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  1. Hi, Today Steam have add great new functionality: it's Steam Remote Play Together: -Play local multiplayer games with Steam Friends online -Stream video, audio, input, and voice between players -Use your own controllers, or share control of the keyboard & mouse -Play together across PC, Mac, and Linux so Klei what do think about added local multiplayer on the DS (ROG,SW,HAMLET) ?
  2. Hi, since last update there are animation bug on the Anchor Kit Regards, ToNiO
  3. Thx you Klei, but unfortunatly there is still crash with mod Geometric Placement when you craft "Winona G.E.M.erator"
  4. Hi Bizziboi and Jason first of all great update and thx again for your help i going start new world since your last update and if i have black room again i going share my save and log again we love Klei
  5. Hi, the player died in a temple and his corpse is in his house: some mobs stuck in the water: eggs spawn in the water: A thief's chest that spawn in a pillar, it's unreachable: A robot that gets to go on the water: visual bug with in ruins: visual bug on the map in ruins: Regards, ToNiO log.txt remote.rar
  6. Hi @bizziboi when the player try go in his house, he have screen "black room bug" (this game is create two days ago) Regards, ToNiO
  7. Hi, when the player try go in his house (this game is create two days ago) Regards, ToNiO
  8. Hi, crash when try to craft Tophat Light with creative mod: GetPlayer().components.builder:GiveAllRecipes() Regards, ToNiO
  9. Hi, after the player following piko orange, the piko orange go up in the tea tree and when the player cut tea tree, the piko orange still always try to go up while the tea tree no longer exists: Regards, ToNiO
  10. Hi, The food specific of Hamlet doesn't appear in crockpot of warly (visual bug) Regards, ToNiO log.txt
  11. Hi, Royal Guard have always torch all the time Regards, ToNiO remote.7z
  12. Hi, crash when player try to take food in the fridge of the house (sterling trough deli) with wigfrid Regards, ToNiO
  13. Hi, water in the house Regards, ToNiO
  14. @bizziboi this game is create 2 days after starting of the beta thank you very much for your help
  15. Hi @bizziboi thx you very much for your help if you interesting i have report same bug from other game: I take care of reporting the bugs from the French community, that's why I get to have similar or different bugs on several save of hamlet
  16. Hi @bizziboi Thx for your answer unfortunatly the player died in the meantime and started a new game so i think it's not possible to have log now, im really sorry but the save of the game still analyzable for you despite a new game start ? Thank for your help ToNiO
  17. Hi, seed disappears when player recovers the bird trap Regards, ToNiO
  18. Hi, crash when Thunderbird blast the player with lightning: Regards, ToNiO remote.rar
  19. Hi, when the player uses pitchfork on this biome, the turf does not appear Regards, ToNiO remote.rar
  20. Hi, Hippopotamoose create a lot more wave than usual i don't know if it's bug but i prefer report it just in case Regards, ToNiO remote.rar
  21. Hi, the tab renovate is stuck permanently after being out of the house Regards, ToNiO remote.rar
  22. Hi, crash when the player take light bulb from the fridge log: Regards, ToNiO log.txt remote.rar
  23. Hi, when the player join his house (slanty shanty) the player appears in the other house (Curly Tail Mud Spa) with black room That is to say that my character is "out" of the house, but the camera centered on the Curly Tail Mud Spa The player is forced to use command c_tryexitblackroom() also when the player create shop of gears and rare object, all chest and decor appear in the shop but still everything remains functional and in the shop of magic, the items floats in the house and there are also lot of hammer on the map without reason I have attached the save of game to make it easier to see Regards, ToNiO remote.rar
  24. Hi, Pangolden is supposed to give 1 gold nugget when we give him 3 gold dust but unfortunatly he give nothing Regards, ToNiO