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  1. "It's too dangerous right now!" - Wilson, trying to sleep with nearby crashes- I mean monsters!
  2. Glommer doesn't follow you even when you have the flower. Webber is slowed down if he walks in the web of spider bases. The crafting menu seems to lost it's arrows to navigate the recipe list... Webber uses Wilson's default dialogue when he already/doesn't have his silky beard.
  3. This is the greatest for those that are just still waiting, and just can't be patient anymore to stand the wait for RoG to release.
  4. I like endless mode the most, the world doesn't need to be regenerated, as well as I added some mods that respawns items (flint for example!) I like wilderness mode, but you can just get lost easily if you just can't find where your base was, if you died. World doesn't reset though either, which is good. I don't like survival, because of nubs dying, and draining my sanity. World resets, and all progress can be lost, also when you try to make spawn more better for new players..
  5. Portforward the ip listed on the IPv4 Address using configip in command prompt. then follow the steps I previously posted to access NAT filtering, into Netgear Genie (Make sure you're logged in too.) After that, please check that you've changed the server directory folder from the default client folder, so that it can co-exist with the client simultaneously, by doing "-conf dir %nameofdirectory%" without quotes. If you use steam for the server, go to Properties>Set Launch Options and then type the command in the dialog box. This seemed to work with me. To find your outside ip address, or Public Ip address, please go to here to find out. Hope my information answers your issue. I don't know of a fix for lag, though. Which I think I misunderstood your issue, thus wasting my time for writing this information down, but it should be helpful for others, which is good.
  6. For people who use NetGear Genie, look at this picture to look where to find NAT filtering: Source from, is here. Hope this helps!
  7. I knew it had to do something with the routers, just couldn't put my finger on it! Haven't tried it though.
  8. Why hasn't anyone replied/helped on this topic? Am I doing something bad? Maybe I'm just a little impatient, I guess. Anyways, found out something to do with items that have tags that list for specific people to keep in their inventory, but I don't know how to make multiple characters without just messing the code and break the game, and with only adding the host of the server, but I don't even know how to do that either.
  9. So I started just playing with some lua, and just edited some prefabs that Wendy (I used her for testing) has, and I added the items to her inventory starter, but I feel a little skeptic about this. Any suggestions? I never got any feedback on my other same topic on the suggestions/feedback category. local prefabs ={ "abigail_flower", "balloons_empty", "lucy", "lighter", "shadowwaxwell", "chester_eyebone",} local start_inv ={"waxwelljournel","lighter","lucy","balloons_empty",}EDIT: I found out I was modding the wrong file. I've found out that in player_commons, it mentions a tag "Irreplaceable" under player despawn (Disconnecting, I presume,) But I don't want to get rid of the tag for a reason: I want the host to not drop the items that has the specified tag, but for other players to. How could I do that though?