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  1. Whenever I equip and throw manure as Wilbur, the manure lands at my feet and damages me, regardless of what I target. I've included the prefabs for wilbur and manure from the shipwrecked dlc from my game files. poop.lua andwilbur.lua
  2. @Snowhusky5 You did a great job of explaining it. Anyone with any questions on what it does just read his post. It's worth the read. Having prediction disabled also helps quite a bit in in pve. It's not the world of difference that it makes in pvp but if you're an experienced Don't starve player who knows you need to be exactly X blocks away to dodge that next attack it's invaluable.
  3. New Files in DS

    I concur!
  4. New Files in DS

    That's true, personally I'm hoping if you buy it for one you get it for both. Because I like buying things. Because I like KLEI and want them to keep making games and that requires money. So if they keep making stuff I'll keep throwing money at them.
  5. The Fur. It Does Nothing!

    @acemurdock I know how you feel. To me, having the log meter constantly present sort of ruins part of the fun of woodie. If you can constantly see it you'll be constantly micromanaging it, versus just having Lucy warn you which would, at least to me, make it more fun to manage the curse. I was more excited for woodie than any other character, but in his current iteration he's kind of a let down.
  6. Charlie has been sighted!

    Not to mention there was a bug at one point where if you left a light source just as it switched from night to day you could get attacked by Charlie in broad daylight. No attack animation.
  7. The Fur. It Does Nothing!

    I actually really like pretty much all of osmRhodey's ideas. Having a way to cool off, like jumping in a pond or something, would be great. The more I think about it the more I support the werebeaver being tankier but not deadlier. So what if you bumped up his damage resistance to say, 85-90%, kept his damage like that of an axe, but took away the stun when he gets hit. I acknowledge this wouldn't actually help with the sanity drain, but if you could ignore a terrorbeak attacking you and keep chopping anyways, you could transform back/continue working easier. Anyways, because the logmeter also acts as your hunger in werebeaver form, i'm reluctant to accept it as a damage buffer again. It would mean that you'd hemorrhage life if you didn't watch it carefully (maybe that is intended, but I still think it isn't ideal). That's all.
  8. Charlie has been sighted!

    What if Charlie isn't attacking you at all, she's either A: trying to possess you because she's a shadow now without a body herself or B: just trying to reach out for help somehow. Charlie what have you become?!?
  9. Johnny5 deserves a medal. Quick. Someone find me a medal.
  10. Frog rain and torrential downpours in spring. That's about it. Boring right?
  11. Regardless of which season is more difficult (definitely summer) I would LOVE to see blizzards implemented. Maybe have them happen with a slight warning, like hounds. Or have hounds sometimes be replaced by a blizzard. Have them last only a day, have them make you just absolutely freezing, where without clothing you can't survive (unless surrounded by like...3 fires) and have them put out fires super fast like heavy rain in spring. And then when they're done, boom, guaranteed deerclops spawn. Alternatively you could have sand storms in the desert biome too. And quick sand hidden in the swamp! And avalanches or rockslides in rocky areas! TLDR: I WANT MORE DESTRUCTIVE TERRIFYING NATURAL DISASTERS!
  12. [Ghosts] Yay or nay?

    I don't understand why you can attack and kill nonplayer ghosts and not player controlled ghosts. If pvp is enabled you ought to be able to attack ghosts, and if you deal enough damage to them they should "die" in the sense that they get teleported similar to using a telelocator staff on them (without a focus of course, and ignoring any focused in play). This way you don't have to just deal with ghosts haunting your stuff to oblivion. Just beat them up and send them across the world. Also, upon taking damage haunting is interrupted/temporarily disabled. And finally, maybe make the sanity drain scale with proximity to the ghosts. So it isn't so bad having a ghost on the other side of the map. Or maybe give a character a sanity boost for "killing" a ghost.
  13. KLEI has taught me to never give anything away for free, because people won't read all the stipulations and then everyone will think they're entitled to free stuff. I meant that in the best way possible.
  14. Shut up and take my money!
  15. They don't have a release date yet, they're still working on implementing caves at the moment and I think through the ages may have taken a back seat to getting all the original content up and running. Updates come out fairly regularly though and as soon as they have a more definitive date they'll let us know I'm sure.