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  1. I'm making a Halloween themed server, will this ever be made again?

    1. Kzisor


      I have all the code still; I might look into getting it fixed or improving upon it when I have some free time. Unfortunately my free time lately has been really sparse.

    2. minespatch


      Thanks for the update.:wilson_smile:

  2. @PanAzej, thanks for taking the time to put this together. I hope it wasn't too much trouble getting it all sorted. Hopefully now we will start seeing mods which will truly impact the game with new concepts.
  3. Who needs a title when you look this damn fine?

    1. Dudedude


      Can confirm

  4. Please do not message me about help or assistance. Post it on the forum under the correct subsection. Any messages asking for help will be deleted upon arrival. I am not going to read them, I'm simply going to delete them.


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    2. Arlesienne


      Are people really pestering you in PMs? Aik. Sorry to hear that.

    3. Kzisor


      Yeah, I've had several people send me private messages instead of posting on the forums. I will never understand people that do that.

    4. Arlesienne


      I'd post publicly, because then anyone can respond to the query. You may be busy or unable to help.

  5. You summoned the cuteness?
  6. It would be illogical to think there would be consequences to enabling the emotes for everyone to use on a sever with a mod enable when certain mods have been out long before this update. The emotes which are 'rewards' have been in game for at least 1 year, it's silly to think modders wouldn't be using them in their mods. The one mods I can think of which enabled these exact emote has been on the workshop since May 4th 2015.
  7. @V2C, it's nice that it has an added effect, but honestly I would like to make a suggestion if the item is still in the 'development' stage. Suggestion: When the Bee Queen Hat is equipped, up to 6 angry bees around you turn into Grumble Bees and protect you. Once the hat wears out, the Grumble Bees would attack you. This should serve the following purposes: You are able to harvest from Bee Boxes without getting attacked, all angry bees turn into Grumble Bees; until you reached the max of 6. It similar to the Spider Hat where you have consequences to your actions of wearing the hat. I am not sure if this idea fits in with the current game design. Regards, Kzisor/Ysovuka
  8. @simplex, newest version (4.4.0) does not support animations with duplicates like version 4.3.1.
  9. ....great now I have Carter Pewrterschmidt stuck in my head.
  10. You're welcome, hope it will be of some help to you.
  11. @Ipsquiggle, while I am still up I might as well throw this into the fray. I personally have loathed the size of the DST world because they were always too small, you could always explore it all within a single year. My computer is fast enough to handle a 1024x1024 size map and from time to time I've hard coded it for world generation and loved it. I know people have been asking for larger maps for a long time. It would be nice to at least have the ability to put 'Custom' in the world generation overrides and manually set it to the size you want it to, specifically through the world generation overrides file.
  12. @Ipsquiggle, while you're looking into AddTile feature, please also look into making custom tiles be usable in custom Set Pieces. Tutorial Example: Code: I sent @PeterA this code before the forum revamp, but unfortunately the code is not in a state to actually post here so I ripped the code from my Additional Set Pieces mod which actually added the capability. It's a simple change, just need to modify the static_layout.lua file to look for properties (as noted in the above code). The code above also fixed the issue of having to store tiles in multiple places to get the same affect by looking at the GROUND constant instead of a local table like it originally did. Regards, Kzisor/Ysovuka
  13. Does not take loading order of mods into account for Client/Server. The code I posted does take than into account as well as removing all traces of the now not used "walls"; this opens up the possibility for tiles to be infinite whereas before you could only have roughly 30ish modded tiles before you ran into issues. The mod version was changed to be completely mod friendly from a mod aspect, sorry it's been like 6-8 months since I created it so I have no clue how it works at this moment in time. I know I wasn't modifying the order of the tile layers, I simply made changes to allow more tiles to be added due to the restriction as noted above, 30ish was the rough limit of tiles which could be modded into the game at the time. The mod I posted bypasses that limit, allowing an infinite to be added; but differently than the original code in the .zip file.
  14. Already sent this to @PeterA but, since you are looking at adding the AddTile feature, here is a working version of it. You will probably need to change/modify it, but it was working before this update. Note: I used it as a basis for creating this mod: