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Don't Starve Together Closed Beta Info


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The time has come!


Over the past several weeks since the announcement of Don’t Starve Together, all kinds of stuff has happened. We have seen an absolutely amazing amount of feedback from the community. Some good, some bad, some hysterical and all of it hugely helpful and informative.


We have tackled a ton of challenges from a technical and operational standpoint, and the team has figured out an approach to many of the challenges we did not have answers for. We have answered many of these questions in Seth’s Fireside chat posts on the forum, and some of them you are just going to have to wait for when testing begins.


A whole ton of meetings have taken place to discuss just how this is all going to go down. One thing we can say for sure; we have a long and exciting road ahead of us with Don’t Starve Together.


But first, we need to start gathering people interested in testing things out as we get Don’t Starve Together ready for the general public.


The first playable version of the beta will be a totally playable and interesting experience. It will not be the complete “Don’t Starve Together” experience, but it will be fun. For those of you who played the original Don’t Starve during early beta, you will find this to be a similar experience, both in and out of game.


We will have some more information on what will be in the Beta and how everything will work out, but for now we have prepared a quick list of answers to what we anticipate to be the most frequently asked questions.


And if you haven't done so already, go sign up now Sign-ups are now closed. Sign up for to the newsletter for more information as it is announced! http://www.dontstarvetogether.com


Don't Starve Together Frequently Asked Questions:



What is a closed beta?

Closed beta is a period in which only select individuals can participate in testing the game. In order to be included in this phase of testing, you must sign up and be selected to participate.


Why a closed beta?

As “Early-Access” becomes more common, it is more important than ever to prepare a game for larger release where users are presented with as few bugs and issues as possible. Since much of Don’t Starve Together specifically requires a large number of players to test features and balance, we decided the best idea would be to scale up the test as we adjust to any issues we might find.


During early testing, we also might find some issues that would potentially affect a large number of people, and we want to be sure that we are able to handle issues that pop up as the number of players grows.


When will testing become open for everybody?

There is no solid date for when the beta will be open for every single person who wants to play. This is going to be determined by a lot of things that we are only going to be able to answer once we start seeing large amounts of players.


*Update 11/24/2014* In the run up to the holiday season, we've decided to open up the Beta to everyone who signed up for our initial Beta test. Between today and December 15, 2014, we will be sending invites to everyone in the initial batch of beta signups. That equates to about 65,000 people, each of whom will get 2 keys.

Once we finish delivering the 80,000 beta keys from our early signups, we will be releasing the Frontier Pack. Currently, we aim for that to be in mid-December, but we’ll need to play it by ear to make sure our game is in a solid state. 


How long will testing be?

We don’t have any estimated date at this time. But as soon as we do, we will announce the coming end of the beta period.


When will testing begin?

Testing has already begun. Currently, we are in an alpha phase of testing. Hundreds of players were able to try out the game at PAX and many other hand selected individuals have given us a great deal of valuable feedback.


In the coming weeks, we will start “Closed Beta” which begin our and update schedule which will include letting larger batches of players periodically. This will be more similar to the original Don’t Starve beta period.


Yes, this means all the good stuff that comes with a Don’t Starve beta is coming to Don’t Starve Together!


What platforms are supported?

For now, the Don’t Starve Together will only be available through Steam on PC. It is unclear at this point when or if this will change during beta. We are doing this to focus our efforts on development rather than maintaining separate builds. We will announce support for new platforms as they become available.


Do I need to own the game to play?

No. You don’t need to own Don’t Starve to play.


If you play the beta of Don’t Starve Together, you will be granted a “Multiplayer Only” version of Don’t Starve with access to one (or 2) character(s). If you do own Don’t Starve, you will have access to all characters, however for now, they will need to be unlocked independently of the single player game.


More details regarding the Multiplayer client will be available at the time Beta begins.


Reign of Giants?

Reign of Giants will not be available for Don’t Starve Together at this time. This may or may not come in the future, we have to see how everything works out.



We will have more information on what is available when the beta formally begins. Look forward to that in about 2 weeks.


What’s up with the application? Will you use this info for other things?

For the most part, beta applications will be chosen at random, although we will also be hand selecting various players who we feel would be of great help to the early testing process.


The information in the application is going to be used so that we have a better sense of your interests in Don’t Starve. Mainly this helps us get a sense of your preferences. Most of the application is purely optional.


The application will be used for no other purpose than DST beta . If you are selected, you will receive information regarding your acceptance. Otherwise, your email address will not be used for any other purpose.


How many people will get into the beta?

We will roll people into the beta process as we are able to support. We do not have specific details, at this time, however we will keep you updated periodically when we let more people in.


How often will you add people?

As often as possible. You can expect larger groups of people in between updates as the updates are tested as being stable, we will let more people in.


We aren't quite sure what the response is going to be, so it’s really hard to say. But we will be adding as many as we can effectively support.


*Update* Between November 24 and December 15, 2014, we will be sending invites to everyone in the initial batch of beta signups. That equates to about 65,000 people, each of whom will get 2 keys.


What kind of testers are you looking for?

We are looking for all kinds of people. We are really interested in people who LOVE Don’t Starve, but we are also looking for people who are trying the game for the first time.

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The puzzles were always interesting and fun for most people here. I could never make heads or tails of them, and when I finally figured something out, there were always people who were already 10 steps ahead of me XD. Its good to see that the backstory will possibly be fleshed out more after a long intermission.

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  • MOTD

So all I need to join is an e-mail account? Be right back, gonna be making e-mails to increase my chances of joining.


We appreciate the enthusiasm, but just an FYI, this will actually reduce your chances of getting picked in the early stages. Everyone who submits will eventually get in. We just need to test the servers one step at a time. Thanks!

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