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  1. Been thinking about Alice in Wonderland and how the rabbit would fit Wanda pretty well. Imagine her saying smth like "Oh Botheration! I'm late!"
  2. I was picking flowers for fun, wanted a pretty garland. They're bad yes but eh I liked em. Then some guy started going off on me about how I shouldn't pick them cause they spawn butterflies, how he had hundreds of hours in the game and how I was dumb and sounded like a 12 year old. I started picking every flower I saw out of spite.
  3. What if we had sugar wood tree guards? Haha just kidding...unless?
  4. Salt, spiders and science. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little survivors. But Aqua added an extra ingredient to the concoction. Cursed images.
  5. Since you have a nack for art try making some animatics!
  6. The predator of the Carrats, le fish of puff.
  7. Teaser for Wickerbottom's Animated short.
  8. Watch as Wickerbottom and friends face many challenges. But little does she know these experiences will help her reach her full potential...Of becoming the next Sailor Moon Rock Guardian! We here at Klei present to you- Wicker Moon! Everybody get excited! Wickerbottom's character refresh is right around the corner! She will be entering the constant with new books, skins and abilities starting April 1st! Here are some details: She has new books that she can craft. (Manga) She is now a Weeb. She lacks sleep from reading Manga all day and night. She gains movement speed when her sanity is lowered. (She Naruto runs.) She can only sleep with a special item she can craft. (A body pillow.) She is most active at night! Her instruments pitch was raised. New inspection quotes and voice lines. And much more... New skin set available! Ofcourse aside from making her previous skins weavable, You can now purchase her Sailor Moon Rock skin set in the in-game store or weave it with spools. (Comeback to this post on the 1st of April for a surprise!)
  9. Blame @GiddyGuy for this being created hahaha.