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  1. Hey, I was the other beaver here! I remember this on SU PVP and I was dying of laughter the entire time.
  2. To this day I wait for the day Klei makes the beaver good again. Such a unique feature should not be a freaking downside, especially since it used to be a utility, now it's a nuisance to your average Woodie player.
  3. (Gotta say, you really let me get to use all my Aku gifs!) "Reskinned and and half-baked content"? Are we playing the same game? ANR was by no means either of those things, and brought a lot of new stuff to the table. I really think your arguments at this point are all personal opinions and not actual, factual issues at all. And while you might sit down and write a another damn magnum opus of a reply to everything everyone says to you, it seems to me you're overcompensating for the poor argument which at it's core wasn't worth all this. We really need a reply option for posts on the fourm which doesn't bump the thread, because it'd be really useful by now.
  4. I'd rather Klei focus on fixing what we have as of right now, as mentioned, Woodie and Willow are in desperate need of touch-ups. Heck, Maxwell could even use a bit of quality of life work done to his workers, but his situation is no where near as bad as Woodie and Willow's, as even those two are playable, their unique features were sprayed by a fire hose and watered down to hell. Even though Willow got Bernie (I don't mind it, but it wasn't needed? I've grown to like Bernie, but he's useless in most cases) Woodie got... double follower time for some reason, their main perks (fire immunity and werebeaver) are useless.
  5. The Beaver Isn't Fun

    This is an extremely big issue with the beaver that should not be overlooked, especially in Winter. The screen tint looks awful and hides Shadow Creatures entirely, making them practically invisible. This also occurs at "Dark Forests" at sun-down during ALL SEASONS, thus going on that turf is a death sentence because you can't see Shadow Creatures at all, and you wouldn't believe how annoying it is. Another thing to note is how easily the Werebeaver can fight Shadow Creatures due to faster attack speed than normal, but how long and tedious these fights become due the low damage makes it an annoying chore to fight the Shadow Creatures. Also, the sanity gain is useless, as you lose it in 10 seconds anyways.
  6. To be honest, skins, I imagine, are the least time-consuming part of the event-making process, and most time goes to programming the actual event itself.
  7. I think judging by how much they've been doing for both DS and DST as of recent, I personally disagree with you. They could've added gameplay bonuses to skins or the ability to buy Pugna lootboxes, but no, they just added cosmetic features in which you are no way obligated to pay. Not to mention the Steam reviews being at Overwhelmingly Postive, I'd say most folk agree with me as well.
  8. Perhaps I can make a fewcoherent suggestions on behalf of the forum poster which might ease some of his issues: - The game should have more random events in it to keep the world lively and unique on each playthrough, with things akin to Koalaphant tracks, Klaus, etc... - More combat variety could be implemented. We got unqiue roles in the Forge (DPS, Tank, Healer, Reviver, Kiter), but in DST combat boils down to kiting and smacking with a stick. Perhaps news weapons and armors could supplement new methods of combat, and come with accompanying mobs.
  9. The Beaver Isn't Fun

    The following was said by jamesl, one of Klei's technical designers, in the old thread: "How characters play in DST is something we think about a lot, and I really appreciate all the discussion in this thread. At the moment we're not trying to make all the characters equal to each other in terms of strength, at least until we are working on content that might require more balanced characters. In general, I think that it's important to keep characters within a reasonable spectrum of strength, but right now DST isn't an experience that demands the same attention to balancing characters as something like Dota. That said, I definitely understand that balance is only part of this discussion, and that in addition some of you are saying that Werebeaver is unfun to play aside from balance. While we're not super interested in making sure all the characters are exactly the same strength, we're interested in making sure the characters are fun and interesting to play. We'll keep a close eye on all these suggestions and keep it in mind as we have character discussions in the future, and make sure to keep the suggestions coming. " That's why I made this thread about how the beaver isn't fun to play instead of balanced (back when I PVPeaver'd a lot, balance meant more to me) because at the core design, it's what Klei cares about. So, I made the votes, and people have expressed their opinions, all I hope for is that one day, Klei sits down and talks about the current state of the characters and how each one is either fine or needs adjustments, and then makes some changes, and maybe this thread and the old one can show them how to remedy the current issues people have. But one can dream, I suppose.
  10. The Beaver Isn't Fun

