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  1. I've played on a lot of different servers, with a lot of different people. Never met anyone who could at the very least survive Winter say Woodie and Willow are fine as they are. If Klei needs proof, put a survey linked in-game to let people share their opinions, and then we'll see how people feel.
  2. Honestly, I feel everyone can agree on the idea that all the characters should be fun in their own respective ways, and then balance should be second priority. I feel "true balance" can be worried about after all the characters get their individual issues fixed of being "not fun" to a large majority of active and retained playerbase. Once again, this really falls on Willow, Woodie, and Winona, with the Shadow Duelist being a part of Maxwell who otherwise is a great harvester. To be frank, I don't care if Maxwell is better than Woodie at chopping trees, as Woodie in DS really wasn't all that efficient at chopping trees as a human. After all, he didn't eat any of his produce, but he did turn into a beaver with less effort. To me, the beaver was always Woodie's big thing, and what drew in a lot of people to him was the Werebeaver, is very likely the most unique perk in the game, at least by my standards. Now, they made the Werebeaver bad, and all that's left is the lumberjack side, which is fine and all, but the complete package is ruined because the werebeaver is so brutally punishing to players who'd like to use it for more than 2~ or less minutes, and no rewards are to be reaped. Willow's main thing was her fire immunity, which gave her access to a lot of strats which nobody else could utilize, but now it's gone, so what made her really special was just removed entirely, very likely due to "griefing concerns". Funny thing is, anyone can make a torch, and even worse, anyone can use the Werebeaver to smash your base without a hammer (and then die to 3+ terrorbeaks you couldn't see at dusk because it's in a dark forest) so the argument doesn't really stand anymore. Winona was never good, rather, just squandered potential of what could've been a really cool and new character. Duelist is just useless, but Maxwell himself is pretty alright overall, so it's not so bad, whereas Werebeaver nerf ruined half of Woodie's package, the Duelist is only about 20% of Maxwell's, so it doesn't hamper him as much. Overall, Klei needs to do what they do best and look at the fun factor here, and tune these characters up. They just need some love and I don't think anyone will complain if Klei gives them a little sugar for all they've been through.
  3. I actually agree with DarkXero here, the elitism of this community isn't only fueled by characters, but rather a lot of things, such as base-building, farming, and other things. If you take the leg they stand on, they'll build a whole new one and beat you over the head with it regardless.
  4. I don't think they'll be touching the meta 3 (Wolfgang, Wickerbottom, WX78) anytime soon, solely because of how how much salt it'd bring. Do those characters deserve it? Yeah, they trivialize the game with extremely strong pros and cons which hinder them very little (example being Wolfgang's sanity problem, where he overcomes the problem by easily beating the nightmare creatures with double damage) and they're literally so far from the other characters in terms of balance it's ridiculous. However, if the focus is about being fun and not balance, they're extremely fun to play and I'd hate for any of them to get the Woodie/Willow treatment. Instead, they should focus on the one's people are complaining about (Woodie, Willow, Maxwell's Duelist and maybe Winona) and getting them to at least a fun status for a majority of players before looking at anything else.
  5. Thank you for responding, it means a lot to us to hear the big guys up-stairs on the matters every so often, last response to a balance discussion like this might've been two years ago or so. What we're asking for isn't an entire re-balance or anything like that, what most people want really are just small tweaks which Klei certainly has done before. For example, when Woodie came out, his Werebeaver form was later updated to have weather resistance and 25% damage reduction, for example. Plus, there was all those (albeit subpar in many people's eyes) tweaks you guys made to Willow over time, we just want that again. Willow is bad, Werebeaver mode is bad, Duelists are too, and the to really fix the main gripe people have with them is to just make small tweaks. We don't need some crazy, game-wide rebalance of everything, but small quality-of-life fixes would definitely help the experience. It's probably not the issue of balance that people have problems with (WX, Wicker, and Wolfgang literally out-do everyone else by a huge margin it's not even funny), but it's that these characters aren't fun. For example, Willow doesn't have a lot of what made her fun in DS, and there's been many great posts about it which you guys could look at (I personally didn't play her much, I can't speak for them) which point out small tweaks that could be made. Werebeaver form is just extremely lackluster as a mechanic because the fun that tied into using Werebeaver form was completely stripped from the DS version (for good balance reasoning), but nothing was given to it for compensation except for some bland Woodie perks. Finally, Duelists are so limited in scope to be used as a tool that nobody bothers with it, because they're almost certain to die. There's a lot of balance issues, but fun is what I believe sparked people to call for possible tweaks. In the end, it's your game, and I agree with your statement about modding as well. But, if you'd look, you'll see how many mods have been made to rebalance Willow and Woodie, and I think it speaks for itself, truly. I really hope you guys consider it, and don't be afraid to take community feedback. You guys could even have a poll linked in-game if you wanted, so you could let everyone speak their opinion. As someone else said before, silence isn't acceptance, all those people probably harbor some opinion or another. Almost everyone I've talked says the same about Woodie and Willow, so I think if you ask your playerbase directly to possibly vote on this, I think you could get a clearer picture.
