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  1. Weird maniac laugh at night

    Lmfao, I remember reading these posts a year ago too, but I dont think I've ever heard it.
  2. Good game. 37 hp you cannot combat him alone directly. He'll **** your little pig village without losing much HP. Unless you got alot of beefalo around, you'll have to abandon ship and build a new one.
  3. I was off on a magical adventure. #Excuses
  4. Console has many more players than PC they must get good sales
  5. More non-craftable rare generations needed I think. People grind for the shell armors, they would explore for rares aswell. Exploring now allows you to find ice/fire rods no big deal, I could craft them easier than exploring for them. Exploration is getting better but it still needs a push of rare collectibles or something.
  6. After console support all that extra income will surely keep this game patching. It will be a hell of a sad day to just stop the updates.
  7. How do you fight the hounds?

    I am defended 100% by a walking stick and a ton of tooth traps.
  8. Creates more unique steam profiles, gives DS more fame and fortune, great
  9. Wilson's Work Table! (Don't Starve Chat)

    Why don't we just use the official steam group chat room :l
  10. New things from the update trailer

    I did not expect such an amount of content this update I expected polishing.
  11. This is how you can play Multiplayer

    So who wants to do this? I'm in!
  12. Mosquitos

    It is true, perhaps they plan to use them with traps just as bees, but these will be more powerful. After all kevin did say close combat should be a last resort.
  13. Awh man, I like its current location... but then again I liked the old straight roads. Wish these things could have been optional.
  14. Don't Starve on....

    Microsoft makes enough money with their Xbox 360 subscriptions. No need to take an indie companies funds.