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  1. ok, now it has been exactly a year since this was posted... can we get an updated roadmap?
  2. ^^What happens when you don't pick a slap-bet commissioner^^
  3. i laughed when the registration asked how many hours you've played Don't Starve and the largest number was 100+, mostly because i have 480 hours of game play which is really ++++
  4. New video

  5. First of all, Seasons are defined on this planet by the equinoxes and solstices. The first day of summer is June 21/22, the First day of fall is Sept 22/23, the first day of winter is December 21/22, and the first day of spring is March 22/23 (which only vary by 1 day because of the inconsistency of the Gregorian calendar we are foolishly still using). We do not measure seasons according to meteorological events because they are inconsistent and vary. Seasons are measured by the tilt of the earths axis which causes to days to vary in length and have been the same for a very very long time (before the rise of ancient civilizations and the after the creation of the moon). The weather that makes the seasons feel as they do historically lags behind the equinoxes and solstices, but is for the most part subject to climate (macro and micro). Second, Now that the issue of when the end of summer is (September 21stish), i have a question of my own. @JoeW Is the alpha going to be an open alpha?
  6. just say: "little pig, little pig. let me in." and if they say not by the hair on their chinny chin chin, you can "huff and puff" and just blow that thing DOWN! and by blow that thing down, i mean kill the piggies with dynamite
  7. i would find a herd of beefalo and become beefalo-man! and slowly but surely lead the beefalo to dominate all the lands and rid them of the impure!!! (perhaps even myself as a martyr/after i go insane).
  8. don't be sorry, it was still awesome: and who cares what other people post, this is what you wanted to post.
  9. im going to starve to death without dont starve! lol
  10. im in! i do think the naughtiness system needs to be fixed so that he comes more often, for those of us that hunt profusely. BUT KEEP THE KRAMPUS!
  11. Wickerbottom's Insomnia

    i always sleep through winter evenings, and nights. love the tent, and always seem to have plenty of silk without even trying . I love playing with wickerbottom, but i think that her insomnia and picky eating are good balances for her perks.
  12. Show us your camp!

    Here's my most recent base, i died on day 41, damn spiders (it was a stupid fight and totally not worth it, like they always are). I like to make pretty gardens Pig village always nearby, this one was directly to the south.
  13. I Fear to explore now :(

    if you are making it to day 100+ you should maybe try to win adventure mode... you aren't supposed to live that long, which is why the hound mobs get larger each time.
  14. This is how you can play Multiplayer

    my eggs and bacon!!!