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  1. The Horrible Pun Thread

    Why do people like playing wendy? cuz they wenna dy
  2. so what happened to shipwrecked and the hamlet?
  3. little comic thingy been awhile since I posted stuff so its time to dump the things I've been keeping in secret
  4. if you're wondering why you have a like spam, I've been stalking you're art thread the past 30 minutes...Good stuff
  5. I want a lighter skin for willow or maybe even bernie ;w;
  6. Magical girl signature cuz why not?
  7. I feel you, I want that willow skin but $98 is too much xd
  8. aw thanks, means alot
  9. Talking test Tried doing something similar to when people talk to you in Persona 5.
  10. Wendy persona concept
  11. noted, and yeah except he'd have crazy triangle would that look?
  12. Tried doing the persona art style with Willow.