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  1. I didn't read the main post, but I always personally thought some way to protect your structures while offline would've made a good addition for something like a Wilderness server, like a structure which protects building in an AOE radius. I do feel the game should be playable on a public server without threat of it all going under due to one person with a torch and without heavy-handed moderation.
  2. The caves and the ruins are both much better meshed into the actual content of the game, as all you need to do to access the caves is bust open an opening and bring a light. From there, you can explore the caves as easily as you can the Overworld pretty early into the game, letting you utilize a lot of what the caves can offer earlygame and midgame, when establishing resources for survival are most crucial and impactful. To explore the ocean, you need to craft a boat and a paddle at bare minimum, and you travel the mostly empty ocean at a snail's pace. And, as you mentioned, the only content out there is endgame boss content, so you have no reason to utilize the ocean until lategame, when you're already well-off and as previously mentioned, the game no longer has anything but the optional content to challenge you with. Also, your point about the game only forcing you to interact with 3 things is misleading. In order to not starve, you have to interact with a good amount of the game's mechanics in order to provide food for yourself. Both the mainland and the caves offer something to aid in this goal as early as the start of the game, so you're encouraged to interact with both, pretty good design. Meanwhile, the ocean doesn't really have anything to offer you until much later. As for the other two points, similar logic. You'll need to get materials in order to perform both of them, which once again enforces interaction with the game's core mechanics. Plus, there's so so so much more you just forgot to mention: - Maintaining your health and sanity - Fighting off mobs which seek you out (hounds, the giants, and similar) - Constructing a base in order to optimize other tasks - Obtaining new tools in order to ensure that seasonal changes don't screw you over ...and certainly more. By the time I'm ready to explore the ocean and actually utilize what I can find in it, chances are I don't really need anything I could obtain from them anymore, they only serve to make the loop of doing the same thing over and over again every season easier, which honestly isn't all that necessary by that point in the game. Now, if there was additional necessary challenges later into the game to make obtaining those boss items actually worth my time, perhaps I wouldn't be so critical. But the reality of the situation is that you probably can go forever in DST if you're capable of surviving a year, since again, the game doesn't get any harder nor throw anything at you that you haven't seen before. Remember: this is a survival game at heart. While its nice and all to have all this optional content you have to force yourself into to ever see the effects of it, if I wanted to do stuff in that vein there's a lot of games that do that way better than DST is fundamentally built to. Also, as a footer note: I did fight the new bosses, and I think they're pretty awful. Malbatross is extremely annoying to fight and so is Crab King, mainly because I don't think boat combat in DST is fun at all (although I'd say both have more issues with them than just that, but they stem from being fought on-boat). While the moon altar guy tries to do what fuelweaver does, it has an infinitely more boring design than fuelweaver does both visually and attack-wise, and I certainly don't think its worth the time investment to fight it.
  3. What survival updates? Outside of the farming rework and character updates (which, again, do tend to take away from the survival aspect due to poor planning), DST has pretty received no survival updates at all. Over the course of several years, survival DST has gotten: -Beefalo riding and Ewecus - Lost Dragonfly in exchange for the Antlion - A few other small things Everything they've added pretty much falls under optional content which doesn't really have any impact on the survival experience outside of making it easier should you choose to complete it. Which, it should be noted, isn't very necessary, since the game still doesn't scale in any notable way past the first year outside of hounds, which usually means that every year passing just means you have more and more tools to make the game easier without any challenge rising up unless you explicitly opt into it yourself. They spent all this time on the ocean, which is essentially just a bunch of optional content, but unlike Caves, the ocean is a slog to traverse and still very empty, along with being very much detached from the rest of the game overall compared to Caves. They made side events which gave a glimpse into how things like combat or cooking could have been improved, but then chose to never do anything with it or make an entirely different (and arguably worse) system for it instead. I've wanted a reason to play Don't Starve Together for years, but as someone who doesn't care about the optional content, I really have no reason to return. I just want something to change up the survival experience in a positive manner, but I've been left out to dry up. Its really unfortunate. I just want Through the Ages.
  4. Like all the updates in last couple years, I feel as if the current team on DST wants to make a quirky adventure game instead of a survival game. This is just another one of many instances of this. I never wanted this content and generally do despise it being the major focus of every major and minor update outside of the single farming update and the character reworks (which tend to be butchered in some manner as to take away from the survival aspect of the game as well), but this is the norm. I'm not surprised in the slightest.
  5. I still think letting players somehow indefinitely extend the transformations would've been a smoother move than just extending the time per totem use, as the idea of using totems over and over to achieve a form for a longer time doesn't really appeal to me. Woodie the human still needs a downside, but the forms are balanced out by losing all hunger, I suppose. I'm not pleased with how he plays, but the forums were appeased, so anything I could say further will fall on deaf ears, so I guess I just suck it up and pick another character.
  6. So, when's the beaver gonna get fixed? Right now, it seems someone just has to sit down and make some animations for him. While this update fixed the crash you get when he's on a sinking boat, right now he just vanishes and stays there forever until something hits him, which will then have him walk on water.
  7. Good that you guys are on tops of this, thanks for the heads up.
  8. Simply put, the game crashes upon even trying to load up. Re-installing did not fix the issue, and the crash log doesn't seem to be providing much evidence to what's wrong. Obviously, I cannot replicate the issue, but he can. client_log.txt
  9. The new Deerclops is pretty strong compared to his regular counterpart. The laser attack is much harder to dodge, as it requires unusual strafing tactics to avoid (moving to the side instead of directly away). It also does double damage, and he can still use the regular attack. It sets no fires, it only brings pain.
  10. Kudos to the devs for making this event, really happy to see combat get a little shaken up for once! Now, just got to wait for a PVP event to come some day...
  11. An update on what I've found out about this topic so far: - The component shard_players seems to control the world resetting in Survival. I've attempted to modify it like so: local UpdatePlayerCounts = _ismastershard and function() _task = nil if _localDirty then _localPlayers, _localGhosts = 0, 0 for i, v in ipairs(AllPlayers) do _localPlayers = _localPlayers + 1 if v:HasTag("playerghost") or v:HasTag("redphantom") then --Here's the edit! _localGhosts = _localGhosts + 1 end end _localDirty = false end if _slaveDirty then _slavePlayers, _slaveGhosts = TheShard:GetSlavePlayerCounts(USERFLAGS.IS_GHOST) _slaveDirty = false end _numPlayers:set(_localPlayers + _slavePlayers) _numGhosts:set(_localGhosts + _slaveGhosts) end or nil This function seems to set everything proper, and I tried using this: TheWorld:PushEvent("ms_respawnedfromghost") when a player gets the "redphantom" tag removed. The game's clock does start running if everyone has the tag redphantom or playerghost, alas, the clock does not stop running should the "redphantom" tag get removed. Any ideas? Also, sorry for the bump, but I feel there's little need to create a new topic for this question, as any future info regarding the OP may be helpful as well.
  12. Alright, so I've been looking around throughout the code, but I can't find how to do it so I'll ask here about two things: - Say I wanted to start to reset the world if everyone but one type of player (with a unique tag) was dead or no player with said tag exist or is dead, how would I go about it? - Since this is basically a boss vs. player gamemode I want to make, I don't want anyone to just be able to select the boss from the character selection screen. What I want to occur is that after a minute or two of the world being reset, one player is chosen to be the boss and forcefully becomes him, and not have him appear on the character select. Is this possible and if so, how would I do it? Thank you to anyone who can help!