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  1. Pleased ta meecha, least suspected to have a forum account lol

    1. Hypersomnia


      Likewise. But what do you mean by 'least suspected to have a forum account'?

    2. Gyths


      To you of course :shock:

  2. I have a little hypothesis. Do you normally play with movement prediction enabled? If you do, try disabling it by opening the console (with the "~" key by default) and entering the following command: ThePlayer:EnableMovementPrediction(false) After that, attempt to push the animals again and let me know if it works.
  3. No Client Insanity Ambience

    No, I haven't. I don't think that's likely to solve the problem...
  4. Simply put, the game doesn't play the insanity ambience (the track with whispers and creepy sounds that becomes louder as one's sanity decreases), though only when I'm not the host. This has been going on for a really long time, but I can't remember if it started since I joined relatively early in the beta through a key that I signed up for. I tested if it was only me with the help of two other people: I hosted a server and after I got their sanity low, both of them claimed they couldn't hear the track, either.
  5. I've had this problem nearly every time I play on a PvP server. The scenario always seems to be: Someone attacks me or steals something from me, so I fight back and give chase, using any resources and weapons I've crafted or gathered to inflict damage. But, when my opponent is nearly dead, they quickly disconnect, leaving me with no way to recuperate the stolen items or finish the kill that, ultimately, only made me waste the resources I used. Maybe a system where if a player leaves within a certain amount of time after being hurt by another player, they automatically die might be a good start?
  6. I'm having a bad day, but this made me smile. I'll definitely be there tomorrow.
  7. Charlie has been sighted!

    So it seems that the initial assumption that Charlie's weakness is the ability to visually perceive her was wrong. Until now, I thought she was, in some strange way, ashamed of her monstrous appearance. But maybe what we see in the file with Woodie and Wilson means she's simply only capable of attacking if her victim is unable to perceive her, which doesn't create any problem with the fact that characters can be attacked while standing close to a moleworm. I also used to think that after the Final Act, she had been transformed into an unfathomably deformed beast with the ability to appear anywhere at will, partially based on Wilson's "OW! Something bit me!" quote. The other thing that made me think she had been turned into something like that was the way insanity and associated knowledge work. Since it's Lovecraftian in the sense that it could be considered knowledge humans aren't supposed to obtain, it seemed logical for Charlie to have been transformed into a monster whose excruciatingly terrifying nature was the product of, mainly, the complete incapacity to comprehend its, in a very peculiar and specific way, horrendous aspect and existence as a whole, resulting in fear of the unknown taken to extreme, insanity-inducing levels. I could be wrong, but I don't think that small amount of black mist is all there is to Charlie.
  8. Even with the clearest of dates for an 'Open Beta,' the people who have been trying to buy keys would still try to get their hands on them. The reason is that they're too impatient, not that they can't tell when they're going to be able to play Don't Starve Together. So, that would not only solve absolutely nothing to that effect, but it would also put lots of unnecessary pressure on the developers and possibly not allow them to confidently release the product until they feel it's ready and conveys the standards of quality that they want their company to reflect. Likewise, if they were to release another application form right now, many more people than they can handle would begin to play the expansion. That's the idea behind a closed beta: to test a work in progress with a limited amount of people until it's been improved to the point where it could be considered polished enough for an enormous player base to experience and give their opinions on. You contradicted yourself by claiming that the money scam problem would end if they put a date on an open beta and then saying that 'People will *still* be selling keys, before and after the Frontier pack.' Now, regarding what you said about people being misinformed and making doubtful, unofficial deals not supported by Klei really isn't the company's fault. They're obviously not going to keep the fact that there will be an official and safe way to acquire keys classified. They're going to post announcements and advertisements, as well as send e-mails and make sure that it also shows up on Steam once available. If they do all of that, it's simply not sensible to put the blame on Klei, as opposed to desperate people who did not do proper research before making an important deal that has the risk of resulting in a scam. As for the Frontier Pack itself, how can you insult them for its price? It includes two beta keys, as well as a copy of Don't Starve. Are you telling them not to charge for their hard work? It's their job. Might as well go listen to live music at a bar and insult the musicians there for expecting money.