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  1. Changed Status to Known Issue
  2. Ice not melting in water

    Could you upload your save file? Chances are it's just melting very slowly - you're dealing with a lot of mass there. Looks like you've got ~30,000kg of ice melting in only ~1500kg of water.
  3. Changed Status to Fixed
  4. Pip wants to plant, but won't

    Thanks for the details - if you upload your save file I'll still poke around your pip farms to see if it's expected behaviour or not.
  5. Printables can be changed with bug

    Changed Status to Known Issue
  6. Incorrect Overheat temperature display

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. Incorrect Overheat temperature display

    Regardless of the temperature unit selected in the overlay, the minimum possible overheat temperature is absolute zero. Overheat temperature sums use that as the starting point.
  8. Changed Status to Known Issue Yep, that isn't supposed to happen. It looks like Meep is getting out of the rocket, and then immediately getting right back in the rocket. If you need Meep around your base try unassigning him from the rocket and he should hop out. We'll look into fixing this issue!
  9. Terra no longer has features

    Changed Status to Closed This is intentional.
  10. Permanent yellow allert

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. Permanent yellow allert

    If I understand what you're saying correctly, then this is intended behaviour - buildings remain toggled to "yellow alert" until manually set back to a lower priority.
  12. Pip wants to plant, but won't

    Sounds like you got it working, but if you still have it around could you upload your old save file so I can look into why they weren't planting?
  13. Molar Mass of Ethanol Gas

    Changed Status to Fixed You're correct - I changed the value of this.
  14. impossible overload damage

    After debugging your save file overloading seems to be working properly, but for the most part it is being avoided because you are not producing enough power to sustain a prolonged power draw of 2000+ W. Wires must be overloaded for a sustained period of time to be damaged, and with as many brownouts as your power grid is experiencing it is basically just not getting a chance to overload.
  15. Could you upload your save file?