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  1. Excellent! I love the thermal upgrade so far. Keep the fixes coming.
  2. Like with many other graphical and game mechanical things, a reload fixes it. Being so a graphical gltch, it should not be priority imo. Also, there are a lot of bugs around clothing (make sure you unequip them first unless you want them to vanish) but it is manageable so I'm not too worried. I've posted this for fun but please do point me to the link so I can contribute if necessary. Cheers matey. Brilliant series of updates so far!
  3. A mute button for the portal would be fantastic! Or stopping the countdown or similar... please?
  4. This update resurrected one of my dupes I killed off
  5. My Turner is spending all his time recovering. "Yeah boss, just five more minutes..."
  6. Oh, now you mentioned, there seem to be fewer spawns but there are at least a couple of them in each map.
  7. This version cannot seem to spawn geysers. Is it only me? I tried to use reload level but that crashes the game with a bunch of 'WTF' messages. BTW, game is much smoother in this version at 300+ days with 23 duplicants in a huge base. Lag starts happening much later (don't have to reload the whole game every hour anymore). Thanks for this! Although, geysers are still uncontrollable (had a steam tile with 200k+ kg that, I think, started breaking everything after a reload). Steam and water just doesn't cool down in the cold biome. Edit2: it took me 5 tries to find a world with a geyser. Am I the only one so unlucky?