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  1. I still think letting players somehow indefinitely extend the transformations would've been a smoother move than just extending the time per totem use, as the idea of using totems over and over to achieve a form for a longer time doesn't really appeal to me. Woodie the human still needs a downside, but the forms are balanced out by losing all hunger, I suppose. I'm not pleased with how he plays, but the forums were appeased, so anything I could say further will fall on deaf ears, so I guess I just suck it up and pick another character.
  2. [Game Update] - 335011

    So, when's the beaver gonna get fixed? Right now, it seems someone just has to sit down and make some animations for him. While this update fixed the crash you get when he's on a sinking boat, right now he just vanishes and stays there forever until something hits him, which will then have him walk on water.
  3. The beaver better be able to swim.
  4. Mods only break if you change files they rely on. Changing character files and adding new ones will do very little.
  5. Giggity giggity goo!
  6. Good that you guys are on tops of this, thanks for the heads up.
  7. Simply put, the game crashes upon even trying to load up. Re-installing did not fix the issue, and the crash log doesn't seem to be providing much evidence to what's wrong. Obviously, I cannot replicate the issue, but he can. client_log.txt
  8. The new Deerclops is pretty strong compared to his regular counterpart. The laser attack is much harder to dodge, as it requires unusual strafing tactics to avoid (moving to the side instead of directly away). It also does double damage, and he can still use the regular attack. It sets no fires, it only brings pain.
  9. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Kudos to the devs for making this event, really happy to see combat get a little shaken up for once! Now, just got to wait for a PVP event to come some day...
  10. I concur, begrudgingly, cept' with the last one.
  11. Perhaps you should ask the ghosts in the graves about that, and if you aren't satisfied still, use Wilderness mode.
  12. [Game Update] - 183426

    Yes. Finally. Beefalo speed away!
  13. Because having a character that has a light source built in, can run around at the speed of sound, and can buff his stats should be able to have this ability for 40-80 days. Yup yup yup, even though you haven't formed a constructive argument of any kind on why this is bad, I definitely see your angle on this. EDIT: It was sarcasm... Woops. >.> <.< Sorry about that.
  14. See, he's gaining less overcharge from each lightning strike, as opposed to where it used to double it the second time and so forth. So chain lightning events (End is Nigh) with give him more overcharge time than if he were struck just once, but it won't be as much as before.
  15. It doesn't shorten the length, it just doesn't add as much time onto it.