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  1. Klei why did you have to break the CROCK POT of all things? That is the CENTERPIECE of my base!
  2. No idea how to replicate this but I just got a crash by eating fish sticks by the crockpot as Wigfrid. Could have been a mod, but still. Here's a snippet from my log when it crashed: [01:44:03]: [string "scripts/prefabs/cookpot.lua"]:78: variable 'ShowProduct' is not declaredLUA ERROR stack traceback:=[C]:-1 in (global) error (C) <-1--1>scripts/strict.lua:23 in () ? (Lua) <21-26> t = table: 1425F6E8 n = ShowProductscripts/prefabs/cookpot.lua:78 in (field) onspoil (Lua) <75-80> inst = 119770 - cookpot (valid:true)scripts/components/stewer.lua:59 in (field) fn (Lua) <57-61> inst = 119770 - cookpot (valid:true)scripts/scheduler.lua:187 in (method) OnTick (Lua) <161-217> self = running = table: 3DE76908 waitingfortick = table: 3DE76B10 tasks = table: 3DE76AE8 waking = table: 3D6ED608 attime = table: 3DE76C78 hibernating = table: 3DE76BB0 tick = 169661 k = PERIODIC 119770: 4375.571530 v = true already_dead = falsescripts/scheduler.lua:398 in (global) RunScheduler (Lua) <396-404> tick = 169661scripts/update.lua:162 in () ? (Lua) <146-213> dt = 0.033333335071802 tick = 169661 i = 169661[01:44:03]: SCRIPT ERROR! Showing error screen [01:44:04]: QueryServerComplete no callback[01:44:04]: QueryServerComplete no callback[01:44:14]: Force aborting...
  3. Looks like we've got some hardcore bug testing going on! I'm going to try this out with my friend on the weekend and see how much we can break the game.
  4. Can people who don't own RoG for Don't Starve playtest this?
  5. You're allowed to comment on the state of griefers and griefing when you can learn how to spell the word grief.
  6. I honestly don't feel like junior forum members and people who only have one post and whose only experience with the game is Don't Starve Together have any real say in this. I mean, of course you do. But I don't feel that way. It's annoying to me that people are so desperate to make the game easier and easier for them to get by, and every possible suggestion for forward progress is now shot down instantaneously by "it could be abused on large servers!" Well no **** it could be abused on large servers, anything could. This game started out as a single player experience and that's still really what it is. With just one more player, it's not altogether very different. And that's how I strongly feel Don't Starve Together is best played, with just a tiny handful of friends struggling to survive against the crushing odds in a world with ever-shrinking non-renewable resources. The game needs to be pushed forward in a way that makes this experience more enjoyable, not neutered and watered down so people can join big cluster **** servers and chop down a few trees and build a science machine and say "I sure am proud of this little nook I've carved out of this server!" It's just not in the spirit of the game. It's a survival game, not a ***** until you get what you want game.
  7. Bug fixes, adding the vanilla Don't Starve content, RoG content, the already announced new DST content, balancing characters for servers with 2+ human players, and things of this nature are what Klei needs to focus on. Griefing, anti-griefing fixes and updates, and how players interact with one another in servers (official or otherwise) are NOT Klei's problem. If you're reading this I'd like you to either agree or disagree, and rebut if you'd like. This truly needs to be discussed. I don't want this to go the way of Minecraft and have development come to a standstill in part because whiny children can't handle the multiplayer aspect of a game where people are allowed to do things to hurt them. I am strongly of the opinion that if you want to play on a server without griefing, you should play with people you know and agree upon the idea of no griefing beforehand rather than asking Klei to add official code to the game to prevent players from doing things that annoy you. If mods and modders want to address griefing issues that is fine with me, but Klei needs to focus on the game right now, not the antagonistic playerbase that develops around all multiplayer games.
  8. It's all speculation, but you have to admit they look extremely similar.
  9. I noticed in my server playing with my friend that Global Positions updated and now I can see bits of the map that he reveals. Did something magical happen here?
  10. If anyone reading this has the know-how to do it, I'd like a server-side map/minimap mod that will reveal locations that anyone in the server has visited to everyone. i.e. if one player visits a location, it'll be revealed for every player on that server.
  11. If the birdhouse attracts ALL birds, including Gobblers and Tallbirds, then I say yes.It'd be fantastic if while you're farming birds a Tallbird were to leap onto the screen and viciously maul you.
  12. pay attention to this thread
  13. Omg! You avatars is so adorbz!!!!