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  1. Occasionally, after an auto save in the morning all the overlays seem to bug. The screen will dim and won't show any of the overlays properly (see screenshot). To fix this I must save again manually. Mac mini M1 - macOS Big Sur 11.1
  2. Also I just remembered that at some point the game warned me about a conversion to a new save system. I'm wondering if that could have anything to do with the lost saves.
  3. Somehow my new Mac has 58 saves but there are only 24 saves remaining in the Cloud. Is there a limit to the number of saves that can be kept/transferred between Local/Cloud ? I don't understand what happened on the 22.11, there are no auto saves either.
  4. I have been using GeForce Now for a couple weeks and wanted to migrate my saves so I can play from my new Mac mini M1 but when I converted what I believe were local saves to the Cloud only ones from the 22th of November and older are listed... lost all of the recent ones ! When I click on the cog wheel button and choose Local Saves or Cloud Saves nothing happens. Honestly I'm not sure how the saves were handled by GeForce Now, I remember saves wouldn't happen a few times when I first started my colony but since it has been running fine (multiple sessions/saves per day). Any way to investigate that ?
  5. @klei.ruby Hello do you know anything about the compatibility of ONI with Apple Silicon (M1) ? Any plans to optimize it for ARM instructions ?
  6. Yea that’s a real waste of time, sometimes the same item gets dropped twice even...
  7. Have the devs acknowledged this problem ? It's not game breaking but its continuous and disturbing
  8. I have a weird texture appearance bug of pretty much the whole world, it won't display properly (low quality?) and occasionally flashes on/off, especially visible on raw metal like Gold Amalgam. Tech specs :
  9. I have the same issue and I don't see why we should run individual pipes into each hydroponic tile... The bug is random, some water gets through certain tiles. Even more bizarre is when I branched just before the hydroponic farm the water stopped going there...
  10. I thought you had read my post about Electrolyzers, they do not work as intended its undeniable I'm sure you looked at them for a minute.
  11. There were other bonuses that were doubled, was that fixed too ? Nice keep it up !
  12. I'm guessing there can be differences between a specific layout in debug mode, which I assume they use, as opposed to normal (time consuming) play which has more variables.
  13. so blowing extra air on them helps ? Ok I'll keep that in mind thanks.
  14. Oh boy that day has come... Time to figure out other cooling systems but the Wheezeworts dont seem to be as efficient anymore. Good update, lots of bugs covered, thanks.