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  1. [Game Update] - 266019

    please add this
  2. Dupes Frozen v234832

    mine are getting stuck on ladder
  3. cant wait for the next preview
  4. power circuit, pathfinding, steeldoor bugz! 1. power on 1 side of the circuit AFTER a switch which was ON did not have all the circuit calculated into the total. 2. I had multiple dupes run in circles, changing paths, while a (somewhat, "bumpy") clear path was available to get oxygen. I was able to save 1 or 2 by turning off their auto job things. but one didnt work so I told it to move and it actually did. 3. mentioned already in the forum. random materal shows up like fallen sand. its called "steel door" I did have a game freeze on me but I was able to start back up easy. Love this game