  6. Actually, there's been more, but certainly not as noticeable. The werebeaver received tuning when Woodie was released, and Willow received multiple updates. Also note that they and other characters were modified before being put into DST.
  7. Dude, I've been playing primarily Werebeaver/Woodie and I've made at least 4 posts solely on the matter of getting Klei to make the character fun again. I've gotten a lot of commentary from a lot of people over that time, usual result is people want change for Woodie, Willow, and maybe Winona. Klei people responded to the first one, never got anything afterwards. I really want them to rework Werebeaver to be useful/fun, but I've accepted his fate as trash at this point.
  8. As a person who really likes Woodie and primarily the Werebeaver aspect, I respectfully disagree. Werebeaver form is hot garbage compared to your other options in going into the caves because, as already mentioned, WX and Wick exist. Other reasons not to use Werebeaver are: the sanity overlay sucks, there's no way to heal, he only has 25% damage reduction and does as much damage as an axe, and the amount of work you can do for your team is heavily limited by the beaver bar. While I understand the whole thing is meant to prevent Woodie griefers, anyone playing Maxwell or anyone with a torch can do much more damage. Werebeaver in DST feels a lot more like a de-buff, and while people say "It's a curse", remember this is a game, and in games you're supposed to have fun, which many agree Werebeaver isn't. The only reason I play Werebeaver is because I like the concept that damn much, but I'll straight up admit he's really awful. Woodie himself isn't much either unfortunately, and I feel Klei should take another swing at it because the idea has a lot of potential, but poor execution. EDIT: Also, the Werebeaver can't enter and exit the caves. It's a set of stairs, why can't he use it?
  9. You can plant living butterflies to make them become flowers.
  10. I mean, in the context of why OP made this thread, maybe replacing Webber with Maxwell would be a tad disturbing...
  11. Probably just as good for them to just go foresting individually, in that case. They don't really gain anything from working together other than Maxwell being there for Werebeaver defense. Woodie's basically a really efficient logger.
  12. I'm always a fan of game mechanics discussion, but I agree, the main point of the post is that I think Klei should start discussion on their terms about perhaps improving the experience of some mechanics they haven't touched in a while, primarily the characters, specifically Woodie and Willow because they aren't fun anymore. I'm pretty sure everyone would be interested, but then the question occurs on if or how such a thing would ever come about. Everyone knows Klei reads the forums, but getting them to do something like what I suggested is a whole other ball game. I'd really like for it to happen, but I question if they ever would.
  13. The thing is, what's the point of having Woodie for woodcutting when Maxwell can do it better and more? Also, Woodie's big fun mechanic was Werebeaver in DS, and since the Werebeaver got butchered and turned into a Wereburger for sale at McNerfies, the fun mechanic of Woodie is gone. He chops wood fast, that's it. Now, I might be alone on this, but that's not very fun or unique. Not to mention sanity is basically non-existant due to pinecone planting, Woodie just feels bland now, considering most will want to primarily stay away from Werebeaver.
  14. Beaver buffs are key to the future. It won't happen though.
  15. As a person who mainly plays both Woodie and Maxwell, I have to say that Maxwell is simply better. With Woodie, actually getting everything that you chop down takes too long compared to Maxwell, whose able to use 3 loggers and a digger, or 4 loggers and use a shovel himself. While the Werebeaver does let you dig up stumps without a shovel, Maxwell doesn't need to wait at all to pick them up, and instead can start collecting as soon as the loggers finish. It's these convenient time-saving measures that make Maxwell equal to Woodie's efficiency early-game, and simply outshine him mid and late-game. Mind you, this isn't even examining the fact that Maxwell also has other puppets which can accomplish other tasks as well, being the only character who can capitalize on mining rocks if he so desired.