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Animated Wilson gifs

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I drew and animated this in my 12-year-old Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop. Just for fun. I wanted to see Wilson take a break and enjoy a (reed) cup of (berry) tea, like any gentleman scientist would feel compelled to do from time to time, regardless of the hellish world they find themselves trapped in. post-7347-13764590518464_thumb.gifThose pesky spiders just won't leave him alone. :lol:ETA: I edited the title but it looks like it only changes the title for my first post and not for the whole thread. Haha. Anyway, I'll be adding more gifs as I make them, I think. Wilson's a great guy to have some fun with.

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LoooooooL!!! That's fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looooove it... just so adorable!!!

Haha, I did want it to be adorable! Actually, I just wanted to see Wilson smile. He always looks so grim in the game, the poor man.

love how he kick the spider

He has strong legs! Think of all the running he does every day. Heh.

Yes instead of "stomping it dead" as he says in game :p

I wonder why that line always makes me think of Dead Space. Hmmmm. Thank you all, for taking the time to take a peek. Hope the gif made you smile! ;-)
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oohh hey crispy you should make some of willow and wolfgang too then

How about a +1 (since everybody always posts that(and yes, you're now taking requests:P)).

This is scary! Requests make me nervous! I'm the cowardly type to run from challenges. :shock: :lol:But. Yeah. I've actually started working on Willow, since she's my favorite character. (On account of the things she says. Like "Stupid thing needs poop." I don't know why. It just cracks me up every time.) Unfortunately I'm not happy with what I've drawn so far, so she'll take a while to make an appearance.

After permission from CrispyJelly, Both are now official smilies

Very happy to be able to contribute, Joe! Everyone, thank you very much, I'm very glad you've enjoyed the Wilson gifs! Here's another one. post-7347-13764590594808_thumb.gifWilson figures he'll try to de-stress by juggling rot balls. :D Edited by CrispyJelly
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