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  1. Mhhh, i am wondering about the relevance about that... When we don't need the rockets for research or cargo, we usually don't have problems of morale in the base... Also, keeping a duplicant away 3 or [much]more cycles to give him a buff for that he becomes more productive at a time where nearly [/all] of our duplicants have their jobs maxed out seems out of place... Both use seems useless to me...
  2. Something similar happens in my game too and it killed several of my tame shove vole . My guess is when we built additionnal conveyors, the whole conveyor system is recomputed and this may interrupt sweeper in buggy state but its just a guess! Changing priority of loader / unloader / compactor doesn't change anything. A save / reload make them work again in my game.
  3. It has always been so, i dont see a bug there... Make sure you have enough Supply (or farm ) dupes with enough priority so demand can be fulfilled fast enough
  4. Thats not the same issue! Yours is normal: read the patch notes! @binarick: maybe you need to find the 2nd component to enable the recipe containing the abyssalite??
  5. No dupes deliver water to hydrofan priority 9. whatever jobs dupe have (supply / operate - even when those tasks are prioritised), when selecting a dupe and hovering the hydrofan, the only available errand is "deliver (low priority)" and no dupe cares about it... (This is problematic to cool down blossom. Havent found yet Ice biome and haven't setup aquatuner either so no other options to cool the area...)
  6. Use ALT+S and zoom out to take a wider view of your base. (ALT-S + zoom inagain to return into normal view) Also can the guy on the ladder able to dig? Mayber the digging dupes are trapped elsewhere!
  7. I dont think its related to what i am doing because i did it successfully later. I dont try to store chlorine, but that is the kind of problem i think of... Maybe transporting ice that sublimate into water?
  8. Cell painting at 230°K maybe is not a good idea?
  9. Random return to desktop not happening in preview version... output_log.txt SimDLL_CRASH_release_254781_20180210-15.31.27.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_254781_20180210-19.56.02.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_254781_20180210-20.38.13.dmp latest save file: OC-253600 Cycle 203.sav
  10. Great But now my Diggers/Builders keep getting stuck because the rock tile behind the unbuild ladder block them!
  11. o/ What are the differences between this(211867) and 211704 ?
  12. Already seen this with the storage compactor too... I wonder if it happens only when second dupe acces the fridge/compactor when the main dupe do stuff near it....
  13. You queued mistakenly a single item to be produced once? However i had the same feeling for the textile factory: i had to set it a priority 9 and wait quite a long time before someone start work in it..
  14. Its simple: for building with a negative base value (like outhouse) using higher quality raw mineral gives a malus instead of a bonus! so with granite the outhouse has a decor value of -24 instead of -16 (outhouse base value = 20)!