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  1. Woodie's back facing sprite with the new hockey skin has his mullet vanish and the left leg poke through his torso.
  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hello, my dear friends!~♪ Long time no see, eh? I have been so massively busy, my apologies! Life just seems to do that. I hope all have been well. If you would ever like to keep up with me I do have a twitter! I will be updating that more frequently as well as going back to tumblr and making an actual art blog. [wow amazing] Anyways! Art for all you lovely people! Please feel free to hmu with any ideas you might have for me to draw, write, etc. TaTa! [the DSTG twitter confirmed that Eets was actually Charlie this whole time!] [drawpile session with @DextersComicLaboratory & @TrellyDawn] [woodie blog's new profile picture cuz atrium and all lololol] [sad under cut]
  3. He's a Maxwell and an old fart. The great MaxFart!
  4. Didn't realize how much of a pain it is to code up a sentient item until I have to do it...

    Probably not the best idea when you're exhausted.


  6. All right so this issue has been persisting for a while and I'm not sure why it's happening but just recently while using the forums with Google Chrome I am unable to send any form of messages to people.

    It worked fine before and most of my friends aren't having this issue but it just, stops working.

    Earlier image of me trying to post a status update.


    I even turned off adblock for a bit to see if that would change anything. I'll keep testing things but I'm not sure if this is happening to others or not.

    Chrome seems to hate the forums right now lmao

    1. Asparagus


      Refresh always seems to do the trick for me <.<

    2. osmRhodey


      Sadly I can't do that. I found I can change the name that Chrome is under and it works fine but not on my main?? Disabled all extensions. I can see there's some coding difference on the site layout itself and have no idea what that happened.

  7. Ooh! Please do! I need to start doing life modeling sketches again sadly I have no where url to go atm.
  8. Yaasss look at all the amazing requests drawn. And I've gotta ask dero, cuz I saw on ur blog/tweets, do you take irl life modeling drawing or something else? :0
  9. UPDATE 1: Lucy has a reference and work on her overall model texturing will begin soon!! UPDATE 2: ...I had gotten the survivor skin for my lumberdork ages ago and just now decided to draw for him. HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!
  10. Understandable seeing as these are both lumberjacks. I want her sticking out but being reminiscent. Thanks for some input!
  11. No right or wrong answer! I'm just seeing if there can be any input on colour design. These or another one. Something that doesn't blend in with the neckerchief.