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    Welcome to SFC v0.4.5! To Install the map, Decompress the file. Then make a new save in DS, and exit the game. navagate your Browser to ' C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata ' and open the folder in it. you should see some more folders, these represent your different downloaded games. Find the folder named 219740 and open the remote file. Take the save you created and replace it with the decompressed file! to see the rules and other info, vist the offical map thread. happy starving! Link to the offical thread: This is a link.
  2. Your doing great so far! I wonder how you will surrvive the super crowded challenge...
  3. EthoYeah, i like redstone...
  4. Overly Manly Wilson

    hmm...well, if he did, i would like to see the whole thing. it looks like wilson is punching a pink tallbird... and i want to see more.
  5. Overly Manly Wilson

    were did you get this??
  6. Birdcage OP

    who here knew that if you feed a bird in a birdcage an egg, IT WILL LAY AN EGG! it's the best deal ever!
  7. Ferris's Stories

    Well. That was... interesting. Great job! It made me sad at the ending though, poor wilson ate the wrong stuff...
  8. im here to! Remember? Im the smart rabbit that's about to kill a guy for the ring thing! Don't forget about me!edit: nevermind, I think im done with roleplay...
  9. Bees

    It dose that.
  10. I knock out my victim so I can torture him in the morning. *falls asleep*
  11. *comes across a man stuck in webs* hello there...pal. *snickers*"MRffrfrrr!!?!" the man says.here... how about you come with me. you may have something I need... *drags him off, leaving an obvious trail behind*(the man im dragging is not part of the rp right now)
  12. *finds a wormhole* hmm... this is a very disgusting thing indeed, why, my mother is less ugly than this! *cracks up after horrible joke* well, after I stole the human's map, she did quite a nasty face at one of these Things... she did come from it, maybe it leads somewhere. Well, as a gentleman who is fond of physics might say, For science! *jumps into worm hole, pops out into savanna where all the events have been happening* now all I need is that ring...
  13. *meanwhile in a forest about 2 islands away...* well... this map says that im near the savanna... if my prediction was correct there should be a... whats the word... AH! Teleportato! then I could finally escape this BLASTED, DISPICIBLE, FOOLISH playground. All I need is the ring. SOON. Barbary, old pal. SOON.