I think the reason I haven’t used lighting is because of the extra heat, maybe with a Dupe detector it’s no big deal then. I’ll move the research next to the Pod. Rust is quite far so I’m not sure it’s the best option but I have to dig through Abyssalite anyway if I wanna reach algae now... My Pips are hungry even with Arbor trees in the stable. I need to replant more. I have never ranched Dreckos either. I’ll have to figure that out. I might try the valve for hot watering my plants see how that works, clever idea if it does not stifle them. Steam Turbine setup is definitely a must for serious heat deletion but I’m not sure I’m ready for it yet. I’ll see if I can dig out the nat. gas geyser. Well I like to explore but it often seems like more trouble and labor intensive which is why I’m not doing it more. I’d like atmo suits but I need more oxygen for that...
  10. This map turned out to be more challenging than I expected (no Algae and very little water in starting biome). Here's my situation : I survived almost 100 cycles without an Oxygen Diffuser / Electrolyzer mostly from Oxyfern (about a dozen) ; eating primarly Lice Loaf - only recently added Waterweeds. I'm still running on Manual Gens (haven't got access to coal and my only Hatch died). At some point I had a setup to desalinate salt water (above base) as I ran low, used lumber for power. I did an attempt at an Electrolyzer/Hydrogen Gen setup and wanted to cool the oxygen but the Thermoregulator heat up too fast I know only the plants need cool air but I'm not too comfortable pumping hot air all around the base - I'm thinking to setup an Ethanol Generator for basic power needs since I have a fair amount of lumber and maybe have Pips replant (wild) Arbor trees at top right of the base (where natural tiles are). the Ethanol Gen also produces p.water, maybe enough (after treatment) for the Oxyferns !? - Should I go for a Nat Gas geyser instead ? (there is one not too far east). - How should I handle the 95C water geyser (as long as I dont have Steam Turbines). - What about food ? I looked for alternatives but there isnt that much choice on this map... - I heard Lavatories actually produce more water than they consume, is that extra water worth the setup ?
  11. Looks great ! Staggering numbers indeed So you maintain the steam between 185C and 195C before it enters the Turbines correct ? What is the oil below the Tuners for ? As for power it consumes 2k (3.6k for the Tuners -1.6k from the turbines) + the water pump and the liquid shutoffs So this would be perfect for a water geyser at 95C. Could the water be further cooled (below 30C) as thats a little too close for Bristle Blossoms !?
  12. I'd say yes as the petroleum gets removed, but Im letting a more advanced player confirm
  13. I had a bug with the Critter Drop off : the Pip would just idle where it got dropped. Reloaded game and he started moving again and he's been planting seeds frequently on different tiles including Aluminium ore (I gather seeds in compactor then manually drop - not sure its needed - it works)
  14. I'm curious as well, I started a new game on Verdante and underestimated the challenge : with very little water and no Algae in the starting biome I'm lacking options. I'm growing all the Oxyfern I could find but after 30 cycles I know trouble will come sooner than I can deal with. I found a geyser early but it took time to skill up to dig it out to find out its water (yay) but at 95°C. There's no way I'm getting a Steam turbine setup this early in the game, so moving heat elsewhere and dealing with it later isn't a happy situation, thinking of giving up