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  1. So, how would this work? Wouldn't you have to enlarge the world to accommodate multiple players?
  2. So after screwing around on the art forum for a while, i decided to do Minecraft skins. I don't know how to make the skin wrap around, so here.Guard pig: If someone can tell me how to do it, that would be appreciated.
  3. Symage, it's fanart, the artist's personification of something. WHO THE **** CARES WHETHER OR NOT WENDY HAD SUCH BIG- whatever you meant by um.
  4. *switches on physics-defying TV*, *tunes to archers firing at the screen* *arrows hit Captain Obvious*
  5. So, EmberMage, you've got the mentatily of Zsasz? Huh... So, how does that make you feel?
  6. *cooks honey popcorn chicken in a crock pot* omnomnomnom. Btw, this needs to be added, because *hawk vision* IT'S GONNA BLOw YOUR ****IN' MIND!
  7. hrmmm... can you do Wolfgang as Bane? "When the Chess world is ashes, you have my permission to die." That or a merm mafia. Yeah, see?
  8. Oah! Mah boi, the art subforum is under attack by the evil forces of 366107044! Ship, ship, ship, ship.
  9. Does anyone else think Fu's avatar looks like a mecha Wolfgang?
  10. can you do business hounds? Kind like the Pointy-Haired Boss, but as anthro hounds.
  11. I'd love to see a plush Hound.+1 to hounds.
  12. Leash and disregard educated gentlemen, acquire currency.
  13. That's the pelontrix? i thought it was a giant bird.
  14. *Throws poisoned Castlevania knife at tehmugwug* Tehwugmug: OHH, OPALOINTMENT FONGETULA! The wind's in the shillings! *falls over dead*Don't nerf more than what needs to be nerfed! For Example, Dark Armor should reduce max sanity, instead of draining it. Much more dangerous.
  15. huh. Couldn't you just link the images with a spoiler with "Viewer Discretion"?
  16. This isn't actually mine:http://brainsause.deviantart.com/art/Don-t-Starve-Fan-Art-351477294Forgot to post the disclaimer bull****
  17. What about a Spider? Yes, a chibi's possible.
  18. A logsuit? you mean a B*tch shirt?(no haters please, this is the best i can do at cropping)
  19. Epilogue: Wade makes a straw roll, and tucks in for the night.
  20. *Wade walks back to camp*I need some traps.*makes makeshift Springrazors from rope, twigs, and flint*
  21. Wade can learn 4 skills, but only one of them!WadeAttackEMPTYEMPTYEMPTYEMPTYJekyllSLASHEMPTYEMPTYEMPTYEMPTYWhich skill do you want?Jekyll-Explosion(like nuclear anomaly perk from Fallout)Jekyll-Flame Shield(like thorns and a shield spell)Wade-Craftsmanship(able to get transform darts from the veil of space and time-rabbit, beefalo, or hound)Wade-Rage(+20 anger, 5 turn cooldown)Wade learned Craftsmanship!