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  1. They do more damage and are slightly faster. I want to give them a sword but still figuring that out. And if possible I want to instead remove her passive damage and speed with something equipable. They have low base stats to compensate though.
  2. The kind of character they are is still being worked on, but from what I've been told so far they are a spirit or a specter Presenting to you A2! A character from the Nier Automata series that I've been trying to mod into Don't Starve Together!
  3. @Axelocke Concepts for their character Weiva.
  4. People are talking about a cat bernie apparently, so I wondered what if it was like a giant catcoon bernie?
  5. Wheel chair rework: Dev thoughts: We realized she was too broken so we broke her legs. -She can still dodge by typing in chat "Initial D" -She now moves super slow -We gave her a gun -Dodging has a chance of knocking you out of your chair and you can't get back up
  6. Cassie's Blob Art

    The way you draw everyone is so frickin cute.
  7. omg I'm blinded by such beauty of this art, its so cute!
  8. little comic thingy been awhile since I posted stuff so its time to dump the things I've been keeping in secret
  9. Sketches And Destruction

    if you're wondering why you have a like spam, I've been stalking you're art thread the past 30 minutes...Good stuff
  10. Magical girl signature cuz why not?
  11. Talking test Tried doing something similar to when people talk to you in Persona 5.