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  1. Having same problem. Updated server through Steam CMD. Only shows up in Lan Games not in Browser... Any luck?
  2. Will Friends that join your RoG server be able to experience RoG? or do they also have to opt in for the beta test?
  3. Fully agree with OP. Focus on releasing official (not just mods) content for DST and not focusing on griefers. Klei Devs, please take note.
  4. Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to update my dedicated server through SteamCMD? The steps in the wiki is not very clear
  5. I've tried everything and still don't see my server on the in-game server browser. UDP and TCP ports both forwarded to 10998 for public and private. I ran CMD in windows and got my IP and set Private IP Addess: set server_port = 10998 in settings.ini Still shows my server is up on and not in server browser
  6. awesome! After I forward the port to 10998 on my router, do I have to change server_port = 10998 on my settings.ini too?
  7. I have my dedicated server up, but I'm not seeing it on the in-game server browser. It does show up on here: My router is an Apple Airport Extreme so I have to open it through AirPort Utility. Someone help me with the ports. I have no idea how to correctly set up my UDP and stuff. I have my server_port = 10999 in settings.ini any help is appreciated. thank you.