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  1. I've been getting that a lot. I've had people agree though. I understand my writing on here isn't as clean as many of the others and I apologize for that. Some of the ideas come out confusing. The basic consensus I can get, as a Woodie main and from some others, simplicity would be better. If they decided to keep Woodie like this, fine. Rework all of what's going on now as it's so immensely unbalanced. But at the same time, it feels like far too much is going on at once. I also am a strict stander for the randomised change, especially if nothing big comes along. Leaving things completely up to chance on a full moon is not fun gameplay wise in my book. No other character is left to a dice roll of what you're going to be doing that day... Klei would not just keep basic everything for the beaver man, hence the suggestions simply give it more flare. Giving it, not really 3 forms, but 3 states that could emphasise working together. Combatative being good for fighting and dealing heavy damage while allowing you to keep the charge for a tail slap. Ravenous being the destroyer of forests and rocks, etc, working the fastest to outspeed even Maxwell with puppets. The damaged one possibly running on all fours to flee from fights and heal, or to help kite and pull aggro. The whole system being something a player themselves could manipulate and shape as they wished to help the group as a whole. Giving him a new feature(I forgot to add some of this before) that could allow for diving into the ponds, damming over said ponds, or swimming very short distances. Beavers are aquatic mammals, they can do all that's being suggested for the goose already, I digress. Allowing him to dive ponds to have a chance to haul up fish/etc gives a new ability of a free fishing rod, with the high chance that you could spawn a group of frogs, mosquitos, or an Antlion attack. Damming the ponds could be a viable strategy for players who want a base nearby, something to walk over but something that can still be burned to allow use again. Short swims to cross the small gaps like a hound, long swimming feels like it would be a waste and could simply kill you when the meter runs out. The ideas are simply here as suggestion for stuff that could spice up the character, leave him more intriguing. Other ideas could even expand upon him, like being able to plant and grow totally normal trees for the living logs, etc.(human) I can understand not everyone agrees, that's fine. I just hope for something.
  2. Mullet Vanishing

