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Reign of Giants public test: Help us out!

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An update has been released! Please continue the discussion in the new thread:


Original post

Hi everybody! As you know we've been hard at work on integrating Reign of Giants into Don't Starve Together, and we're just about ready to launch it! The main challenge at this point is that RoG is a whole lotta game and we need your help testing it to make sure we didn't break things as we converted it over to multiplayer.


It's not quite ready for prime-time yet, but if you want to hop in to our testing branch, we'd really appreciate letting us know if anything is crashing, broken, or missing.


Instructions for getting the RoG test version:

  • You must already own Don't Starve Together. (Reign of Giants not required.)
  • The game must not be running.
  • In your Steam client right click on Don’t Starve Together Beta and select “Properties”
  • Select the “Betas” tab
  • Enter the code “rogtogetherbeta” in the text box and press the “Check Code” button. You should see a confirmation message that the RoG_Together_Beta is now available.
  • In the drop-down under menu select to opt into RoG_Together_Beta. You should see a message that you have successfully opted into the RoG_Together_Beta. Press “Close”.




This uses the same save slots as the normal game but the saves aren't compatible. Make sure you create a new save file for your RoG test as the save files won't transfer back to the normal game.



Please keep all bug reports and related conversation in this thread so that all the feedback related to this special testing branch is in one place. Thank you!


Current known issues:

  • Bearger, Dragonfly, and Goosemoose (Moosegoose?) are still missing, they'll show up sometime soon though!
  • Moles and Moggles are missing due to technical challenges with night vision.
Major changes from single-player Reign of Giants to be aware of:
  • Deerclops shows up all winter long to harass everyone's bases.
  • Heat stones have been reworked to more clearly display if they'll help you or not. The graphics change to show if the stone is warmer or colder than the current ambient temperature.
  • Updated smallbird lifecycle so they can grow up in the wild.
  • Crafting menu has been altered to be more dynamic, so scroll arrows only show when needed. Mouse wheel also works on it!
  • Full moon has been retuned to 1 night every 11 days.
  • Flingomatic no longer has an on-off switch.
  • The Old Bell and Bigfood are absent from multiplayer due to their extreme destructive potential.
  • There are also many small changes and fixes, but keep your eyes peeled for anything weird!
  • We will be continuing to address balance and tuning issues for multiplayer, so your feedback is appreciated!
Thanks for your help, everyone! We're excited to get RoG out to you!


Don't forget to post your feedback in this thread. The test branch is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Dedicated server instructions:

If you are running your server through the steam interface: Simply go through the above process with the Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server in the tools list to join the rog_together_beta branch and launch the server.


If you are running from the command line using steamcmd:

Launch steamcmd and run:


app_update 343050 -beta rog_together_beta -betapassword rogtogetherbeta validate 

Further information can be found at: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD

Thanks @Kzisor!

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Deerclops shows up all winter long to harass everyone's bases.
  • Updated smallbird lifecycle so they can grow up in the wild.


well, I was thinking about just giving out playing altogether(too much stuff going on in that darn thing called real life), but these 2 changes have convinced me to not only play it more, but also play with strangers. Thanks a lot, guys.

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  • Developer

@Chesska, RoG content is being integrated directly into the Don't Starve Together experience.   If you own Don't Starve Together you receive access to all of this content at no additional charge.

@SnowyPanda, your friends must also own Don't Starve Together, and opt into the beta testing branch to play in your games.
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  • Developer

Lights tools interface is bugging.


EDIT:NVM almost tools interface is bugging not only Lights. but not so big problem for player



I dont know if this is how it is suppose to be but when you pull up one of the tabs for tools and such there is nothing around the tools just the box with the tool but no art around it. Hope Im not just missing something :3.


Scroll arrows do not appear until enough recipes are present to require them. In addition, tiles that would previously simply be empty are hidden instead of shown. If that's not what you're talking about let me know!


The crafting interface should work with your menu scroll up/down bindings in this build. 


Edit: Bah, beat to the punch by @Ipsquiggle

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@ToNiO55 @SnowyPanda If you are running through the steam interface, it's the same process, right-click on the dedicated server, enter the password, and switch to the testing branch.


If you're wondering about the command line process, I'll have to get back to you.




thx you, but unfortunatly my servers dedicated is on linux,


so yes i think we need command line :-) thx again for your help


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