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Trinket 26

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Can someone explain to me the "lore" of the this potato cup cause I have heard the seth(I think I terrible memory :c) talk about it and people joke about it on the twitch streams.


Basically, Seth shared some memory about hollowing out a potato to use as a cup when he was in some camping group/scouts thing. One thing lead to another, and me (and a couple other people I guess) suggested that a potato cup should be added to the game. Thats about the sum of it.


If I missed any details, someone else just drop in.

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Here's all the others added in the Wes Update:



SPECULATION TIME! I see a spork, a curved fork, and an egg beater. Maybe we'll be able to share food with others? And chess pieces! Maybe something to do with clockworks? A tiny trojan horse.. hmm... what could these be!

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Gray one left of the tentacle is the spork. Round brown thing on the right is a boxing glove, I think.

No it's a spork and a shoe horn. A shoe horn is a slooped piece of metal you insert into your shoe and then pull back to help slip your heel into your shoe without pushing down or damaging the back of your shoe. They're old school. Perfect to find as a trinket in DS. Even the rocket, given "a trip to the moon" and all. But the air freshener makes no sense.

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