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  1. I just wanted to say, thank you very much for Drok, he is so adorable! From the way he sounds to the way his hair grows. I love playing with him in my game. Thank you, again.
  2. If I start in autumn, I will not stop exploring the map until I find a walrus camp. Then I must surround it with 7-9 pig houses. At least 7. Not more than 9. (I like odd numbers. And I get the materials by hammering all the pig houses I can find in the forests.) All this before winter. Otherwise I feel that everything is going wrong.
  3. Adventure mode has taught me to do without a backpack, so I don't carry a backpack in survival mode anymore. Not carrying a backpack is great because it means I can wear my log suit/summer frest/winter vest all the time. This is particularly important at night when I have to wear a miner hat because I'm running from giants or hounds. I always carry with me logs, grass, twigs, flint, umbrella, miner hat, football helmet and spear. A thermal stone if it's summer or winter. A beefalo hat if I'm living near beefaloes. I carry rot in a slot during summer so I can smother anything that is about to burst into flames. Chester is left at the base unless I have activated a touchstone. If so, I leave him there with emergency supplies.
  4. Shenanigans in the morgue! (Heh. I have a stupid grin on my face right now.)
  5. I assumed "shenanigans" happened when you get killed by a giant. No?
  6. Have you ever died so badly that you didn't even know how you died until you checked the morgue? I thought it was the dragonfly that killed me. But apparently not! All I can recall is that I lured the dragonfly to the badlands, there were frogs (from spring), there were hounds (mounds), I played the panflute, rang the old bell, the dragonfly woke up, everything woke up, all hell broke loose... And it's Biiigfoot. Now we know how we should spell it. I love this game so much!
  7. I like the tune too. It's my favorite in the game. So catchy. But, to me, it has a really mocking tone. Does not give me hope. Every time I hear it, I sing to it. (The lyrics just popped into my head. I don't know why.) Why don't you just die now? Really isn't that hard to do Why don't you just die now? Being alive is so hard to do! ... Why don't you just die now? Really isn't that hard to do Why don't you just die now? Being alive is so hard to do! Deerclops wants to stare you down Bearger wants to eat you up ... Why don't you just die now? Really isn't that hard to do Why don't you just die now? Being alive is so hard to do! ... Why don't you just die now? Really isn't that hard to do Why don't you just die now? Being alive is so hard to do! Moosegoose really hates your guts Dragonfly will burn you up (Rinse and repeat)
  8. I've just given Wisteria a big thumbs-up on Steam! Love her. She is in one of my save slots, still going strong at 172 days. (After a few previous dismal attempts. Heh.) Wisteria is challenging to play since she's always on the verge of losing her sanity. And she hurts so easily! But I really like the way she looks and I love that she can pick everything fast. I'm looking forward to whatever new changes you have planned for her.
  9. Thank you for stopping by, everyone! I'm still feeling unseasonably happy to have finished adventure mode. [MENTION=1667]MilleniumCount[/MENTION]: You can do it! Don't give up!
  10. At last, after 13,572,985 attempts, I finished adventure mode! Did it without a walking stick (didn't find one) or a backpack (wore a logsuit the whole time). Spent fewer than 10 days in each world except for The Game Is Afoot. World 1 was King of Winter, 2 was A Cold Reception, 3 was The Game Is Afoot, 4 was Two Worlds and 5 was Darkness. King of Winter was the hardest. Staying warm wasn't a problem with the heat stone. (Didn't bother with earmuffs.) Going insane and getting sane again was. Thank goodness for green mushrooms. SO HAPPY I'm done with adventure mode now. THE NIGHTMARE IS OVER!
  11. I love Matt's idea. Black shadow hands rising from the ground would make a fantastic sight.
  12. Black Rook: Tree GuardWhite Rook: KoalefantBlack Knight: HoundWhite Knight: BeefaloBlack Bishop: MacTuskWhite Bishop: TeenbirdBlack Queen: CharlieWhite Queen: WillowBlack King: MaxwellWhite King: WilsonI suggest Charlie (aka Grue) for Queen because she and Maxwell were friends. You can be creative with her form too, since we have not seen her before. And I feel Chester should be in there somewhere, maybe in the place of Teenbird, if Teenbird is hard to make (being fragile on thin legs).
  13. [MENTION=1667]MilleniumCount[/MENTION] I've lost count, too! Earlier today, I managed to get as far as World 4 and it was King of Winter and that is the one level I have not yet been able to clear. I actually had all the pieces of the teleportato already, I left them all at the Wooden Thing, I stayed to make some jerky to take into World 5 and died when I shaved the beefalo... it was mating season and I had simply forgotten to wear my beefalo hat. *beats chest and raises fists at monitor and wails*