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  1. Condescending word salad, while preventing your opponent from directly arguing your point by making it too confusing to understand, is usually poor form when making an argument. Might I suggest actually saying directly what you want to say, or at least gracing us with a TL;DR.
  2. If they know what's best, we'll hopefully never get a direct portrayal of Them.
  3. This seems useless. Costs too much to gain so little over the easily-made Log Suit.
  4. No offense, but it just sounds like the people you're playing with are bad at the game. The fact I would have to cater to dead weight in order to be challenged seems silly and of poor design.
  5. I'm not going to lie man, a mod is a terrible answer to any and all discussion on people wanting the game to be harder. Console players can't use them at all, and you shouldn't have to mod the game in order to be a satisfied consumer.
  6. Depends on your definition of attack speed. What I meant is that if a werebeaver and a player both swing at once, the beaver will always hit first, as his damage frame comes earlier than other player attacks. If both players hold down the attack button, the beaver will never get hurt and always land its attack. Also, the "frame-perfect" input is actually not as hard as you think to abuse. Since your attack cooldown is larger (because your attack comes out faster), it's pretty easy to shave off at least some of that time by attack cancelling.
  7. You don't take into consideration that usually upping most the toggles makes things not spawn at all or comically often, usually wrecking most of the mechanics the game has to offer.
  8. So, I Just Woke up...

    good news: the game got updates bad news: the forum hivemind can't handle critique
  9. I still think letting players somehow indefinitely extend the transformations would've been a smoother move than just extending the time per totem use, as the idea of using totems over and over to achieve a form for a longer time doesn't really appeal to me. Woodie the human still needs a downside, but the forms are balanced out by losing all hunger, I suppose. I'm not pleased with how he plays, but the forums were appeased, so anything I could say further will fall on deaf ears, so I guess I just suck it up and pick another character.
  10. What? He just pointed out to the guy who said the video portrays Woodie's playstyle accurately that he didn't think that was right, which is a valid point. Why you had to jump on it beats me, but I'd suggest everyone be a bit more civil, yeah?
  11. We never said we hated anyone. We just said we don't like the update, and we want them to fix it. They're big boys and girls, this is what they get their paycheck for, they can take some consumer feedback.
  12. I've already programmed plenty of mods that fix Woodie in the past. However, nobody wants to play with mods, since it makes the experience "unauthentic". Ergo, we need to get the issues fixed on the main game, and stop telling people to mod out their issues themselves.
  13. This is also something which miffs me about DST's design choices. Pretty much everything added to the game is optional content, and does not change anything about how you survive. The one thing that went against that is Antlion, all because they decided to make Dragonfly optional instead of mandatory. It feels like the world is forcing me to go out and engage with it, instead of world engaging with me, which is something I don't feel exactly right for a survival game. Sure, there is things which come to me, like the seasons, hounds, seasonal giants, but they haven't changed for half a decade, and are more of a chore at this point than an engaging fight.
  14. I've wanted to have this conversation for a very long time now, but I haven't been really interested in DST for a while now until my big man Woodie got his rework today. Feeding off of the want for improvement, I want to bring forth the biggest problem I have with Don't Starve Together: it's not a multiplayer game. "What?", you might find yourself asking. "Of course Don't Starve Together is multiplayer, I play with my friends all the time! It's the reason DST exists!". Well, I'm simply pointing out that I find DST fundamentally lacks a good multiplayer component, as in it doesn't function nowhere near well as it should. Back when DST came out, everyone was giddy and excited that their favorite singleplayer game had just come out with multiplayer, and the experience could finally be enhanced by others. The problem here is that Don't Starve's formula actually makes it quite lacking in the multiplayer department, only really functioning if you play solely with friends. What I'm referring to is public servers, and the myriad of reasons of why you'd never want to play on them. Don't Starve's main feedback loop is it's progression system, which keeps players coming back to survive another winter, or to finally go into the ruins and get that Houndootius Shootius they wanted. While this is feasible on private servers, where you can organize times to play with friends, public servers offer no such thing. Usually, your progression only really matters in the one session you get to play for, because your stuff is probably going to be gone once you come back. And sure, we do have wilderness mode, but that doesn't stop other players from deleting and looting your base, nor does it provide a satisfying answer for how death should be impactful. Since you just need to get back to the portal to respawn, the worst complication you'll face is getting your stuff back, and even after all of this, the server might be gone or reset after a few days. Simply put, Don't Starve Together has no satisfying way to enjoy the game in a single session, outside playing by yourself or with friends. Of course, this need not always be the case. Forge and Gorge both temporarily solved this issue, with the unfortunate complication that they both might as well be different games. PVP is technically a mode which can be played in a single session, but has always been extremely unbalanced, more so since the addition of Wortox, whose teleportation and healing basically make the system not work, not to mention boats. DST Adventure Mode could also solve this issue, but as of now, there's been no plans for such things. Klei keeps making these interesting and unique enemies, locations, and bosses, but they all end up being underutilized with all the other clutter added to the game. I personally think giving something for people who just want to play the game with randos would really help people stay interested in the game, and allow them to have fun while still embracing the multiplayer element of DST.
  15. I typed up a big thing on why I disagree, but it decided to delete itself. Luckily, Toros gets my point across very well, in much less words.