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  1. I had some free time so I decided to update the tileset based on the new terrains within the game. Please see attached file for the updated tile set for Tiled/Map Editor. Don't Starve Together
  2. I'm making a Halloween themed server, will this ever be made again?

    1. Kzisor


      I have all the code still; I might look into getting it fixed or improving upon it when I have some free time. Unfortunately my free time lately has been really sparse.

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      Thanks for the update.:wilson_smile:

  3. @PanAzej, thanks for taking the time to put this together. I hope it wasn't too much trouble getting it all sorted. Hopefully now we will start seeing mods which will truly impact the game with new concepts.
  4. Hello everyone, I wanted to give a quick update on the current situation. I will be stepping away from modding DST permanently to begin work on a video game of my own. I will be handing the code for the project over to @Fidooop to do with it what they please. I am confident that they will be able to look at my code and understand it do to the complexity of world generation. Regards, Kzisor/Ysovuka
  5. Update: So we have some unfortunate news to share. We'll be putting the port on vacation for a few weeks while we take a break to cool off from the massive amount of work which has been put into the mod. If we continue at it while we're drained we will simply be wasting a lot of time. We expect to take a 2-3 week vacation. What does this mean for the port? We still have plans to make the port work, we're simply going to push alpha testing back 2-3 weeks. This means instead of being end of February/beginning of March; it will take place at a later date. Trust us, it will be worth the wait. During this vacation there will be no updates posted to this thread, but when we return you can expect to see some updated plans. See you in a few weeks! Kzisor/Ysovuka
  6. Update Time: I want to thank everyone for being patient while we build our team and make progress on the mod. The last few days have been the most productive that we've had with the gathering all the symbols for the animations. A months worth of work summed up in single photo. We're now able to completely create new custom animations. Yes you heard that right; don't worry I will be writing a tutorial which will allow YOU to create your own custom animations too. Be warned creating new animations are not from the faint of heart and should never be attempted by a beginner. We'd like to welcome @SrJardel as the Senior Portuguese Translator to the team. He will be maintaining his own translation mod (see first post for link) which will contain all the translations for Island Adventures. What's Ahead? Now that we're moving past the most grueling task at hand, we'll be swiftly playing catch up porting the remaining of the water prefabs getting ready for ALPHA TESTING!!
  7. Update: We're pleased to announce our two co-senior writers @Arlesienne and @ImDaMisterL. We've had translators ask if it were okay for them to translate the mod into other languages. We're definitely welcoming when it comes to having translations in other languages. If you're a translator and would like to join our team, please send in your samples for of your translations. Sorry that we don't have more information, but we've been swamped this past week with real life and will continue developing the mod in the coming week. Regards, Kzisor/Ysovuka
  8. Who needs a title when you look this damn fine?

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      Can confirm

  9. Update: We have some good news and some bad news for the mod. Good News: Bad News: Unfortunately this weekend I won't be able to work on the mod any due to a project at my real job. We will have our announcement about the Senior Writer position which will be filled on Saturday Jan. 7th, 2016. Aside from the decompilation process, we've been actively refactoring the mod reducing the amount of functions which are being used by world generation as well as optimizing the functions which are being used. We still have a long way to go, but we still believe we will be able to reach our target goal on time. Regards Kzisor/Ysovuka
  10. Update: Okay so we wanted to post a quick update on how the progress has gone for finding all the animation symbols. We began decompiling all the animations on December 31st, 2016 at 12:00 P.M. CST; currently on January 2nd, 2017 at 8:20 P.M. we've only got to the letter 'L' in the decompilation process for Don't Starve Together. We still have to do the same process for Shipwrecked to ensure that we are moving all those symbols over as well. So we're expecting at least another 2-3 days for Don't Starve Together decompilation to complete and another 6-7 days for the Shipwrecked decompilation to complete as well. This process has been going non-stop since we began on a dedicated machine without interruptions. While this process has been on-going we're still porting code over form Shipwrecked to Together, so no worries there. However, it has prevented us from working on key specifics as we're still missing several symbols from creatures so what we have ported over is not 100% complete. We'll keep everyone apprised of the situation as we move forward. Alpha Testing Information: We're aiming for a Q1 2017 alpha testing date. No hard date has been scheduled, but we're looking for somewhere at the end February/beginning of March. Regards, Kzisor/Ysovuka
  11. Update: We've updated the team list in the original post to show who is actually working on the project. We're currently looking for a quote and item string writer to help alleviate some of the work that I am personally doing at this time. If you would like the opportunity to join the team, please get in touch with me via private messages so we can discuss your interest. Please be sure to send a sample of your work so we can compare it with the other candidates. We will be looking to fill this position over the next week and will make our final decision next Saturday. We're striving to ensure that all current and future team members are treated equally regardless of stature. We will choose the best candidate to fill the position based on the sample data which is sent when applying for the team.
  12. Update: This week has been a crazy week for our team. We've ported a few more water creatures over to DST, but have ran into some issues with the animations not containing all the symbols. So we've put coding on the back burner so we can take the time to decompile every symbol in the game and make sure every image each symbol has will be obtained. This is a long grueling process which has already taken up 3 days of this week for extracting, sorting and beginning the decompiling of the animation files. We will begin coding once again in the new year after we've gotten the animation issue straightened out. Thank you for your patience while we bring the most one of the biggest game changing mods to your servers.
  13. Yes, we plan to add those during a later phase in development.
  14. You failed to add the lootdropper component to the prefab. Add that, set loot, profit.
  15. Okay, well now that the thread has calmed down from the escalation that happened; thank you Klei moderators. We want to say a few words about trolling and the damage it causes to modding and game development. We, like many game development companies, almost cut all communications off from the public eyes until the product was in it's release stage due to the fiasco which happened here tonight. Unlike the game developers who are being paid to listen to customer feedback and take what we say with a grain of salt, my team and I are not being paid (as @SuperDavid stated); we're creating this mod for the community wanting nothing in return. We reached out to the public community to show progress on something that has been a desire since Shipwrecked was released. We respect all feedback and suggestions which comes to us, however, please understand that not all feedback or suggestions will align with the goals of the mod. Sometimes, as @Lumina stated, things must be changed in order to work correctly with the game. We would like for people to understand that we have reached out to the public to show we're bringing something that you want. It may not have all of the flavor everyone desires, but it will be as close to a direct port that any mod creator can make without the content being ported directly by the original game developers. We're making changes where appropriate and will continue to make changes as development continues. As far as a few comments posted previously, read the quotes from @halfrose, currently the amount of shallow water in the port is limited because it's still a work in progress. We are still continuing to work on the mod even after what has happened here tonight and will not let trolls stop progress from being made on the mod. We may scale back the amount of information we release to the public due to the events tonight. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and as always if you have any questions please be sure to post them.