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  1. Congrats on the launch. Now that ANR is done, I'll be getting back to the game full swing.
  2. Anything special you have to do to get the Klaus sack to spawn? The fourth or fifth Winter came and went without it appearing, and we even stocked up on 5 antlers while we waited. Couldn't find it with c_gonext either. Deerclops was a no-show as well. Maybe it's because this file is from an earlier build of the ANR Beta, but my world also doesn't have a Rock Den.
  3. So how exactly were the Bee Queen and Grumble Bees retuned?
  4. It's funny- I remember that art popping up often when people proposed multiplayer for Don't Starve. And here it is, being stolen by the Chinese distributor for the multiplayer game. klei needs to quickly add a guitar to the game to cover this all up, clearly.
  5. That is actually hilarious. Good to see some bug fixes. I didn't realize that the sand piles thing was a bug.
  6. Nice. Also farm fixes. Didn't we only have that thread this week? You guys work fast.
  7. It's not that. I dunno, just seeing it in video form is just taking the stupid to a whole new level.
  8. i might have to close my account cause i cant even handle this anymore amazing
  9. Eh, not really. I see this concern for TF2 and it almost always comes from people who have stopped playing long ago. Some community servers dried up, sure, but some new ones took their place too. It's not dead (the kinda bad matchmaking might put you in the occasional empty server) and even if it was, it certainly wouldn't have anything to do with the addition of dumb cosmetics. It would probably have something to do with the fact that the game is like, 8 years old. I can kind of understand your qualm with skins because like with TF2, that seems to be what a lot of people want to talk about, but it is in no way going to be the 'death' of DST.
  10. Must have slaughtered like, 50 prime apes. Still no crown. Spiders can't eat it, can they?