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  1. Speculation on Woodie Revamp

    Honestly, what Klei really needs to do is make the character's most interesting and fun mechanic an up-side, not a down-side. The werebeaver in DST is a negative perk, and considering it's what makes Woodie stand out the most, doing it this way was a terrible idea. I myself am a Werebeaver main, so I want some buffs for my boy, and I'm just gonna pray they don't add some sort of inescapable reversion timer to the Werebeaver. EDIT: What I'm personally rooting for: - Damage buff - Some way outside of Wortox to heal - Maybe an armor buff? His armor is worse than Grass Armor as it blocks 25% (Grass blocks 60%, so...) - If they want to be quirky and funny, let him wear hats or have some way of letting players ride him. This is very unimportant, but I can see it happening because people clamoured about it - Fix the sanity. The Beaver overlay + certain times and biomes means you can't see nightmare creatures and it's bull****. The werebeaver can fight Nightmare Creatures fine, but constantly fending them off without any respite is extremely annoying.
  2. You know though, they could totally still do something more with soul overload. Imagine overloading on souls, you lose some, and then maybe instead of that being it, he could go into some sort of frenzy mode for a bit, where he looks a good deal more intimidating and his abilities get more aggressive (teleport causes damage upon where you go to, healing becomes an activatable AOE damage attack, etc...)
  3. Yeah, I agree he kinda looks too much like a furry, if he doesn't turn out good at the very least we can call him Tigger and reskin him like Winona was Jimmy Neutron. EDIT: After seeing the art style of Wortox's short, I'm convinced they saw the Tigger thing too.
  4. Mods only break if you change files they rely on. Changing character files and adding new ones will do very little.
  5. That's right Klei, I'm back to chew you guys out again for not fixing the Werebeaver after all this time once again. And because I didn't make a topic last year, this one has to be super long and extra angsty to get my point across, and we can start by talking about... Oh, hold on, I need to read the Roadmap first, probably more one-time events and nothing new, leaving us dry again. ... Wait, w h a t Sweet goodness, you nuts are FINALLY going to do it. After all the threads made, ideas suggested, concept mods created... You're finally going to go fix the old characters. I honestly don't know what to say. Damn. Well, if you need any ideas on how the beaver/Woodie could get fixed, please go read some of those old thread topics, there was some really good ideas in there. I'm really hoping you guys do this right, I don't think I could handle the sadness if you guys went and wrecked Woodie/Beaver a second time. Best of luck to you guys, thank you for finally taking the right step to improve the game.
  6. Giggity giggity goo!
  7. Good that you guys are on tops of this, thanks for the heads up.
  8. Simply put, the game crashes upon even trying to load up. Re-installing did not fix the issue, and the crash log doesn't seem to be providing much evidence to what's wrong. Obviously, I cannot replicate the issue, but he can. client_log.txt
  9. The new Deerclops is pretty strong compared to his regular counterpart. The laser attack is much harder to dodge, as it requires unusual strafing tactics to avoid (moving to the side instead of directly away). It also does double damage, and he can still use the regular attack. It sets no fires, it only brings pain.
  10. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Kudos to the devs for making this event, really happy to see combat get a little shaken up for once! Now, just got to wait for a PVP event to come some day...
  11. I concur, begrudgingly, cept' with the last one.
  12. Perhaps you should ask the ghosts in the graves about that, and if you aren't satisfied still, use Wilderness mode.
  13. [Game Update] - 183426

    Yes. Finally. Beefalo speed away!
  14. Because having a character that has a light source built in, can run around at the speed of sound, and can buff his stats should be able to have this ability for 40-80 days. Yup yup yup, even though you haven't formed a constructive argument of any kind on why this is bad, I definitely see your angle on this. EDIT: It was sarcasm... Woops. >.> <.< Sorry about that.