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  1. [Game Update] - 221295

    I thought you had read my post about Electrolyzers, they do not work as intended its undeniable I'm sure you looked at them for a minute.
  2. [Game Update] - 221295

    nice, next to be fixed : Electrolyzers !
  3. like engragedcamel said they could communicate more on current development and plans. We're not asking for promises, just estimates I don't see why it is such a problem. If they don't deliver what was announced fine and anyone upset with that its their fault. I'm tired of checking the boards daily and see no content update...
  4. I didn't mean Klei but other players
  5. Haha ...sorry. I understand you come from a place of frustration and disappointment but Im also surprised people bothered to continue replying despite your attitude. Requesting to opt out from newest patches sounds fair though.
  6. Maybe because they want to convince everyone that Windows is the ultimate platform for gaming and that Mac isn't viable ?
  7. [Game Update] - 219035

    There were other bonuses that were doubled, was that fixed too ? Nice keep it up !
  8. Power - I JUST DON'T GET IT

    The Hydrogen Gen is mostly to get rid of the Hydrogen produced by Electrolyzers, does the job for me and provides extra power. Imagine the game without infinite Natural Gas (which was the case before last update). Study carefully your options, try to optimize power usage. Setups are meant to be tight and have conditions to make the game balanced and interesting. My base runs 1 of each of those Gen (2 separate grids each with a Wheel for backup - no coal Gen.) for 20 Dupes living happily. The wire going up is for my water pump at the Geyser (the one at bottom isnt being used). Notice my Gas Gen has no filter. Some manage that too for Hydrogen Gen.
  9. Thanks. I tweaked my room a bit since and seems to work now.
  10. Not sure this has been mentioned just wanted to say I believe insulated pipes/tiles do transfer heat somewhat just less it actually depends on the mineral used, if Abyssalite then it won't. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. Air Scrubbers dont need sand, they need water which is unlimited. Power is unlimited with Natural Gas Geyser. I put my Fertilizer Maker near that. I'm having a little excess polluted water thinking of planting more Mealwood (or Pincha) instead of Wheat and Bristle Berries.
  12. My vote goes for "Wellbeing" Update with proper use for medicine and more factors affecting Dupes as mentioned like polluted oxygen and FINALLY make Dupes need to drink water (maybe water fountain) ?!? Also more Decor options/effects, importance to light and perhaps other ways to reduce stress.
  13. You mean accurate compared to real life. I would think these numbers weren't invented and the devs used real values. Glad you figured out the maths to confirm that ^^ No it doesn't belong in my post.
  14. How do you cool the air ? If you dont count Ice Biomes there are two ways the game provides : Wheezeworts and Thermo Regulators. The first you have a limited number of. The 2nd produces a lot of heat.