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  1. RIP almost lasted two years...

  2. Warning: Puzzles may result in red herrings spawning, fits of insanity, and seizures in humans, demons, pig-men, and various other individuals. If you are experiencing these symptoms while in a puzzle thread, contact your doctor immediately.
  3. Well, considering caves are non existant in DST at the moment (if they will even be added to DST), it adds renewable rocks to the multiplayer game where previously there were none (as well as serves as another death trap for players). I also think they will just stick with the original old bell recipe when they get around to Reign of Giants being added.
  4. Good to see emotes are getting added. They sometimes say more than words can describe Also good to see that boulders will be a renewable resource with meteors bringing new ones. Wolfgang finally being added to the mix is good to see. Even though his strength will be useful in dealing with some monsters or other people, constantly keeping him fed will be a tad more difficult with more players around.
  5. Good to see an update on the condition for the beta keys. Hope the friends and family of Klei have a fun time. Just make sure they don't starve to death or accidentally stumble into a spider nest before they actually get the know the game if they are new to it Or don't, after all, dying is all part of the learning (and bug testing) experience
  6. @SethR Yeah, I was kind of wondering if you are selected you can only come on at certain times that Klei schedules or if anyone who is selected can come on at any time. Another concern I had was if you are selected, will you remain to test out DST throughout the length of the closed beta or will you be phased out to make room for new people who are selected?
  7. Your avatar fits your statement and anticipation perfectly XD
  8. The puzzles were always interesting and fun for most people here. I could never make heads or tails of them, and when I finally figured something out, there were always people who were already 10 steps ahead of me XD. Its good to see that the backstory will possibly be fleshed out more after a long intermission.
  9. Pretty good for just quick sketches. I had thought of using the glowberries you get from the depth worms as a light source instead of eating them by using a fishing rod, a rope, and a glowberry on the end of the hook that you wear on your head, but the mining hat you made looks much better and less silly then my design Keep up the great work.
  10. Interesting. I was a bit confused at first when Wilson called Willow Wendy since they are two different characters in the game, but I see you were trying to create a bit of a backstory for Willow. Pretty good way to start off Willow's introduction.
  11. Good to see your newest additions. Wilson seems to be adjusting to the world of Don't Starve nicely with a new thirst for blood to boot. It seems he was able to easily transition from freaking out that he killed a few hounds because he took their lives to save his own to going berserk on a bunch of spiders for the thrill of it. Anyway, I look forward to the next addition as usual, with "her" in it too hopefully.
  12. Interesting... I wonder who this mystery character is that saved Wilson's life. Just my speculation, feel free to ignore if you wish : Anyway, I look forward to the next entry. Good writing as usual
  13. Good to hear. Sorry if I over-speculated there, I'm just anxious to see what you come up up with next
  14. Hmm, Wilson seems to have done alot better than I did when I first started out, I was already completely insane from messing with spiders and tentacles constantly and the hounds just killed me right off when they came XD Did Wilson just pass out from blood loss or did he die and wakes up again in another world then proceeds to contemplate what happened? If so will he treat it as if it was a bad dream? Anyway, I again look forward to his next entry, provided Wilson is still alive and keeps the journal with him if he dies and goes to another new world.