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Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

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There's already that one time in an old Let's Play where the guys came to the conclusion that the Deerclops is basically the game's wrecking ball, and ended up singing gleefully off-key together:  "I CAME IN LIKE A DEEEER-CLOOPS!"  XD  But they didn't do a music video of it.

(background about my name and signature put in spoilers, since apparently it's annoying.  Sorry, guys, I'm not very good at making my own memes.)


Nah, "Captain Chaotica" is my userNAME, "Notorious" is my SIGNATURE.  They both go way back.  Captain Chaotica was originally inspired by something in "Star Trek: Voyager" (in a weird, roundabout way)

"Notorious" is...well, it was my very first username online at my very first forum, ever.  Then I decided I wanted to change my forum name, but let the oldbies there know it was still me.  So I started posting under the newer username (which was NOT Captain Chaotica--that came later), but SIGNING everything with the old name. So they'd both be on the same post.

WAY too much longer later, I'm still doing that, way way way past when anybody from that forum would have any idea or care, because I dunno, I like the way it looks?

I _guess_ I shouldn't STILL be doing that in 2020 but, eh.  I like the continuity.  :)


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Memes guys, memes ... can we post meme and keep discussion elsewhere. This thread already has a hard time to stay alive because of none suitable/related post.

Edit: isn't the red highlight on top of this topic a good enough of a warning ?

Post edit to at least have a "meme" :


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5 hours ago, Mr.Mulk said:

A little bit early, but in celebration of April Fool's I went ahead and made a joke/bootleg Klei banner for the Discord. I didn't make "Don't Crave" or "Don't Feel Strave" of course, those are classic inside jokes passed around in the community for a while now, but I figured it would be best to add them, however I would also like to design my own DS/T bootleg covers. Everything else I created/edited thoughClaybanner.thumb.png.52d8e33d8345fa286ff99c61dd27e6fd.png
In my opinion I think "Symbol of the Shinobi: Redone" turned out the best.

These are all pretty great, but I just completely lost it when I saw stab. I really want to see a bootleg of this now.
(Also, you forgot Griftlands)

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26 minutes ago, zVince said:

It had to be the Wilson boy

I think this is the first time I laugh that hard on this meme, quite happy it's with a Don't Starve meme as well ! :wilson_ecstatic:

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