    Woodie's back facing sprite with the new hockey skin has his mullet vanish and the left leg poke through his torso.
  3. I could remake this to read better but I've honestly been so stressed I can't even read right now. I very much do apologize.
  4. It's nice to finally hear some people who aren't super happy with what happened to Woodie from then til now. Back when he was first put in I made a post and the thread was actually shut down by JoeW due to people going utterly overboard and flying off the original topic to simply argue. You bring up a lot of great points and have it much cleaner than my own post, but we seem to share some similar views. I personally think the new animal forms should just be removed. Woodie was already Canadian, we don't need more push on that. Instead reworking the beaver itself, as it was his gimmick, would be better and would have been easier. But it's neat to hear how the new stuff could be reworked into everything.
  5. My opinion on, The Woodie Update... Cool concept. Poor execution. Let me explain further and talk about how simple his update could have been and how this is not a good direction to have other people want to play him long term. This is not even good gameplay wise...it’s only surface level intriguing. All of the ideas that were shown and talked about had a great concept idea. By themselves. Putting them all together though simply made a mess. You can put everything in the kitchen in a pot of water and call it a soup but that doesn’t mean it’s any good. We already knew Woodie was Canadian, the lore and his mannerisms made us sure of that. We didn’t need further evidence of his Canadian-ness shoved all over us. The problem was simply his port over to DST from DS. His normal form had been largely unaltered aside from the meter, which was okay. But the werebeaver had been nerfed so hard from the griefing scare of early DST that mods were the only way to go for a decent playable character. The three forms, I feel, were a great idea in concept. Again though, they were so poorly executed. A much simpler way would have been to just go down the Wolfgang route for the beaver. Beavers are dangerous SoB’s...you don’t need to add more sudden animals.(you didn’t even give us an explination as to why he’s suddenly a totem spirit) Have stats(maybe beaver forms) associated with his Log and Health meters. example... • >30% Log and >30% Health = Combat form, dmg is highest, armor is median, speed is lowest than the others(similar to what you have with the moose...without a moose) • <30% Log and >30% Health = Ravenous form, dmg is median, armor is lowest, speed is median • Any %Log and <30% Health = Scared form, dmg is lowest, armor is highest, speed is highest A simple fix that just ties in with code having the health be the main priority in the code. The totems are a neat idea but such a waste of food...Not to mention the form lasts for maybe a minute tops, not even, and isn’t even worth the waste. The full moon being entirely random on choice is not fun, far too much risk with no reward for gameplay. Just keep the beaver...that was his shtick and you’re giving up no reason of understanding for why he’s changed. (Goose. Is. Useless. Full moon randomized me as the Goose and that just makes me a liability) The fact that coming out of the werebeast form leaves you starving is horrible gameplay design. Especially if you’re using the totems. You’ve wasted food, you could have had full hunger, now you have to eat even more. Not fun. All that needed changing on Woodie was a dmg and armor buff, the sanity to be dropped a little bit, and the log meter to be hidden. Lucy gave the cues, and if it was to be made easier for new players, have it show up when you’re around 35 in the meter, thus a large red flag to players who missed the cues. To further the players wanting to keep it at bay(you could raise the amount a little bit more) or; Have logs give back the tiniest amount of hunger and living logs maybe fill some health instead. Maybe vegetables could also fill the log meter, but it’s a tiny amount. In this concept, each form(which could just be a face thing), would have it’s own use for the player without the randomization or complication. The Combat form would be bulky and wonderful for combat to help out friends(you could keep the charge too and have it so he slaps something with the tail). The Ravenous form would be amazing for clearing out trees and all again, helping gather mass supplies for the group. The Scared form is great to still attack and makes you an even faster kiter, keeping you agile and on your toes, you can’t do as much but you can still help. Following up on this, all that was really wrong on Woodie on first port was the heavy nerf to the beaver. His damage was terrible, the armor was horrendous, and the sanity drain was too heavy. Plus the werebeaver ghost, I feel, was unneeded...Instead something like DS where he “dies”, turns back, and a moment of invincibility frames would work(even a few seconds for the animation when he snaps awake). Allow something where the monsters maybe lose aggro temporarily and a nearby friend could take them off while he gets back up. This is Don’t Starve Together. Emphasize the ‘together’ part but allowing other friends to pull aggro and help. People before have suggested allowing the werebeaver to swim. Maybe he can’t swim in the ocean(or it’s super limited), so instead he can dive into the ponds. Something that would be very high risk, with some reward. Jumping into a pond could cool off the werebeaver instantly, but raise the wetness meter significantly. On top of that, you could have the chance of fishing out something(ie. fish, eel, lichen, rot, trinkets/gears in the oasis, etc). But on the flip side, the chance is high that you might spawn frogs or mosquitoes that chase you out of the pond for a little before heading back. TLDR; We don’t need the totems. The inability to keep a form for a lasting amount of time is terrible. The new forms are generally unneeded. Just keep it as a beaver and rework that. Make Woodie shine by himself. Let Lucy do more damage to the tree beasts. Keep the higher chance for tree beasts. Keep his better follower time. Remove the new forms and keep it as a beaver. Remove the beaver ghost and just let him wake up with a short de-aggro or invincibility frame with hunger set to ~50%. Give the beaver some new features. I saw the Lucy bite damage, that could be brought back for anyone who’s not Woodie trying to grab her intentionally. Etc. Etc. This could be further expanded upon but I believe I’ve said enough for now. If this is read and considered, thank you. If it’s just read, still thank you. Also yes, hello, I do return from the grave.
  6. Yes. It would be a good idea. This was a major overhaul and desperately should have had a beta branch. Looking forward and all, each character should have a beta branch for further input from the fans. Warly was the only one to get any Beta work and even then he's still on the edge for many players.
  7. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hello, my dear friends!~♪ Long time no see, eh? I have been so massively busy, my apologies! Life just seems to do that. I hope all have been well. If you would ever like to keep up with me I do have a twitter! I will be updating that more frequently as well as going back to tumblr and making an actual art blog. [wow amazing] Anyways! Art for all you lovely people! Please feel free to hmu with any ideas you might have for me to draw, write, etc. TaTa! [the DSTG twitter confirmed that Eets was actually Charlie this whole time!] [drawpile session with @DextersComicLaboratory & @TrellyDawn] [woodie blog's new profile picture cuz atrium and all lololol] [sad under cut]
  8. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    He's a Maxwell and an old fart. The great MaxFart!
  9. Generic Fanart Thread Title

  10. Comfort hte friend. Was made for @inhumanrobot
  11. Didn't realize how much of a pain it is to code up a sentient item until I have to do it...

    Probably not the best idea when you're exhausted.


  13. All right so this issue has been persisting for a while and I'm not sure why it's happening but just recently while using the forums with Google Chrome I am unable to send any form of messages to people.

    It worked fine before and most of my friends aren't having this issue but it just, stops working.

    Earlier image of me trying to post a status update.


    I even turned off adblock for a bit to see if that would change anything. I'll keep testing things but I'm not sure if this is happening to others or not.

    Chrome seems to hate the forums right now lmao

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      Refresh always seems to do the trick for me <.<

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      Sadly I can't do that. I found I can change the name that Chrome is under and it works fine but not on my main?? Disabled all extensions. I can see there's some coding difference on the site layout itself and have no idea what that happened.

  14. Ooh! Please do! I need to start doing life modeling sketches again sadly I have no where url to go atm.