    I hate to do the ol' bumpity bump, but I feel it's pointless to make another thread on the same content matter, and I also have another proposition from a while ago: - Let the Werebeaver wear the hat Woodie was wearing when he transformed. If the hat worn is a sanity-improving hat, negate the beaver's sanity drain entirely. This would allow people to customize the beaver experience a little, and perhaps fix a good amount of greivances people have with the current beaver.
  11. I think the game is a well-crafted experience which Klei makes sure to take very good care of. I wouldn't change anything except: - Beefalo riding - Werebeaver - Willow And these are very, very small grievances, and if that's all I have to complain about, I think this game is in an excellent spot. Forge was perfect, and I can't wait for what comes next.
  12. The Beaver Isn't Fun

    Sure, that's great and all, but if this is one of very few true uses of the beaver, I think it still requires some changes.
  13. I've recently been getting back into DST after a hiatus, and I have to say, The Forge is an excellent event for bringing old players back. Yet, I've also been reminded of a thread I made a long time ago, which you can read here to perhaps get an idea of what this post is going to be: Basically, the beaver isn't fun to play as. I believe this comes down to three main reasons: - Nightmares swarm you after two minutes on full sanity, and bar you from using the swiss-multitool aspect of the Beaver. - The beaver has 0 self-sustainability; if he gets hurt, nothing can heal him, even teammates with proper supplies. - The beaver isn't useful to Woodie or his team. It's outclassed in every aspect of it's kit by much simpler alternatives. (Maxwell, mostly.) Unfortunately, the beaver hasn't been touched since they changed him to have grass-level armor and semi-waterproofness, and it seems strange what once was a major aspect of Woodie was pushed into the back of the minds of everyone. DS beaver was fun to play, but certainly needed to be toned down for release in DST. However, DST beaver is useless and not fun to play as, which certainly should not be where a character stands in a game where fun is a priority. So, I think the fix is simple, remedy the three issues above, and perhaps we could actually make the beaver worthwhile, because where he stands right now, he just isn't. There were some good ideas in the old thread, and Rezecib came out with his rebalance mod since then which makes the beaver more interesting as well, so we have a well of ideas to use, along with whatever can come of this thread. Changes I suggest after extensive playtime as the beaver: - No insanity drain. Literally remove this and Beaver becomes much more fun off the bat. It's not that Nightmare creatures are hard to fight, it's that they're too annoying and disallow you from getting anything done, not to mention that in winter werebeaver vision + snow = barely visible Shadow Creatures. - Let him regen a bit of health in Beaver form from eating wood items, perhaps a percent of gains in the beaverness bar? - Improve his use as multiool somehow. Make it worse than Maxwell with his clones, but in turn it's more accessible. Basically, all I want is if the good folks at Klei have some time between Forge and the next event, I think this is worth looking at. Not to mention the other characters who still need tweaking (Willow), but please, consider revisiting the beaver mechanic and actually making it fun to use. I'd also like to see if the current opinion still supports this, so I've put three question up top to mull over should you want to answer them, it'd help. But for my opinion, I feel that Klei needs to make the beaver great again, after such a large fall from grace.
  14. About a year ago, I posted an an idea on the forums about a Saxton Hale style gamemode where one player would play as a boss character and others would have to fight him. You can read the post here: Well, I can now proudly say that the mod has become a reality! Currently in early alpha is a version of the mod which contains many of the components I intitally planned to be in the mod with more on the way, which you can view on the Workshop here: Now that it exists in some form, I wanted to come here to ask about ideas that anyone may have to really make a "Players Vs. Juggernaut"-style gamemode work in DST, and perhaps see if people would still be interested in it. I've noticed a considerably lacking amount of custom gamemodes in DST modding, and this is something I've wanted to do for quite some time now to perhaps spike some interest, so I'm happy to finally make it real and if you have any feedback on things I could try to adjust or add, I hope you comment. Anyway, thanks for reading!
  15. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Kudos to the devs for making this event, really happy to see combat get a little shaken up for once! Now, just got to wait for a PVP event to come some day...